Bettie Carmack

Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney Montgomery, Alabama.

Bettie Jean Carmack Attorney Montgomery, Alabama.

This so called attorney that works for the Attorney Generals Office of the State of Alabama is a VERY TOXIC PERSON.

She has been harassing my friend online since 2005. This is 2017. Read her reports listed on the Rip Off Report. All you need to do is google Bettie Carmack Rip off. Look at all the people this Montgomery, Alabama Attorney has defamed and lied about.

To say she is a liar is simply not enough. She’s a pathological liar. She has damaged so many lives with her online defamation and lies about them.

My friend had to call the FBI in Montgomery Alabama on her and they went to her office. The FBI has a file on her.


You should google Bettie Carmack of Montgomery, Alabama and read all the rip off reports of what she has been doing.

Bettie was reported to the ” Hate Crimes Division of the FBI,” for joining together with several others in a ” Hate Crime Campaign,” against a transsexual woman online. Bettie is currently involved in ” The Felony Abuse Of A Disabled Person,” and inciting a hate crime campaign against her joining with others that
posted derogatory pictures and comments of her on a website. And harassment of her. The Civil Rights Division of the FBI was also notified and informed along with the Hate Crimes Division of the FBI.

Bettie Jean Carmack claims to be a good attorney but has acted very unprofessional and defamed many and spread lies about them on the internet. Real attorney’s don’t act all crazy and everything like this and post and do the things she does. She stalks people too. SHE IS A STALKER.

She recently has been exposed on the rip off for so many people she has defamed on the internet.

She was involved with several people that were involved in FEDERAL HATE CRIMES and Bettie was directly involved in the commission of the Hate Crimes and the harassment of a transsexual woman. The FBI did intervene with these people along with their local law enforcement. You can read about those on her rip off reports.

The cases are unlimited and show the decisive intentions of Bettie.She even tried to get people to look unqualified for their jobs. Whoever, she meets on internet comes under one or the other threats. She has never been accepted in society and this is her way of taking revenge.

Her audacity is immense and she uses that in taking the worst step for ruining people’s life. Once she contacted the FBI and declared she was a victim and not involved in hate crimes which she was a part of with several people. She labeled an innocent lady the victim a terrorist.

I would say this woman that the legal community has rejected her claim to be one among them. This could have led her to the bars but she was saved but she is still a criminal in my opinion and she should not even be practicing law much less employed at the Alabama Attorney Generals office where she works.

All these lies and defamation she spreads on the internet does not look good for the Alabama Attorney Generals Office.

If we talk about her job, she’s not good at that in my opinion in that too. She’s NOT a good attorney.

This is my advice to all, if you see her profile on internet, block her alert others. She can be a real danger to you and your online reputation. ( You should google her Bettie Carmack rip off ) then you can read all the nasty reports she has made online to defame other people. BE CAREFUL SHE’S DANGEROUS AND SHE’S DEFINITELY A REALLY BAD STALKER and I AM SERIOUS. What happened is she chose the wrong person to attempt to abuse and that person said, ” hell no.” We gonna go for broke. That person exposed her.

Is Bettie Carmack a scam?
Bettie Carmack is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Bettie Carmack legit?
First Bettie Carmack is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Bettie Carmack’s consumers?
There is/are 3 review(s) posted about Bettie Carmack and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Bettie Carmack located?
Bettie Carmack is located at Alabama, USA. You can contact Bettie Carmack by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Bettie Carmack’s customers?
According to the report(s), US N/A was the total loss incurred by Bettie Carmack’s customers.

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3 Reviews on Bettie Carmack

  1. What to do if your targeted by Bettie

    What to do if your stalked by Bettie or she targets you in anyway.

    First off because of her position and abuse of it at the Alabama Attorney Generals office you need to contact the Montgomery FBI that is already aware of her. You need to be very vocal and very loud when it comes to contacting them as they are aware of her and will contact her division cheif and investigate. However she currently has an open investigation going on.

    Second of all you need to contact her division Cheifs at the Alabama Atty Generals office.

