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Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney Montgomery, Alabama.

This so called attorney that works for the ALABAMA ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE OF THE STATE OF ALABAMA is a VERY TOXIC PERSON. She is a very nasty person that has a nasty temperment and does not fit in anywhere. She is having trouble in her work place because of this.

She stalks innocent people and she is not above blackmailing them.

She has been harassing my friend online since 2005. This is 2017.   Read her reports listed on the Rip Off Report. All you need to do is google Bettie Carmack Rip off.  Look at all the people this Montgomery, Alabama Attorney has defamed and lied about. Look at all the defamation she has posted online about others!

To say she is a liar is simply not enough. She’s a pathological liar. She has damaged so many lives with her online defamation and lies about them.

My friend had to call the FBI in Montgomery Alabama on her and they went to her office. The FBI has a file on her.


You should google Bettie Carmack of Montgomery, Alabama and read all the rip off reports of what she has been doing.

Bettie was reported to the ” Hate Crimes Division of the FBI,” for joining together with several others in a ” Hate Crime Campaign,” against a transsexual woman online.  Bettie is currently involved in ” The Felony Abuse Of A Disabled Person,” and inciting a hate crime campaign against her joining with others that
posted derogatory pictures and comments of her on a website. And harassment of her.  The Civil Rights Division of the FBI was also notified and informed along with the Hate Crimes Division of the FBI. Bettie Jean Carmack attorney for the State of Alabama Attorney Generals office joined in with Rebecca Jean Bidwell of Lapeer, Michigan and Alexander C. Grant of Minneapolis MN. in order to abuse Vickie Rice a transsexual woman. Threats were made. Bettie Carmack started stalking Vickie Rice after she bought an intuitive reading from her on ebay in 2005. Bettie joined with those others to ridicule and harrass Ms. Rice. Bettie Carmack bonded with Alexander C. Grant of Minnesota, to abuse Ms. Rice. The FBI has interviewed Mr. Grant.

Bettie Jean Carmack claims to be a good attorney but has acted very unprofessional and defamed many and spread lies about them on the internet. Real attorney’s don’t act all crazy and everything like this and post and do the things she does. Real attorney’s don’t act like she does because of their professional careers, especially working for the Alabama Attorney Generals office.  She stalks people too. SHE IS A STALKER.

She recently has been exposed on the rip off for so many people she has defamed on the internet.

She was involved with several people that were involved in FEDERAL HATE CRIMES and Bettie was directly involved in the commission of the Hate Crimes and the harassment of a transsexual woman. The FBI did intervene with these people along with their local law enforcement.  You can read about those on her rip off reports.

The cases are unlimited and show the decisive intentions of Bettie.She even tried to get people to look unqualified for their jobs. Whoever, she meets on internet comes under one or the other threats. She has never been accepted in society and this is her way of taking revenge.

Her audacity is immense and she uses that in taking the worst step for ruining people’s life. Once she contacted the FBI and declared she was a victim and not involved in hate crimes which she was a part of with several people. She labeled an innocent lady the victim a terrorist.

I would say this woman that the legal community has rejected her claim to be one among them.  This could have led her to the bars but she was saved but she is still  a criminal in my opinion and she should not even be practicing law much less employed at the Alabama Attorney Generals office where she works.

All these lies and defamation she spreads on the internet does not look good for the Alabama Attorney Generals Office.

If we talk about her job, she’s not good at that in my opinion in that too. She’s NOT a good attorney.

This is my advice to all, if you see her profile on internet, block her alert others. She can be a real danger to you. “You should google her Bettie Carmack rip off ” then you can read all the nasty reports she has made online to defame other people.  BE CAREFUL SHE’S DANGEROUS AND SHE’S DEFINITELY A REALLY BAD STALKER and I AM SERIOUS. If you come into contact with her and it turns ugly you need to strictly work with law enforcement and the FBI. You need to stay away
from her she could be armed and dangerous.

What happened is she chose the wrong person to attempt to abuse after abusing so many others, and that person said, that she refused to back down from her and would not ever back down from her. ” She said, We are going to go for broke I don’t let people abuse me like that I am going to continue to work with the FBI and law enforcement everytime she harrasses me.”

Is Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney a legit?

Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney located?

Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney is headquarted at 701 Genetta Ct, Montgomery, AL 36104. You can contact Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney’s customers?

According to Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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