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Just Unbelievabl

This is the second vehicle I have financed with Blue Federal Credit Union, and will be the last.

I have had nightmares dealing with the repairs of my motorcycle, and when I contacted Blue Federal Credit Union they had no concerns or cares whatsoever they said that the condition of the motorcycle was between me an the repair shop i chose to have fix the bike.

I had to have an insurance check reissued to pay the parties involved in the repairs and re-repairs.

This time i asked the check be reissued to myself and the lienholder instead of the repair shop and myself.

The damn credit union now all of a sudden cares what I do with my check for the repairs, but nothing else.

I need to refi and get the hell away from Blue… Assbackwards is the best way to describe it.

They dont understand why the repair check was issued for almost as much as my bike cost.

They keep asking if i want to just pay the loan off. I keep telling them that isnt what the check was issued for.

That it was issued for repairs, and that my motorcycle was not totaled out.

Then they tell me that my only option is to deposit the money with them, and they will cut the checks.

First option i drive all the way back to broomfield from NE Denver to get the checks fron them.

NOT! 18MILE 20 minute drive each way in great traffic. 2, they say i can pick up the check at a shared branch, but I have to contact the branch manager from fort collins the lady here today before I can access the money! WHY? Option 3 they keep throwing out, which im not even sure how they are able to suggest it is that i pay the loan off. Seems to me that they are suggesting misappropriation of funds!

I was a fan of Warren FCU, but they were only in WY, which hendered me doing business, but they were always friendly and helped however they could.

Blue sucks big time. There are a thousand other credit unions i couldve used, and will from here on out.


Just unbelievable… I will be checking into a refi immediately.

Is Blue Federal Credit Union a legit business?
Blue Federal Credit Union is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 29 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.
Where is Blue Federal Credit Union located?
Blue Federal Credit Union is headquarted at 13625 Huron St Broomfield, CO 80023. You can contact Blue Federal Credit Union by dialing (800) 368-9328 or visit their website
How much monetary loss is incurred by Blue Federal Credit Union’s customers?
According to Blue Federal Credit Union’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3251 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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29 Reviews on Blue Federal Credit Union

  1. HORRIBLE! Service as stated by others.

    HORRIBLE! Service as stated by others. Stay as far away from this credit union as you can. They have ridiculous fees that aren’t talked about and impossible to get a hold of when you need them and make it almost impossible to pay a bill over the phone.

    If you like headaches and like to jump through hoops to get help from them by all means use them. I feel the exact same about this place as the other 2 bad reviews in less than one month.

  2. You have been WARNED!

    WARNING! Do NOT bank with Blue FCU. As a long term member of Warren FCU, I strongly recommend you stay away from this bank. Financial services have changed for the worse. Customer service is horrible. You have been WARNED!

  3. Never Again

    I had a car loan through this bank and paid it off as fast as possible after I moved to another state. As I was unsure of the amount I had to pay still at the end I intentionally over paid to ensure that I would finish repaying my loan. However instead of simply sending me the difference back (as I had been assured would happen by an employee) they set up an account and proceeded to withdraw money from it through various fees! Absolutely horrible policies and I certainly do NOT recommend to anyone who actually wants to keep their hard earned money!

  4. Scammer

    A credit union that acts just like a bank when it comes to their general practices and customer service. So, what’s the point of joining a credit union then? The short answer is that there isn’t one if you’re thinking about joining Blue.

  5. I noticed it when I checked my account online.

    Be sure to check your credit reports closely since Warren’s merger to become Blue!! I have experienced poor customer service like many other reviewers. It took 2 years to get a copy of the loan documents for the RV I financed.

    The RV was properly insured, loan payments paid on time, yet an additional insurance policy costing around $1000, was quietly added to my loan. I never received any communication whatsoever from Warren regarding this prior to the addition of this policy.

    I noticed it when I checked my account online. Despite proof of insurance I still had to spend too much of my time to fix their mistake. Just when you think it can’t get worse, it can.

    Yesterday I checked my credit report and found Warren’s usual entry and was shocked to see that Blue had reported the same amount twice. My debt tripled on the credit report and my scores dropped. My phone call to Warren/Blue to fix this was a waste of time and energy.

