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BC Ferries Unlawfully Implements Apartheid in all its policies

There is growing resentment and backlash over BC Ferries apparent implementation of the apartheid policies in many of its policies.

This is being advocated all the ways from the top to the all-white board and down to the crews and middle managers, says one BC Ferries Anti-Apartheid activist.

The board and middle management are incompetent and racist and need to be replaced by a multi-cultural board of directors and management to avoid this apartheid management style.

BC Ferries was recently heavily criticized for hiring only white staff and their harsh treatment of non-white passengers.

Is British Columbia Ferry Services Inc a legit?

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 6 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is British Columbia Ferry Services Inc located?

British Columbia Ferry Services Inc is headquarted at Victoria, BC. You can contact British Columbia Ferry Services Inc by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by British Columbia Ferry Services Inc’s customers?

According to British Columbia Ferry Services Inc’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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6 Reviews on British Columbia Ferry Services Inc

  1. Bc Ferries failing-6-8 week delay to respond to consumer issues

    There are a lot of problems with BC Ferries but the most offensive is if you want to complain that one ,it will take 90 min plus to get hold of anyone if you phone,6-8 weeks if you write and the net result is 0. I’ve had issues and complained so often they have a profile on me yet ,not once, in 10 yrs has anything changed or have they ever offered anything for the money and time lost on a poorly run, nonresponsive service. The operation is dangerous through a lack of funding or desire to deal with terminal issues everywhere. within their system.

  2. BC Ferries executives lining up their pockets at Your Expense

    BC Ferries, the unreliable fat cat of BC, symbolizes the middle ages. It is a disgrace for BC that millions of displaced people have to endure the pain of relying on such an unreliable unfriendly private enterprise to get to their home or work to and from the Mainland. What do China, Russia, and Sweden have in common? China has connected Hong Kong to Mainland China by a bridge, Russia joined Crimea to the Russian Federation by a bridge, and Sweden (you guessed it) is connected to the rest of Europe by a bridge between Sweden and Denmark. With technology and revolutionized engineering, it would take a mere two years to build a bridge connecting the Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island to the Mainland and abolish the inconvenient, unreliable BC Ferries altogether. “Yes, but what about the cost” argument is not even an argument. The Chinese can build it and pay for it, and the taxpayer would not fork out a dime. How? By a toll bridge connecting Bowen and The Sunshine Coast to the Mainland with a mere $10 toll (beating the increasing unreliable $60 price), you have to pay BC Ferries and endure lines, unreliable service, and longer travel time. “What about the environment” you might add. A bridge with electric cars is much better for the environment than those fossil fuel toxic vessels that BC Ferries employees. BC Ferries is a profitable money-making enterprise that lines up the pockets of its executives at your expense, peace of mind, and convenience. It’s about time BC acts and connects the Sunshine Coast and Bowen Island to the Mainland and say no more to BC Ferries and the fat cats that run it

  3. Horrible services

    They provide terrible services. They are rude and should be avoided. BC Ferries is a very rude company.

  4. Carrie Watson is incompetent

    BC Ferries lies to Carrie Watson, who gives travel bans to passengers. It’s like Santa’s helpers giving cookies to children. The real reason for Watson’s hoax bans is due to Watson’s hatred of other cultures. Carrie Watson is incompetent, and he is a liability for BC Ferries. Carrie Watson, an inbred redneck disgraced, should be fired.

  5. BC Ferries uses discrimination to implement its HR Policy

    Do they wonder why more than %90 of BC Ferries’ staff, crew, and management are white? A probe into whether BC Ferries encourages discrimination in dealings with the public revealed alarming results: BC Ferries has an undercover policy that favors white applicants over those who are not white. Two undercover applicants applied for engineering positions at BC Ferries. An applicant from India with less experience than the white applicant was selected over an Indian heritage with ten years of experience in marine engineering (insert the name of an Indian ferry firm). “It is shocking how racist this company is,” said the Indian applicant. “BC Ferries treated me differently all through the application process,” added the applicant. “This is an outrage, and it is not acceptable in a multicultural country like Canada.”

  6. BC Ferries discriminates against the public

    Two people were caught smoking on the Tsawwassen BC Ferries terminal. The immigrant man was handed a six-month ban and forced the aggressive BC Ferries staff to leave the airport. The white person was told not to vape at the terminal. The man who was expelled said that BC Ferries was racist. These are the kind of people you want to see? “There must be a complete overhaul of BC Ferries management to eliminate serious incompetence.”

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