    1st one being Garrett, Billington M. (Division Chief)

    then these;

    Hart, Miles Matthew (Division Cheif)
    Gibbs, John Dail ( Division Cheif)
    Crenshaw, James Clayton ( Division Cheif)
    Fleming, Margaret Lindsey (Division Chief)

    Document everything very closely and don’t let give her a pass on
    little things if you do she will view that as an opportunity to escalate.
    But the Alabama Attorney Generals office will stop her.
    She’s a vicious person she reported my extremely ill friend with hepatitis C and severe PTSD caused by being transgender and other problems to social security and made up alot of bogus crap.
    Luckily my friend still got her shipments of Interferon and other meds. She claimed my friend had all kinds of money when my friend could not even afford anything. She lied to Social Security.
    But they checked my friends medical records and confirmed her extremely high viral load and other issues were confirmed by her doctor. My friend is a 62 year old senior citizen. Bettie also befriended a convicted felon in Orange County Florida named Rebecca Jean Bidwell a self proclaimed white supremacist and they exploited my friend on a hate website called Encyclopedia Dramatica. Bettie was appalled that my friend got the negative derogatory hateful content removed and contacted the administrator of the site and inquired as to why the hate campaign site of the transgender was removed. After Bettie initially targeted my friend on the rip off reports with derogatory rhetoric and mistruth, removing her from her Ebay site Bettie then Delighted in the mental abuse of my friend on the Encyclopedia Dramatica website. That’s the kind of person Bettie is. She be-friended a Demonic Entity and I mean just pure Evil, Demonic to the core all about Satan worship and Evil his name is Alex Grant, Alexander C. Grant. He truly is the incarnation of Evil for real. He’s married to Jon allen nelson on this site. They all targeted my transgender friend.

    Report Bettie immediately to her supervisors and to the Montgomery FBI if you are in
    anyway targeted by her.

    August 21, 2018

  2. I fully agree with what Mr. Henry Williams indicated about Bettie Carmack atty.

    In 2005 Bettie Carmack contacted me for a psychic intuitive reading on my ebay site. She was pleased with her intial reading and came back for a second reading but she approached me with what I felt to be anger and hostility and so but I gave the reading anyhow it was difficult because of her pronounced negative attitude in my opinion.
    After the reading she then re-phoned me changing her voice and she inquired as to my personal information. She then used this information about me to make a rip off report about me in 2005 that was very derogatory and untruthful. My friends then retailiated and made a rip off report about her. Now this was in 2005. I had NEVER EVEN HEARD of the Rip Off Reports at the time Bettie posted about me on them.
    In 2013 Bettie Carmack was contacted by a youtube stalker I had garnered named Rebecca Jean Bidwell an avowed white supremacist. Ms. Bidwell hated blacks and hispanics and transgenders. I am a transgender. Ms. Carmack might not have known she was being contacted by an avowed White supremacist but that is exactly what Ms. Rebecca Jean Bidwell is. Ms. Bettie Jean Carmack atty is African American.
    I was making dramatic skits on youtube and garnered the hatred of Ms. Bidwell because of my gender expression. When Ms. Bidwell decided to gang stalk me with several others she contacted Ms. Bettie Carmack. Ms. Carmack was eager to join into the stalking and harrassment and hate crime campaign because of the retailiation against her in the form of a rip off report in 2006. She had reason to join in. Bettie posted many untruths concerning me.
    I was simply selling readings on ebay and had good feedback until some jealous competors sabataged it and I was simply making dramatic skits on youtube.
    I did not initiate this. Bettie Carmack did by phoning me at home using a false name to garner information and place me on the rip off reports then returning in 2013 to write more rip off reports about me being spurred on by the white supremacist Rebecca Bidwell.
    The FBI is still currently involved in the investigation even as late as 2018.

    August 19, 2018

  3. Read what her co-worker at the Alabama Attorney Generals office said about her!

    Here is what Bettie Carmacks co-worker said about her on May 10th 2017 in the comments section of her other report on here:

    I copied and pasted his comment here exactly as he wrote it.

    Henry Williams

    Bettie is a criminal mind and is using her law practice to nurture that trait of hers. She becomes violent and shouts at people. No one is friends with her in the office as well.

    She has been charged for stalking people and the worst part is that she goes beyond law to defame people on social networks.

    Bettie needs counselling and should be treated for the mental illness that she is suffering for. If not, then she should be convicted for harming people purposefully.

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