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CSU online education is meant to fuel money out of the students

If you think that the affordable fee and online access to the various courses at California Southern University would be of any help to your career, you are making a huge mistake. I enrolled for their online MBA program and was given many assurances from the team who was looking after my enrolment.

So, I paid the course fee and that was the last time I ever spoke to that person. I was excited at first. I was regular with all the sessions and never missed any mentor’s online classes. However, things started turning to fade out once the syllabus became hectic and I had many questions which I wanted to ask.

Whenever I posted the questions, the replies were delayed to more than 48 hours which their timeline for is answering to every question. The answers were very brief and in broken English. This was frustrating. I was reluctant at first to join and had asked if all the mentors were from the USA or any other English-speaking countries and they told me yes.

Then, why their English was so bad. Nevertheless, I managed, and thought would not be much pain to complete the course. But, I was again wrong. As the syllabus started to pile up, I felt as if I was not getting enough room to discuss the problems.

Also, because the mentors were not available on time, I started lagging the deliverables and other tasks. And, this started affecting my performance. The website clearly says that the answers will be provided within 48 hours. But, sometimes, it used to take a week and when the answers were not satisfactory, asking for more references would increase the delay to 10-15 days.

Can you imagine getting answer to one question with such delays. Not all the mentors were irresponsible. Some were good and responded on time. However, the number was too limited to be counted as a positive feedback.

I had to increase the length of my degree twice and paid more money. This was because of them and I was the one charged for that. The admin team is also very irresponsible, and they never revert on time either.

All these problems made me stretch my degree period for more months. This was my worst decision to join this online program. I have not enrolled with any other courses with any other university. So, I would not be able to comment on the quality of programs offered by them.

But, they might be offering something better than CSU. I suggest not to opt for this university if you are looking to upgrade your degree through an online course. This university is not cheap. The delays would cost you to pay more making the overall spending double.

So, think before paying them the fees. Once you pay them, you are a nobody. I have never been treated like this. Even the strangers are more courteous.

Is California Southern University a legit?

California Southern University is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is California Southern University located?

California Southern University is headquarted at 1840 17th St, Santa Ana, CA 92705, USA. You can contact California Southern University by dialing +1714-480-0800 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by California Southern University’s customers?

According to California Southern University’s customers, a monetary loss of US $4500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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3 Reviews on California Southern University

  1. I found it was a great school

    The school is great and affordable. The work was challenging and informative. the instructors were great as well. I like the easy learning platform online. The only issue that I had is still not being able to find out if its legit degree or not so I stopped going to do more research on the accreditation of the school. I don’t want to get stuck with a degree that is not worth anything in the end.

    1. Good decision to look elsewhere

      There’s plenty of better options out there, without all the negative baggage that Dr. Gwen Finestone Hecht has created for this school. Calsouthern is currently under further review by WASC after failing to pass inspection during their last visit. Reading the wasc commission’s last report will give you some insight into the cover-ups and incompetence that have taken place, including missing accounting records and a major intruder hack of all systems including the learning center, which was never reported to learners.

  2. Worthless Psyd

    Got a worthless “doctorate” from this school. You basically teach yourself, write a horrible doctoral project that is no where near a real dissertation (they don’t require a dissertation), then get your degree. Once you fail the board exams you get to call yourself Dr. only to be licensed as a masters level therapist or counselor. I guess for how cheap the degree is, it’s not bad, but what do we expect for an online degree?

  3. There is a lot going on behind the scenes at this "school"

    Google ‘CalSouthern Lawsuits’ and you can see some of the dirty laundry that the owner and his narcissist girlfriend president “doctor” gwen finestone are responsible for. wasc is current investigating them for a number of accreditation violations.
    The Executive Vice President Brett O’Rourke used to be a calsouthern admissions advisor and earned his degrees at calsouthern by copying the answer sheets during work hours. So much more going on, but bottom line, do your research before giving them any money.

    1. The only thing bigger than your anger is your ignorance

      An anonymous nasty-gram is the work of a coward. Step up and identify yourself and, perhaps, we can help you with any legitimate issues you might have.

      To say the school is being investigated by WASC is a blatant lie.

      To say we are a scam is to say our accreditors, the Bureau, the VA, and the State of California don’t know what they’re doing.

      To say that I am a narcissist is to express your own ignorance.

      To besmirch Brett O’Rourke is to ignore his 10 years with the University working his way through the ranks to his current current position of authority and responsibility.

      You, however, are gone. What should that tell the readers of your nasty-gram?

      Signed: Dr. Gwen Finestone Hecht
      President, California southern university.

      Not the narcissist girlfriend, actually the wife.

      And no one has ever accused me of being a narcissist. Google Calpak and you’ll see just how narcissistic I am not.

    2. Dr. Ignorance is thy name, and as thy name is, so art thou

      Congratulations Gwen on your status change to wife. Well done. We applaud the business savvy and prowess it took to convert that relationship into a new career and retirement plan.
      How do you know I am “gone”? As much as you might like to think you’ve fired everyone who disagrees with you, there are still those of us who need a place to work and so won’t tell you how we feel for fear of reprisal. If you truly think that no one has ever called you a narcissist that shows how ignorant you truly are. Conduct an anonymous poll of the calsouthern staff and you might get some insight into how you and your insufferable emails and speeches are actually perceived and how your self-serving, egotistical agenda is slowly destroying the legacy of your new husband.

    3. Wow!! Doesn’t look professional

      Wow!!! Gwen you should be embarrassed. I was thinking about applying for the PsyD program but not anymore.

Reviews: 3
Reported Loss : 4500 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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