BRF Sadia Chicken

These guys claim they are BRF, Sadia, Chicken

Below guys claim they are from BRF company and offer prices for frozen products chocolate etc, they are scammers.

Email id: [email protected]
Carlos Meira
Diretoria de Venda – Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia
Headquarter: São Paulo, Brazil
(CNPJ/MF) NO. 01.838.723/0430-12
Skype: [email protected]
Tel +55 (11) 3280-7924
Fax +55 (11) 3042-4800

Email id: [email protected]
Email id: [email protected]
Mr. Roberto Antônio Mendes
International Sales Manager
Tel: +55 (11)30421709
Hotline: +55 (61) 4042-2253
Brand: Perdigao
Parent Company: BRF S.A
Company Registration: CNPJ nº 20.730.099/0001-94
A: Av. Escola Politécnica, N.O 760 São Paulo, Av. Escola Politécnica, N.O 760 São Paulo – Sp Brazil

Email id: [email protected]
Mr Mendes dos Santos, Helio Rubens
International Sales Director: BRF S/A SADIA
Slaughter House, Cutting Plant, Manufacturer
International Line : Tell: +55 (14) 3042-0336/+55 71 4042 8958
Fax: +55 (11) 1234-7689
Skype: live:hammerlinfred

Email id: [email protected]
Mr Tiago Mendes
BRF S.A – Financial department
Tel: +55 (14) 3042-0336
Fax: +552230420001
Address: Fortunato Ferraz 365 Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, 05093-901 Brazil
Brands: BRF Sadia,BRF perdigão

Is BRF Sadia Chicken a legit?

BRF Sadia Chicken is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 13 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is BRF Sadia Chicken located?

BRF Sadia Chicken is headquarted at Av fortaleza galpao 07, 573 - itinga, Nova Nazaré - MT, 42700-000, Brazil. You can contact BRF Sadia Chicken by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by BRF Sadia Chicken’s customers?

According to BRF Sadia Chicken’s customers, a monetary loss of US $10000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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13 Reviews on BRF Sadia Chicken

  1. new scam seara

    I got another scam from seara:

    Sr. Roberto Rodrigues
    International sales and logistics manager
    Gerente de vendas e logística internacional

    Slaughter House, Cutting Plant, Manufacturer
    Matadouro, Fábrica de Corte, Fabricante.

    Linha direta; +55 11 3280 0995
    Telefax; +55 11 3280 0996
    Endereço de e-mail; [email protected]
    Rua Jorge Tzachel, 475 – Fazenda, Itajaí – SC, 88301-600, Brazil
    BRF S.A; CNPJ 01.838.723/0169-88


    Got this email from BRF SA claiming to be Sales/Export Director: Mr. Leonardo Campo Dall’Orto

    BRF SA – Sadia, Perdix & Perdigao Brands
    T: +55 11 3042 7529
    F: +55 11 3042 1100

    1. SCAM

      Can someone help me with the real BRF website address?

      I want to file in a complaint in regards to a scammer but worried that the website we are using is not the legit one.

      Can anyone let me know whether is the legit website.

  3. Mr Fransisco

    He will lie that he wants to do express delivery and ask money from $2000 and keep asking.. He is not working for BRF Sa

  4. BRF Chicken Scam

    This is an email I received on 12/2/21 Regarding someone claiming to represent BRF…. It was ALMOST convincing, sending me price lists, Halal and Kosher Certificates, etc… I was suspect and reached out to BRF Compliance that was able to confirm this was a scam.

    Dear Client,

    Thanks for contacting and showing interest in buying from us. BRF-Global SA is a major Frozen Chicken distributor around the world and one of the largest in Brazil. With 7 “State of Art”
    Productions units processing over 560,000 Birds daily per single unit, BRF-Global SA has been able to meet up with her ever demanding customers worldwide. Because BRF-Global SA believes in quality over everything, our production units meet all international standards, Halal and Kosher.
    In the attachment, you will find our product catalogue and price list.
    All prices are with 40% discount, as we continue to hope for a fruitful business relationship with your esteemed company;

    Our Production units approved and conform to regulations in more than
    180 countries worldwide.

