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They don't give you courtesy calls

Compass Bank offered a competitive loan for my car and like an idiot I accepted. This has been a negative loan experience to say the least. You cannot pay online or electronically unless you open a checking or savings account with them. Additionally, if you need assistance their webpage submission system is a fail. I have requested to be called many different times through their system and have yet to be reached.

Instead, they keep charging me fees, even though my payments aren’t late. They don’t give you courtesy calls, or check up on you, not a very neighborly banking company. I wouldn’t recommend this bank to anyone, but the rate was competitive.

Is BBVA Compass a legit?

BBVA Compass is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 8 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is BBVA Compass located?

BBVA Compass is headquarted at 505 20th St N Birmingham, AL 35203. You can contact BBVA Compass by dialing (205) 297-3206 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by BBVA Compass’s customers?

According to BBVA Compass’s customers, a monetary loss of US $6921 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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8 Reviews on BBVA Compass

  1. Customer service is terrible and they will not answer any of my questions. I even had a lady hang up on me right after she yelled into my ear.

  2. Repeatedly CLAIMED my payment was received late, just to add penalty fees.

    For the last three months, they CLAIMED my payment was received late, just to charge me a penalty fee. I finally mailed my monthly payment with USPS delivery confirmation, which showed BBVA received it THREE days before the due date, but they STILL added a late fee for that month. They finally removed the fees, but I had to I spend 20 minutes on the phone with them each time. AVOID this company.


    I’ve been dealing with BBVA for a year now. They gave me a $1,000 credit. I did utilize the card to $900. When I had some income coming in it was diverted to pay off that balance, for some reason, that payment was returned to the sender right after that sum was reutilized. That brought the balance owed to $1900. I began making installments to pay off the balance and several payments were rejected by them. They refuse auto pay, they refuse over the phone payment, they only will accept in person cash or money orders via mail. All the payments I have made are futile attempts. The balance is not going down. Instead, it has went up to over $2,000. It maybe time to lawyer up.

  4. Seriously, worst bank ever.

    Seriously, worst bank ever. The branches are understaffed. The bank is based in Spain. The US Corporate Office is in Houston, run by an executive from Turkey. If you have to call Customer Service you will reach call centers in countries like Columbia, the Philippines or Puerto Rico.

    You will not get a Representative who speaks English as their first language, and often they are ill-trained and don’t know how to resolve problems. BBVA does not have a single US-based Call Center where the Reps speak English as their first language. Pick another bank based in the US.

  5. If I could give negative stars I would, this company is one of the most awful companies I have dealt with.

    If I could give negative stars I would, this company is one of the most awful companies I have dealt with. They received a money gram for a large sum of money meant for one of their account holders. The person that sent the money gram got part of the info but not all correct.

    However, we were able to confirm that BBVA received the $. BBVA, however, did not contact me or the account holder it was meant for. It took 2 weeks to figure out that it went straight to them and not the intended party.

    They refused to confirm that they had the money with me or the intended recipient even though I could produce all the pertinent information necessary to prove that it went to them and who I was.

  6. You cannot reach a rep and have extended wait times.

    BBVA Compass has issues with its online banking service for desktops. The system is not in real time and balance information does not reflect actual amounts.

    Then you are charged an NSF fee for replying on their numbers. They are aware of the mobile app problem, but have not addressed the desktop app issue. You cannot reach a rep and have extended wait times.

  7. Bad Service

    Tried to open my account only to have them deny me with a false code then open an account after over an hour in the branch after an hour over the phone.

    secondly, why call the helpline then given the option for a callback only to have it say you’re setting an “invalid” appt. time?

    Called the line only to have someone “pretend” to not hear me so I hung up after several attempts to get whoever answered my calls attention.

    So far not pleased and it’s been less than 2 weeks but worst bank I’ve used since Chase (slave traders) and Wells fargo (lying thieves)

  8. I'm VERY disappointed with BBVA.

    I’m VERY disappointed with BBVA. My business credit card was compromised by and act of fraud somewhere in the USA and although the bank’s fraud detection did disable the card, I was never informed by mail, telephone or email. I eventually discovered that the card was disabled when I tried to make a transaction.

    Upon calling BBVA the assured me that the quickest way to get a new card so I could start using the account again was to have it FedExe’d to my local branch. After several calls I discovered that the new card was sent regular mail to an old address of mine after I had updated records to my new address.

    It will soon be two weeks and I still have not had my new card. Because their records of my address are still outdated (I have no idea why) it had to be sent to my local BBVA branch. We will see. What a mess.

Reviews: 8
Reported Loss : 6921 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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