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Bluegreen Getaways is a Complete Scam

Submitting again about Bluegreen Getaways Reviews.

At a Choice Hotel, after placing s reservations, I was asked to stay on hold for a special vacation offer. I was connected with an individual who started telling me about the vacation offer of three nights at one of their 17 luxury hotels for $149 and all I had to do for I to qualify was to attend a 2 hour presentation regarding their new hotel chain. In addition to that, following the presentation they would give me a Master Card debit card for $150 as a gift. Throughout the discussion, they did not aware me that I was speaking to anyone other than a Choice Hotels representative or staff.

I asked about what the purpose was of the presentation and they told me it was just to let others know about these new hotels. I clearly asked if they were selling anything as I was given a similar offer once before and as it turned out they were selling condos. Her answer was that it was nothing like that. She asserted that it was just a presentation to tell people about the new upscale hotels managed by Choice Hotels. Until I got the confirmation, I was not made aware that I was not speaking with a Choice Hotel’s staff or representatives.

Of course, when I read the confirmation mail saying that they were actually selling timeshares, I was so furious at have been lied to in such a deceitful manner. I immediately sent a mail back to the company telling them to cancel offer and refund my money. As one might guess, there has been no response at all.

This is a very rotten way to do business and I am now letting everyone what I can think of know what a deceitful organization this is. One thing I am assertive of, if they do not refund my money, I will go through with the offer but I can guarantee you that no one will be buying any timeshares when I am there. Bluegreen Getaways Address : 4960 Conference Way N #100 Boca Raton, Florida 33431 USA

Is Bluegreen Getaways a legit?

Bluegreen Getaways is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Bluegreen Getaways located?

Bluegreen Getaways is headquarted at 4960 Conference Way N, Boca Raton, FL 33431, USA. You can contact Bluegreen Getaways by dialing 844-346-1148 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Bluegreen Getaways’s customers?

According to Bluegreen Getaways’s customers, a monetary loss of US $150 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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9 Reviews on Bluegreen Getaways

  1. BEWARE Bluegreen LIES

    I’m astonished at how dishonest this company is. They tell you many lies to get you to buy these “intro” weekend packages.

    I asked a TON of the Rep and her boss @ Bass Pro.

    They assured me of many things – the flexibility of location, a free upgraded room, no taxes (at the time at the Vegas Location), etc.

    When it came time to book it, none of that was true and I spent lots of time emailing/chatting trying to get things straightened out.

    Due to covid, we couldn’t travel for a while and then moved across the country – they told us they had extended the expiration so I’ve been waiting for things to calm down before trying to book.

    I paid $179 for this, so I’d like to get my money’s worth at least!

    When I tried to book a different location today that we can drive to, they said they wouldn’t change the destination location.

    We were assured at the time of purchase we could, and even the brochure they gave us says “with the flexibly to upgrade and change your destination of choice”!

    The chat rep says, “within the first 30-days, you can change your package offer or request a refund or any changes.

    Once outside of the 30 days, our systems are unable to process this change.”

    I responded by saying,” NOWHERE does it say 30-day limit on this brochure or anywhere else”.

    She then goes on to say: “That is correct. It is not outlined in our participation details that we cannot change the package.

    However, the sales receipt also does not state that we can.

    However, we do understand how things change, and we do offer a one-time courtesy if within the first 30-days.”

    Nowhere does it say you CAN’T change it ( yet, their brochure says you CAN!), nor does it say anything, anywhere about 30-day limits, but they “offer” this as a courtesy but don’t tell you anywhere that can or can’t happen.

    SOUNDS SHADY to me. AND, especially when you are assured otherwise in a face-to-face conversation with on-site Reps AND their boss.

    BEWARE! At this point, I’d NEVER agree to travel to their locations or spend another dime.

    I’m already out nearly $200.

  2. I paid the 150 also and never received a vacation I called them to book and it was a no go . So yes it’s a scam and I want my money back.


    Please do not make the same mistake that I have made!!! I spent my PRECIOUS MONEY to pay, for what I thought were reservations for my 5th year anniversary.. I was planning to SURPRISE MY HUSBAND. We haven’t had a honeymoon, so I thought this was a great opportunity to finally get away to celebrate our union. They also used my sister-in-law’s name when they called me. That’s what made me believe that they were legit. I WAS SO WRONG!!!!!! TELL EVERYONE ABOUT BLUEGREEN GETAWAYS ARE A BIG ASS SCAM!!!!!