    Requested Product Information:

    * Requested Product: Frozen Chicken And Cuts
    * Product Grade: A

    * Quality Assurance: SGS
    * Production Unit #: SIF No. 1, 18, 87, 103, 121, 2014
    * Product Origin: Brazil
    * Price: Please See price List in attachment

    General Product Appearance:

    * Clean
    * No yellow skin
    * No hair
    * No bad smell
    * No blood
    * No black pad
    * No bruise
    * No chemical burns
    * Broken bones less than 1%
    * Moisture less than 1
    * No black spot
    * Production and Approval

    Frozen Requirement:

    * Blast Frozen at -40o C
    * Stocked at minus 18 degrees Celsius.
    * During Transportation: minus 10~15C
    * Type of Product chicken: Whole Chicken and parts

    Price C.I.F: $1,000 / MT

    Loading Port: Paranagua

    Minimum Order Quantity: 81 Metric Tons (Three Forty Foot Containers)

    Packaging/Labeling: Standard packing option of 1 meter * 1.20 meter industry wood pallet using 40ft high-q container stored at -25o c. For details please check Catalogue in the attachment for different packaging types. Custom/private packaging and labeling is also accepted. Please also inform in case private labeling in needed (Private labeling is free for orders above 81 MT)

    Loading: Products are loaded in 40′ Refrigerated containers. Each Container can be loaded with 27, 000 Kg (27 metric tons)

    Transport Temperature: Product will be blasted and -22 degrees Celsius during transportation

    Product Shelf Life: Our Products are guaranteed up to 24 months Shelf life, however, some destinations only allowed 12 months to be printed on labels. Contact us to know what the product regulations in your destination are.

    Payment Terms: Our Payment terms are flexible and depend greatly on the quantity demanded. Generally for smaller orders, we use Telegraphic Transfer (T/T). Deposit only covers production cost and is calculated based on quantity demanded. For small quantities, the production cost is higher; see details as below

    Payment Break Down:

    * 1-2 Container Trial Order: 50% deposit after confirmation of order and 50% against shipping documents
    * 3-10 Container Order: 30% deposit after confirmation of order and 70% against shipping documents
    * 11-20 Containers Order: 25% deposit after confirmation of order and 75% against Shipping documents
    * 21-50- Containers Order: 20% deposit after confirmation of order and 80% against shipping documents.
    * 51-100 Containers above: 15 % deposit after order confirmation and 85% against shipping documents.
    * 101 Container above: 10% Commitment deposit and 90% against shipping documents..

    How to Order:

    We try to shorten the process of ordering while maximizing our efforts on product quality and faster delivery. Outlined below is our ORDER procedure.

    * Buyer confirms order quantity and destination of product by LOI or simple email detailing company information ( however we treat LOI more
    * BRF-Global SA prepares and sends Sales Contract (for re-occurring or monthly order only)
    * Buyer and BRF-Global SA both sign and exchange copies of Sales Contract
    * BRF-Global SA sends invoice totaling the value of the order
    * Buyer pays deposit for order as advised on Invoice

    * BRF-Global SA begins production immediately after confirmation of deposit, and provide the following shipping documents;

    * Commercial Invoice
    * Packing List
    * Bill of Lading Marked Freight Prepaid
    * Certificate of Origin
    * Health Certificate
    * Dioxin Free Certificate
    * SGS or BV Weight and Quality Certification
    * Cargo Insurance that is covering up to 110% total value of the order.

    Additions Documentation (applicable to orders from Middle East, North African countries and some Muslim countries)

    Halal Certificate Legalized by importing country’s embassy or chamber of commerce Certificate of Origin Legalized by country’s embassy or chamber of commerce Commercial Invoice Legalized importing country’s embassy or chamber of commerce Health Certificate Legalized importing country’s embassy or chamber of commerce

    **BRF-Global SA to ensure that SGS, BV or other internationally reputed quality bodies must be present to certify quality and quantity during loading.

    7. BRF-Global SA sends shipment documents and the buyer makes a balance payment.

    Because we handle each buyer uniquely, we require the following information from you to better serve your needs.
    Your company Details including address
    Brief induction of your company’s activities Specify if you a broker company or Trader or End buyer *If you are a distributor, hotel or similar, please indicated for tailored advice.

    For Faster Replies, Contact Through WhatsApp: +5511953265260

    Thanks and Best Regards

    Kind Regards.
    José Luiz Almeida
    Senior International Sales Manager
    Telephone: +55 11 3042 9624
    Whatsapp: +55123042-0111

    [1] This e-mail message and any attached files are intended SOLELY for the addressee/s identified herein. It may contain CONFIDENTIAL and/or LEGALLY PRIVILEGED information. If you receive this message in ERROR, please immediately DELETE it since you ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to use, disclose, distribute, print or copy all or part of the contained information. Thank you.

    NOTICE: Those who submit a false LOI, ICPO, IMFPA, RWA, BCL, SCO, SPA, FCO and Contract as well as FALSE PRODUCT this is a CRIME. And can be reported to the FBI , ICC and INTERPOL. This entered into force on 15 November 2008 , after a meeting was held between the Federal Reserve, European Central Bank , Interpol, Federal Bureau of Investigation and Central Intelligence agency. The reason for this measurement is to protect the commodity sector ,which is a fundamental part of the world economy. I have read and understood the gravity of the above notice and realize the serious impact that pertains to all transactions of commodities .Federal Bureau of Investigation Washington, DC. 20535 0001 INTERPOL IP Crime 69006 Lyon, France. International Chamber of Commerce
    75008 Paris , France.

