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Horrible Experience

Terrible experience working with Bond New York. I initially reached out to them to see one apartment that was listed on ReNt Hop in the UWS.

She insisted at meeting at her office beforehand, which was not close to where the listing was.

Upon getting to the office, I wasted 20 mins filling out forms about what I was looking for, even though we had already discussed this on the phone prior.

The field agent that Krissy sent me out with was very nice but the whole process was extremely rushed.

Krissy picked places to show me that did not meet my criteria and were out of my price range and were a complete waste of time to even look at.

In the end, I never got to see the apartment that I initially contacted them about.

I did find one apartment that I would have considered putting in an application for, but the manager Krissy Rincon was VERY pushy.

I understand that NYC apartments go quickly and you need to act fast, but I wasn’t given even 5 minutes to think and felt like I was being harassed, with multiple texts and phone calls to come back to the office and fill out an application ASAP.

I finally made a decision on another apartment not through bond and was given attitude by the broker I worked with at bond when I told them I had found something else.

Horrible experience and waste of an afternoon. If you’re looking for an alternative, I highly recommend Anchor Associates.

Is Bond New York legit?
Bond New York is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 14 consumer(s) was/were given a Bond New York as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is Bond New York located?
Bond New York is headquarted at 853 Broadway Fl 15 New York, NY 10003. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact Bond New York by dialing (212) 672-6350 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Bond New York’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by Bond New York’s customers, US $3677 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is medium.

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14 Reviews on Bond New York

  1. Steve Druth is a scam artist but Ill admit he is intelligent...

    First off he is NOT a New Yorker ..He has a fake biography how he was the Director of Marketing at Brickstone Properties/US Managers Realty which if you contact that firm will tll he never was,,

    He inherited alot of money from his family and has financial resources to live a comfortable lifestyle,, He was definitely educated to pressure sales..Look at this link and see how he bait and switches you with the same ad for years

  2. The problem lays in failing to disclose. Be wary and ask all questions.

    Clayton Gurnett of Bond New York was very helpful and trustworthy initially. He took us to Roosevelt Island to a place called the Octagon. He did not disclose to us that it was a “no fee” building and that they were paying him a 1 month commission.

    We also paid him a month’s commission, thus he double dipped. He kept reassuring us that he was only making a month’s commission when in turn he was making 2 months. We have no problem with paying what is due. The problem lays in failing to disclose. Be wary and ask all questions.

  3. Don't trust anyone at Bond NY, especially Pawel Ciecwierz.

    I’ve had the most incredibly ridiculous, frustrating, unprofessional and unethical experience with Bond New York real estate’s broker Pawel Ciecwierz. He accepted my offer 3 weeks ago, and since then has been stringing me along, playing me for a fool, unethically stalling the entire process waiting to screw me over.

    Besides him only responding to or answering less than 5% of our attempts to reach him via email or phone, on the off chance that he would respond, he never gave straight or complete answers on any questions we had for him.

    He made up complete bullshit excuses about contacting the sellers every single step of the way (which ended up taking 5+ days and never resulted in a straight answer), being unable to get us the building financials (which are available to any broker who requests them), and refusing to send us a contract after accepting our offer as well.

    He wasn’t even good at playing us– he failed to mention to others at the open houses that he had an accepted offer when any broker with a brain would use that as leverage to get additional offers. Pawel then told my broker that he got a second opinion on our financial package from the co-op board president himself (saying it’d likely pass),

    but still wanted to ask the board what they thought of the “incomplete package” / paperwork from us before creating a full and complete package to present to the board–which everyone knows doesn’t happen as the board would never look at an incomplete package lacking a signed contract. Not only does his lack of professionalism, morals and outright humanity reflect poorly on him, but on Bond Real Estate as a whole.

    My broker attempted to receive guidance and assistance from Pawel’s manager who seemed to care less and not think there was anything wrong with how Pawel was treating us or our accepted offer. I hope this is his part time job because a.) he was never in his office as we tried to contact him there many times, and b.) he sucks at it.

    His website is full of listings that aren’t his, and he’s an outright phony and a poor excuse for a business man/ salesman of any kind. Don’t trust anyone at Bond NY, especially Pawel Ciecwierz.


    Since I know most people only read the first lines of these reviews let me be clear -AVOID PAWEL CIECWIERZ AT ALL COSTS. I went to an open house hosted by Pawel Ciecwierz and I really cannot express how horrified I was by this man and my experience with him.

    He was SO incredibly rude and unprofessional. I was trying to ask him questions and was seriously considering his listing and the entire time and I was completely ignored by him. Not only was he unresponsive but when he did dignify me with his time his answers so clearly demonstrated his lack of integrity and character.

