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often contradicting one another or giving us incorrect informati

For our project, these guys were operating in amateur hour as noted below. They had a good price, but as you see below, it came with lots of frustration, corrections, ripping out and redoing, etc. I found their excuses to be many and generally without credibility. I have worked on many occasions with contractors before and found this group did not compare well at all, and I found them often unprofessional. I could never recommend them, and this is why…

Terrible disrespect for our home, security and safety: The first day they left a window wide open. We called foul. The second day they left four windows unlocked on the ground floor. We called foul. Later, they unlocked and left the garage door unlocked. Later they left a screen off a window. In each case when we came home to find this, we notified the project manager or Craig and got more promises. Ugh.

Constant miscommunications, often due to their staff’s failure to address things specific in work order agreement. Their Project Planner constantly told us things that would get contradicted by the Project Manager – things like when tile was in for pickup, deliveries to home depot when they were in. I constantly had to double check because they were tripping all over one another.

Carpeting – First day they asked my daughter what was to be carpeted, and when she told them, and when they said she was wrong, she called me and I told them to refer to the work order. She was right. Then we had written into the work order to tighten up the sub-floor due to squeaks when the carpet was pulled. They did not, and I had to have them go back and pull up carpet, screw down sub-floor and reinstall carpet.

Wallpaper removal, drywall work, and Painting – generally good. Overall, I would say we were satisfied with the painting in the end. They did get over spray – spray paint on top of the blades of a ceiling fan, but we already planned to replace it. Still.

Hardwood floors, OK, some uneven spots, and had to redo a bullnose step that was not done well. They tried to cover up some transitions to cover issues with the tiling and replaced a T-molding with another big piece that did not match anything and would have created a tripping hazard. They also installed corner round that was not even close to matching the floor colors, but they did replace this when we pointed it out. Lots of delays, extra work and frustration from work that originally did not match or was ill-fitted. Amateur Hour.

Dishwasher – said they could tile under the DW, which we made sure was in work order. Without discussing with us they started to install new sub-floor in front of dishwasher and not tile under. We called foul and had them do what was in the work order. When they did replace the dishwasher, they instead of reconnecting it to the drain under the sink as it had previously been connected, they popped the plug into the garbage disposal and connected it there (where I did not want it). They then noticed the sink drain connection they left open and covered it with a plastic bag with a zip tie – I kid you not.

Tiling – What a nightmare. They came to lay out tile to show us patterns, and we selected 50/50 with their approval. When they mortared it down, it was a terrible job. They then said we should not do 50/50 with that type of tile – I kid you not. We had them rip it all up and start over. The good news, is we were able to get them to use the right color of grout this time (see below).

Grout – Deanna suggested the grout color and we agreed to use it in both rooms to be tiled. Without discussing with us, they ignored what we discussed and used white grout in both rooms. When we called foul, they said it was because the color THEY suggested would not work well. So, they just changed what we asked for with no consultation — I kid you not. The grout work they did was terrible.

This is not even all of it, but space limits me here. I have photos and emails of everything. I felt like they completely lacked good project management, and often contradicting one another or giving us incorrect information and ignoring our agreement. Amateur Hour. I would not want them back in my home.

Is Beautiful Home Services a legit?

Beautiful Home Services is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Beautiful Home Services located?

Beautiful Home Services is headquarted at Lindenbrook Street 9632 VA US. You can contact Beautiful Home Services by dialing (833) 276-0862 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Beautiful Home Services’s customers?

According to Beautiful Home Services’s customers, a monetary loss of US $200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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2 Reviews on Beautiful Home Services

  1. Andrew and Melvin were great.

    Andrew and Melvin were great. Their team was skilled and efficient, and they helped us get my mom’s house, which needed a lot of work, ready for sale quickly. During a hard time for my family, they went the extra mile.

    December 28, 2018

  2. I would definitely recommend Beautiful Home Services or use them in the future.

    Our family had work done on the outside of the house and the work looks great. The staff at Beautiful Home Services communicated well when a technical problem arose and our family had to figure out how to adjust our job request. They accommodated our needs well in this regard. I would definitely recommend Beautiful Home Services or use them in the future.

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 200 $
Severity : Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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