  6. Stay far far away from this bank.

    Stay far far away from this bank. Went a whole year with very little problems besides them charging me twice once through auto pay. Not even sure how that happens. But now after a year they are trying to add insurance with no warning to my loan and charge me late fees on a auto pay they set up. The online system is worthless.

    Can’t even look back more then a few months on payments and to top it all off, no one has any idea how to work hard. I have figured out more issues that they have caused then them.

    They dont keep you updated at all. Still dealing with the same loan issue they created for over a month. Seriously thinking this was the worst mistake I ever made, going with Blue.

  7. WARNING! Do NOT bank with Blue FCU

    WARNING! Do NOT bank with Blue FCU. As a long term member of Warren FCU, I strongly recommend you stay away from this bank. Financial services have changed for the worse. Customer service is horrible. You have been WARNED!

  8. thus securing my unique purchase.

    I was originally introduced to Blue FCU when I financed a new motorcycle thru a dealership. I have since financed two vehicles, two personal loans and one used motorcycle thru Blue. All transactions have been fluid and easy.

    Blue FCU, and in particular Loan Officer Luis Arias, uses the most up-to-date technology to quickly qualify and approve loans of all types. In fact, I recently purchased a Harley-Davidson with a sidecar when I was over 700 miles away.

    When I found the bike, I immediately called Luis. Using DocuSign, I was able to close the transaction in hours, thus securing my unique purchase.

  9. I highly recommend never borrowing from this company.

    I highly recommend never borrowing from this company. Customer service reps are incompetent they make mistakes all the time I tried to set up automatic payments on my credit card same car loan they messed it up 3 times.

    Took them a month to rectify it then they gave me a 30 day late fee and put it on my credit reports the woman Kelly who handles that would not even look into it to find out it was their mistake very uncompassionate company they could care less.

    The woman Kelly spoke to me with the condescending tone I did not look into the Dilemma their Company put me in. 3 years later and still haven’t taken off of my 3 credit reports and I have never missed a payment. Go somewhere else. Their incompetence staff will ruin your credit.


    DO NOT USE THIS credit union!!!!!!! Financed 2 atvs thru them, come to find out the dealer did not say anything about insurance, after 3 months I get a notice in the mail saying the are going to charge me for insurance. I call and get the insurance right away, call the credit union and explain to them what happened.

    they want to charge me 10 times the amount that I paid for 1 year’s worth of insurance for the 3 months. They tell you that they sent notices in the mail, never got them, but they sure can send payment statements. VERY RUDE customer service, a bunch of crooks!!!!! DO NOT USE THEM!!!!!!!! Refinance with a different bank or credit union.


    This is ridiculous, not to mention, that my account number is never listed on my statements. So even trying to get the loan number is a hassle via phone. How am I supposed to make a payment or send in a payment?

    Every time I call, they say they cannot speak to me because I am not on my husband’s loan, when I have sent in the form provided signed and notarized giving me authorization. Nope, the form is not on file.

    I have requested a payment coupon book, now that will take 6 weeks to get here. I am beyond the 6 weeks time frame and still no coupon book.
    Stay clear and far away from this Credit Union. They will get you every which way you turn on additional fees!..

  12. Worst EVER

    Worst EVER! I wish I could give a negative instead of a 1. I got my loan in May and I have not yet received any coupon payment books. Yet I was told that if I make payment online,

    I will be charged $10.00 and if I make a payment on the phone I would get charged $25.00 for a payment fee. I signed up for online access to my account in which BFCU was supposed to make two small deposits into my bank account before I could finish creating my account.

    I was told this would take 10 business days. The two small deposits never went in. I called today, they stated that my bank is to blame for this, that my bank has a different routing number. I called my bank and this is not true…they use the same routing number on my checking account that I clearly and correctly provided to BFCU.

  13. I have never heard of this credit union before.

    I have never heard of this credit union before. We started receiving mail from this Blue CU saying we all of the sudden had an account and if we didn’t show activity on our account they were going to charge us $25.

    Well, since it was not an account that we opened we thought it was typical junk mail and discarded it. Then we recently received another notice telling us that they charged our account $25 for inactivity…

    Okay, charge away… Anyway, we called an they asked for our social security number to pull up our account. We didn’t share this info with them. I checked the phone numbers on their mailers and website and its a legit bank but I think they are using this tactic to bring people into their banks by using these types of mailers.

Reported Loss :3251 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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