  4. Do not be suckered by Bluegreen!! RUN AWAY!!!

    DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I MADE! I was suckered in by the Bluegreen high pressure salespeople (two women tag teaming). Knowing I may be losing my job in the upcoming months, they kept on pressuring me to purchase their timeshare. Apparently they have no conscience. Personally, I’d never be able to live with myself if I flat out lied like these people did!! They said there was minimal risk because at any time I could come back to them and the company would buy the timeshare back and all I would lose would be the payments I had made up to that point. Fast forward two months and I lost my job due to downsizing. Tried calling the salesperson’s cell phone number and her mailbox was full. Wonder how many other people she had scammed and was trying to avoid!!! Then called the sales department desk at the resort where I got suckered and the lady’s response was “we don’t buy back timeshares, I’m not sure why they would have said that.” I ultimately got a phone number of a company that will try to sell your Bluegreen timeshare for you…right after they tell you that it is NOT WORTH ANYTHING! So for the last 6 years I’ve paid the payments, the maintenance fees, fees to save my Bluegreen points, fees to exchange my Bluegreen points for RCI points and have yet to use my timeshare that these snake oil salespeople pressured me into buying. I’ve had so many points expire and just today neither Bluegreen or RCI would do anything to extend some points that I had expiring with RCI so I have to take a trip by the end of the month and will still lose 2,440 points. Bluegreen couldn’t do anything because “the points belong to RCI” and RCI couldn’t do anything because “the points belong to Bluegreen.” Never mind that no one has been traveling for the last year due to COVID so don’t make any exceptions for the customers that you scammed in the first place!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!! It’s hard enough to find the place you want to go, when you can go, when you can get off work, when it’s available and with COVID for the last year has made it even more difficult. I definitely would NOT recommend Bluegreen (they are the WORST – their customer service is horrible to work with customers to resolve issues, not to mention again the salespeople flat out LIE) and after today I would not recommend RCI either.

  5. no vacation!

    After all their promotion & me making the payment for a trip package. NO SERVICE provided from BLuegreen Vacations.

  6. no vacation!

    After all their promotion & me making the payment for a trip package. NO SERVICE provided from BLuegreen Vacations.

  7. no vacation!

    After all the promotion & me making the payment! no service provided from BLuegreen Vacations


    All the good reviews you see, are made by some paid overseas employees who book or answer the phone for them!!!
    I wish I could give them NO stars!! They wanted to sell me timeshare and promised free cruise and $150 master card but they charged me $200 in the beginning to do this. After they put me in a crappy hotel or better say motel, i attended their meeting. They say they won’t put pressure on you but they kept me there for almost 4 hours to make me sign the contract but thankfully my husband who knew their trick warned me because he fell in their trap in the past. Anyway, after 4 hours they let me go with $150 MasterCard which I had to pay the hotel for their tons of different fees!!!
    Their carnival cruise is nothing but scam because they give you the worst stateroom with two bunk beds and charge you $400 which I confirmed with carnival, that cruise for that stateroom would not more be more than $400 for two people! Basically you pay for your cruise but Bluegreen call it tax and fees!! That’s how BLUEGREEN TIMESHARE catch you and trap you!! Basically I paid for my hotel to go to listen to 4 hours crap with a lot of pressure to buy their timeshare and if I went on the cruise, I would have paid for my cruise myself not them!!

  9. Promotional Cruise Scam

    Wow, what a disappointment. Thought this type business would operate with some integrity. I purchased a package to visit and listen to what they have to offer. The lure was a 3,4 or 5 day cruise certificate. I purchased this from Bass Pro Shops (Shame on them too) and was told without a doubt that the promotional cruise included the Port of Galveston and it is even listed on the brochure. After the presentation I call to check my options and guess what they don’t do promotions out of Galveston as a matter of fact there are 4 out of the 9 ports listed in the brochure they don’t do promotions out of. Can you says FALSE AND MISLEADING ADVERTISING! What a joke, Never again and anyone I can tell I will tell them to stay away. If they are this misleading in trying to get me to purchase their product I can only imagine how difficult they will be after a purchase. Don’t WALK but RUN away!!!

Reviews: 9
Reported Loss : 150 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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