    Kind Regards.
    José Luiz Almeida
    Senior International Sales Manager
    Telephone: +55 11 3042 9624
    Whatsapp: +55123042-0111

  5. BRF not the only ones

    There is systematic collusion of pricing and fraud between many of the export staff of Chicken Suppliers in Brazil. The corrupt core group has at one stage or another worked and the same companies and have access to local unscrupulous money transfer companies and bases in Europe.

    In recent times Vibra Agroindustrial SA has been caught out. Due to the guys’ background, the scammers have created that this could end this practice as these guys are severe people. The issue is that the industry is turning a blind eye to the problem and that Interpol is entirely useless.

    I know firsthand that the guys scammed are ex-military special ops and government-backed who also have some links through family connections to a severe European group of heavies.

    I am not saying that the guys scammed are questionable at all, as my dealings with them have been entirely above board, apart from the fact that I now have to wait until they resolve this issue to get the money back I paid for part of what they have been scammed.

    I do not condone violence in any shape or form, but as a hard-working citizen who has been cheated, I look forward to reading about what these guys will do to the scammers when they catch up with them as it may not occur overnight but guaranteed it would happen.

    1. Can we have you details as we also need your friends help

  6. scam

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Thanks for your email and interest Brf SADIA S.A products.

    We have attached Sales Offer/Catalogue to trade with you, please check for
    our terms and conditions.

    BRF SADIA S.A is a certified Frozen Halal Whole Chicken sellers and supplier. We ensure that all our whole chicken and parts products are specifically hand slaughtered in accordance to the Islamic requirements. Our whole halal chicken undergoes the halal slaughter process, which requires Muslims to slaughter the chicken individually by hand.

    Branding: BRF S.A Provides International standard quality private brands worldwide, Halal Approved standard.

    Brand Name – Sadia

    – SIF/PLANT: 1, 18, 716, 103,

    We are ready to supply your esteem company with the attached conditions.

    Looking forward to reading from you to proceed with your order.


    Mr. Pereira Simas Claudio
    Departamento de Vendas Globais | Department Of Global Sales
    – Office Tel: +55 (13) 4042-0493
    – Office Fax: +55 (11) 222-5694
    – Costumer Service Line: 0055 (13) 4042-0493
    Company Registration: CNPJ/CPF: 01838723016988

    1. I wonder that I have got a proforma Invoice showing BRF SA Bank Account Number with account name “BRF SA” from that person after I have sent him a purchase order..BUT I have seen him being reported as a scammer in that websight . Can somebody explain to me how he is a scammer that way??

  7. Another one

    Dear Client,

    Quotation frozen pork parts

    We received your inquiry regarding frozen pork parts. BRF S.A, is a Brazilian company and a global leader in poultry processing .We export direct from the factory the brands we represent and also we intermediate some commodities.Our technical knowledge and experience in FOREIGN TRADE, gave us a remarkable reputation and reliability among our customers abroad. Our company was selected by APEX as one of the five hundred reliable Trading Companies in Brazil.

    All our products are processed and well inspected by SGS and ISO certified. Before shipping and loading of our Processed our pork, we offer inspection by SGS,Health certification by the national authorities and Origin certification

    Quality: We offer accurate services, specified quality, clean packaging with delivery on time. – Factory produce, clean packaging, caution loading of goods into the transportation vessel, save transportation of goods to the shipping site.

    Country of Origin: Brazil

    In response to your inquiry, find attached to this mail our price list and BL copies of our past shipments for your Ref .

    Packaging : 10kg standard weight grey carton box With a logo imprint and poly bag inside secured with a blue strapping band with logo.
    Carton dimension : 300 x 390 x 165 mm
    Cartons No. on pallet : 9 layers with 8 cartons each (total 72 cartons on one way pallet) = 720 kg net each
    40-ft FCL loading possibility : 2500 cartons / 25000 kg nett = maximum weight of the load

    • Blast Freezing BQF 40 degree below zero
    • STORAGE: minus 20 degrees Celsius.
    Temperature during transport: -18 degrees Celsius and lower
    Place of Origin: Brazil

    •Blast Freezing BQF 40 degree below zero
    •STORAGE: minus 20 degrees Celsius.

    Temperature during transport: -18 degrees Celsius and lower
    Place of Origin: Brazil
    Brand Name: SADIA. Perdigão S.A.
    Attached is our Official Pricelist

    Our payment procedure is as below:
    – 30% on receipt of Pro Forma Invoice
    – 30% for the amount against BL and
    – Balance 40% after all shipping documents.
    PROCEDURE: via SWIFT Telex/Telegraphic transfer T/T.

    Kindly provide us with your official letter of intent so as to make available our full corporate offer with all necessary procedures and final prices.