    He was incredibly disrespectful. Also, when i researched further into the listings on his site I found several inconsistencies, this man just really does not seem trustworthy all around. His blatant disregard during this experience was enough to make me NEVER want to see another listing of his again even if it was the apartment of my dreams. If you are smart you will stay away far from this guy.

  5. but we understand you can't always get what you want.

    2 friends and I were looking for a 3BR apartment for $3000 near our college. Our top priorities were distance from campus, budget, and distance from subway. We would love to have an in-laundry unity, but we understand you can’t always get what you want.

    After doing a quick search, we found a listing under Monica. We quickly contacted her and she told us she could not show us the unit herself but her colleague Yainni could. We met with Yainni on a corner near the units and he had us sign a form to register him as our broker there. We visited 2 out of the 3 units he had planned out for us, as the last one did not fit our needs but he told us to initial next to the unit anyway.

    That night we found a unit listed under a different broker, Bretton. We contacted him directly and he said he would be willingly to show us the unit as long as we could send him an e-mail saying we didn’t want Yainni as our broker anymore.

    We set up a time to meet with Bretton, but also contacted Monica because the unit was listed under her name as well. To our surprise, Monica said the unit had been rented already. How was that possible if we contacted Bretton to confirm the unit was available only minutes before we called Monica? Very sketchy.

    Bretton told us to meet us in his office at 1PM and we agreed. We took the subway from school and hoped we would be on time to class after we saw the apartment. We got to the Bond office, registered on the computer with the secretary, and were sent to find Bretton. Instead, we found Mr. Gregory Witchell. At this point, we were very confused as Bretton was nowhere to found and now we were being sent back to Yainni (the broker we no longer wished to work with).

  6. I don't think I deserve being treated like this. No one does!

    I came earlier and texted him that I am NEAR the address … bc the building number he told me … DOESN’T EXIST… I thought, maybe its hidden somewhere behind? Ok… waiting… middle of winter… and that NY wind… well you know…

    Anyway, he DIDN’T SHOW UP at the agreed time. However I got an email from him, saying that this apartment “just rented” and he has “much bigger” apartment… and one more email with another “offer”… and a phone call…
    So he invites people to non existing apartment and doesn’t even show up!? And after all this offering some “better” options! Seriously?

  7. I will not say all but many of the brokers that work at Bond are very unethical.

    I will not say all but many of the brokers that work at Bond are very unethical. And deceiving. Especially, renters be aware. They do things like say NO FEE, where owner pays fee…then they collect fee from renter too.
    NEVER BELIEVE that a unit just came of the market they switch unit number so it may say unit 2C but they take it off the market delist SAME apartment C2. so that it doesn’t look like days on the market are 90 days.

    This way it looks like a new listing. They do not put Floorplans up,because it’s expensive for the broker . This is NOT how you service their clients even though in exclusive it’s lists as one the marketing tools that will be supplied to owner. Also, then the broker can lie about SqFt. because no one can figure it out until they move in and measure for furniture.

    I cannot believe they are still in business and have not lost their state licenses. The are unethical and deceitful. I own many apartments in NYC and Brooklyn as I am in investor. I WOULD NEVER EVER use them again!!!!
    There are so many brokers in NYC that are actually good try someone else.

  8. The entire time he didn't answer his phone and left me standing there in the cold buzzing random apartments to try to get in.

    Andy and I corresponded via email and confirmed a 2:30pm viewing on a Sunday. When I texted to confirm on the way there he said he thought he confirmed for Wednesday (?) but that the door would be open to the apartment for an open house and that I could buzz neighbors to let me in. After the neighbors on the floor didn’t buzz me in, Andy suggested trying other floors.

    The entire time he didn’t answer his phone and left me standing there in the cold buzzing random apartments to try to get in. After 10 minutes of that I gave up – he then said (with no apology) that I could come back in an hour and the Super would be there with keys. Thanks but no thanks.

  9. They are not helpful and will charge you left and right without telling you.

    They are not helpful and will charge you left and right without telling you. Especially MARK DANICH. His voice is threatening. One time when I called him he just started yelling and screaming at me. Its a scam.

  10. One fee for each person living in the apartment and one for each guarantor.

    Jonathan Gomez and Gregory Civers are liars and cheats. Do not listen to anything these people have to say. Do not ever use Bond and especially not these two. We had an application out for over 5 days, during which they were constantly asking for more information.

    No matter how many times we said “please tell us everything we need to submit so we can do it one time and finish this” there was always something else. Finally after 5 days of waiting they turned around and said “Oh yeah, we know we said there would be no broker fee but now there is one”.

    We only submitted our application because they said there was no fee. No we don’t have an apartment and our out $625 and change combined on application fees. One fee for each person living in the apartment and one for each guarantor.

Reported Loss :3677 $
Severity of Scam :Medium
Reported by : Anonymous
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