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Does not have Manager skills

I was a customer at the 330 E Bullard Ave. Fresno, CA 93710 location for about 2 years off and on. I would use California Check Cashing Stores services to get me out of a pinch from time to time.

I would speak with the manager once in a while when she would be the one doing the transactions.

She is a heavy set lady. She comes off rude. Does not have Manager skills.

And represents the brand as if she could really care less if the customer walks out the door upset and never returns.

I had a situation where I made arrangements with the Manager because my company was recently bought out by another company and my pay period changed by 4 days with a direct deposit.

I have documentation to prove this matter. But anyways… So the manager agreed to hold my check until the date I had asked her to.

She said I can hold the check but you need to bring me in proof if that is the case. Her exact words.

I’m thinking no problem I’ll just print up my stub. So the date I agreed to come in on witch is the day I got payed.

I go in with my check stub in hand, walk up to the front counter and who is it? The manager I made the arrangement with.

I slip the check stub under the glass and proceeded to explain that I had spoke with her and here is the paper she asked for, for validation. She said, “I don’t know what you are talking about!

I responded are you the Manager? She replied “yes I am. I said then you do know what I’m talking about because I talked to you on Saturday.

Remember you didn’t return my call Friday so I called back on Saturday? She said, and she said this talking over me.

I was not scheduled on Friday so that’s why I didn’t call you. I said ok so you do remember me? She said I don’t know what to tell you the check was ran 2 hours ago.

And my best advise to you is if YOU don’t want to get hit with the fees you need to put the amount borrowed and the interest in your bank account like right now to prevent that.

It was kind of coming at me so fast it took a second to sink in and realize she just made a big mistake and was pointing the finger at the customer!

And having no problem with the fact she could have messed up my account. I told the Manager, this is a mistake on YOUR END!

You messed up by running the check through on the date I agreed to come in on. She interrupts me and said “You made the agreement on yesterday’s date!

And you did not even bother coming in! I explained to her why in the hell would I make a arrangement on the day before I get payed! I asked her does that make sense??

I told her I was done! Keep the money. She began to say something about once the check clears we can move forward with anything I need.

I replied I will never be using this companies services again! She said ok… No trying to calm down your pissed off customer who has every right to be upset from her actions and careless attitude?

I finally go to walk out the door because her face was literary making me sick. But not before asking for the District Managers phone number.

Again in a very unprofessional manner she said I can have them call your phone number. But I can’t give out the district managers number!

I walked out so mad I wanted to go back in and cuss her out but I’m not a rude person. But I will call you out when you make a mistake.

Anyways the worst place ever! I would strongly recommend you do not give this location your business or your hard worked earned money because the manager is unprofessional and has terrible people skills.

Lacks the passion to make sure every customer leaves happy( I thought that’s a managers duty) By the way the District Manager never called me.

It’s evident that they can can less as well as the Manager they have representing their Brand and running the business to the ground and chasing the customers out the door has bad manners and does not own the mistake they made and try to defuse a situation that could have been easily prevented.

I say the whole region needs to be replaced and find someone who takes care of the business and knows the fundamentals of running a business. Well, good job!!  You lost a customer PERMANENTLY.

I just feel that the owner of this business should be informed and aware of these atrocitiesThat’s all I have to say about my last experience at the 330 E Bullard Ave. Fresno, CA 93710 location. On 06-17-2014

Is California Check Cashing Stores a legit?

California Check Cashing Stores is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is California Check Cashing Stores located?

California Check Cashing Stores is headquarted at 330 E Bullard Ave Fresno, CA 93710. You can contact California Check Cashing Stores by dialing (559) 261-0300 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by California Check Cashing Stores’s customers?

According to California Check Cashing Stores’s customers, a monetary loss of US $2589 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is medium.

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Reported Loss : 2589 $
Severity : Medium
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