    Looking forward to your swift and positive response.
    Primary bar code:
    Shelf life:
    24 months
    Products for Approval:
    Frozen Pork Parts
    Keep frozen at -18 ° C or lower temperature

    PLANT ID: SIF160

    Slaughter, Cutting, Coldstore
    CNPJ: 01.838.723/0001‐27

    Thanks and Best Regards,


    Mr Sidney Manzaro Santos D.
    Vice President & Sales Manager of Export Market: BRF SA
    Slaughter Plant, Processing Plant And Exporter
    HOTLINE: +55 (11) 3230 9811
    Fax: +55 (11) 2346 2498
    WhatsApp & IMO: +55 (11) 95246 3579
    BRF SADIA SA: 20.730.099/0001-94
    BRF PERDIGAO SA: 01.838.723/0001‐27
    Address: 86, Senador Atílio, Fontana Street. Concórdia
    Santa Catarina State. 89700-000. Brazil
    EMAIL: [email protected]

    1. Checking brf mail

      Friends, share your experience. Does the real brf Sadia company have such an email address and phone number?

      [email protected]

      Juan Carlos

      International Sales Director

      Mobile/WhatsApp:+55 11 95325-9063

  8. Hi David

    “As mentioned in ur comments.
    This group use same technic use Web page…”

    BRF S A
    Address: R. Fortunato Ferraz, 356 – Vila Anastacio Sao Paulo – SP, 05093-000, Brazil
    Tel: +55 (11) 4949-3630
    Fax: +55 (11) 4983-0987
    Alternative Email: [email protected]


    Parent company: BRF S.A: CNPJ 01.838.723/0001‐27
    Brand company: SADIA S.A: CNPJ 20.730.099/0001-94

    1. Hi
      BRF and Vibra staff working together.
      Finance company Real Credito is the
      financial conduit. The syndicate are a bunch of current and former employees mixed race based Brazilian and Polish/Hungarian Jews

  9. Another meat scammer

    Beware of this website claiming to be a brazilian meat exporter:
    Traced their email location back to Africa.

    He claims to be a representative of BRF. He is NOT

    These are the contacts details:
    Mr. Pereira Simas Claudio
    [email protected]
    Departamento de Vendas Globais | Department Of Global Sales
    – Tel: +55 (13) 4042-0493
    – Fax: +55 (11) 222-5694
    – CNPJ/CPF: 01838723016988

    Be careful out there .. scammers everywhere!

  10. Scammer

    Name : Rogerio Cesar
    Title : Manager for Export Sales
    Whatsapp: +5561-4042-1200
    Tel: +5511-4200-0143
    Skype: rogeriocesar.brf
    Email:[email protected]
    Company : BRF SA

    Product : Halal Frozen Chicken
    Brand: SADIA
    Plant : SIF 1
    Bank Name : Bank Of America
    Beneficiary Name: BRF SA
    Swift Code: BOFAUS3N
    Account No. : 488060678939
    Routing No. : 111000025
    Bank Address : 5636 LEMMON AVE DALLAS TX 75209 USA
    Country : USA

    1. There is another one Marcio Araujo.He told that he is from BRF and offered Sadia and Perdix at price 900 usd per MT. But I told him to send me a copy of his passport. ))))) I understand that it is fake.
      Thank you for your advise.

  11. Some ways to identify these (other) Scammers

    I wrote this with mixed emotion as in highlighting ways to detect these scammers may alert them and have them improve there methods. Anyway, the email addresses are incorrect.

    1. Email addresses in BRAZIL are not
    2. The names in the Signature blocks do not match the Email Address
    3. The Phone numbers in Signature blocks don’t connect
    4. IP address reveals that they are in California, not Brazil
    5. The website has numerous inaccuracies

    Hope that helps.

  12. estafadores

    Son estafadores

  13. Top Scammers claims from BRF S.A (Sadia) Chicken Products !

    Very smart to link up all website and forge all documents make you believe is truly dealing with the true BRF S.A company. Thanks to dirty scam. com last minute browse through your page and find out this info. So warned all out there be careful with all this professional scammers.

    1. Brazilian Chicken BRF

      Hi Kevin. I hv read your comments. So far hv you successfully deal with genuine BRF S A from Brazil?
      Are they offer USD1100 per Mt for chicken paw?
      First payment 40%deposit via TT? 40/20/40

    2. do u know this Mr. José Roberto P. Rodrigues


      i have contact with Mr. José Roberto P. Rodrigues who will sell chicken paw,
      his position:
      Independent Member of Board of Directors: BRF S.A
      Independent Sales & Logistics Manager : SADIA S.A

      his email : [email protected], [email protected]

      are the above email belong to real brf group?

      many thanks,


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Reported Loss : 10000 $
Severity : Extremely High
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