I never gave money, but he tried to scam me of $5050 USD, AND NOW $3800 USD!

We met on IG on or about the first week of August 2019.  Our conversations started out casually, asking each other the usual questions, are you married or committed to anyone; any children; what do you do; where are you from, etc.

Like I said, it was casual and I was, like any fool, comfortable enough to be honest with him about my job, my family, my goals, etc.  Withinbthe first week of our conversations, I was informed of how very dangerous the miitary camp he was at then was very dangerous.  Nearly everyday, a soldier dies.  On one particular day, he mentioned that one died as they were out doing their “parade grand”.  I thought it was old that as a soldier, he was cleared of the incident within an hour (and on the phone with ME as if it was a common thing) and he wasn’t worried about one of the men dying.  Near total dismissal of the incident!

That he was very scared to be there and would like for me to do him a big favor…which would require of ME requesting for an emergency leave on his behalf—–through the UN!  Because he Is a UK CITIZEN somehow connected with the US ARMY.  Anyway, i did write the UN…who in turn replies with vacation fees of 30, 60 and 90 days ranging from $1050 to $5050 USD thay must be paid prior to appoving his leave.  I was expected to come up with AND pay the 90-day fee of $5050 USD, and that he will come to me and then resign from the Army, and that we were to start a life here with me AND MY CHILDREN AND FAMILY!

After some time, i managed to convince him that no financial institution was willing to grant my loan request.  Therefore, HE was left to figure out a way to come to me.


In the last week, he was notified that he would be sent to Yemen and that arrangements to have his military documents sent to me needed to be made, but that he was not sure how to get it to me.  In the days that followed, his Commander requested to the UN that each soldier deploying to Yemen would have 5-months salary given to them and they would all send it to their families.  From the start ofnthebrelationship, he constantly reminded me kf how much he was receiving ($10,200 monthly)  BUT that he had NO ACCESS to his account from the camp until after his mission was over (mind you, he had been in ths same camp for 6 years).  When I asked him how much longer he would be there, he gave me some bs about how long a good soldier could be kept at any place for as long as the military wants…


Then, as he is preparing to leave to Yemen, he decides to send his belongings TO ME.  He asked me for my mailing/home/email addesses and contact numbers.  Okay, he goes off to Yemen and reminds me to look out for my email bc the freight company will contact me.  In a matter of hours, Inreceuve an email from a freight company informing me that a bamce of $3800 USD is due before his luggage can be sent out from CAMBODIA to Guam and that it would be about 72 hours before I receive his luggage ditect to my doorstep.  Well, as I’d mentioned, I do not have delivery service, instead I have a p.o. box that my mail goes to.  He insisted on the home address as the “consignment” will be delivered there.


Now, he insists I pay the balance to have his luggage kept with me, but he is in YEMEN and does not know how long he will be there for.


I refuse to give this person a single cent for any reason, but I am afraid that he will retaliate and use the pictures I sent him against me.  I did not send much of anyone but myself, and maybe a couple of my family and friends.


I only decided to look into online scammers when i was looking to purchase certain house plants on the internet and something caught my attention….

Is BROWN RAMOS a legit?

BROWN RAMOS is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is BROWN RAMOS located?

BROWN RAMOS is headquarted at Saudi Arabia. You can contact BROWN RAMOS by dialing none or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by BROWN RAMOS’s customers?

According to BROWN RAMOS’s customers, a monetary loss of US $0.00 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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  1. Why is harold Jahn not in jail for embezzlement, and fraud! Us the people need to get together and put a stop to this thief! He has destroyed us financially, he has taken our pension ! We lost everything buy harold Jahns promises!

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