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Incredible but true story

I think the first thing I saw was where the name Scott James Moreau is also the name of a famous movie star is what got my attention. What would a famous person be messages me. Then the story he told me his wife Barbara Whenal needs money to pay bills . I found out she has been reported as a troll and assists him. Neither of them should be trusted or believed because the story keeps getting bigger .

Is Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau a scam?
Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau legit?
First Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau’s consumers?
There is/are 15 review(s) posted about Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau located?
Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau is located at 21 Afam St, Woji, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. You can contact Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau by dialing 6066344407 or visit their website N/A before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau’s customers?
According to the report(s), US N/A was the total loss incurred by Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau’s customers.

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15 Reviews on Barbara Whenal and Scott James Moreau

  1. Be careful

    I done an internet search after a man who called himself Scott Moreau sent me a friend request on Facebook. We started talking in December 2018. He was very friendly and quoted Bible verses. Within three weeks he said he was falling for me. After that he asked for an iTunes card which I sent to him. Then he started talking about a partner in business he said is Barbara Whenal and ask me to send 200 dollars to her by Western Union. He said he would pay me back after some overseas funds are cleared. After I told him that I would not send money he used very foul words to me. I blocked him.

  2. I talked to Scott J Moreau

    I was talking to Scott on a senior date site and he said he is being stalked by Barbara Whenal he spoke bad English and said she is 53 years older than him I am 89 and I asked him about my age and he said Barbara is crazy I will not talk to him now because I don’t want him saying anything about me to people

  3. I found the name Barbara Whenal who goes by Bobble on the internet after a man who has very bad English tried to get me to send him 300 dollars. I told him I had found him Scott Moreau as a scammer. He said he started talking to Barbara some time ago and she is obsessed with him and very possessive. He said she sends him dozens of messages a day and threatens him if he doesn’t reply. He said she had very bad mental problems and imagined everything. I asked him why I should give him money and he said he would take an iTunes card. I don’t talk to him anymore and this happened in March.

  4. Barbara and Scott

    I also have had a few conversations on line with a person who said his name is Scott James Moreau. I had contact with him about the middle of February 2019. He asked me all kinds of personal questions I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with a stranger. He did say that he needs money to help a person he said is Barbara Whenal. He said Barbara doesn’t know how to handle money and he planned to help her learn. I didn’t talk to him long and finally blocked him. I don’t know what kind of scam these two people have going but he said he has been talking to her for a year. She has to be involved somewhere.

  5. Barbara and Scot

    I see where Barbara Whenal has posted in defense of herself. I forgot to say that he said she has been trying to make it all out to be his fault. He said she is deeply in debt and trying to get out of bills. It’s a very mixed up situation of he said/she said but apparently they know each other.

  6. Barbara and Scott

    I got the opportunity to chat with someone who said he is Scott James. I was suspicious of him from the beginning. He was too nice and asked too many personal questions. Not long after talking to him he started telling me about an elderly woman, he said is Barbara Whenal, who was cyberstalking him. I did an internet search and found where these two names have been reported with various stories. I asked him about it and he denied everything. Then he changed his story and told me he had given Barbara thousands of dollars because she said she could not pay her bills. He said she kept asking for more money. That’s when he began to say how broke he is and hinting for money from me. I stopped talking to him and blocked him. I am not sure what kind of scam this is but something is going on.

  7. Scam

    Around Christmas 2018 a man who calls himself Scott Moreau started talking to me on Hangouts. He was very nice and talked about religion and said he works on a rig but owns a house in New York. He said he was divorced and had been talking to a woman named Barbara Whenal who had been stalking him. He said she had been sending him dozens of texts messages a day and called him all the time asking him to marry her. He also said he had tried to bribe him with money and gifts and threatened to harm herself if he stopped talking to her. He said she was crazy and he didn’t know how to help her. I suggested calling the police and he told me because she has health problems he was hesitant to do that. Then he told me he needed five hundred dollars to send to Barbara so she would stop calling him. I asked him why he would need to send her money to get her to stop and he said because she knows things about his past. I found this suspicious and decided I didn’t want to talk to him again and told him so. His whole attitude changed with me and he got very verbally upset. I stopped talking to him.

  8. These people tried to scam me

    I was followed on Facebook by a man who called himself Scott Moreau. Then said his real name is George Moore. He very quickly began talking romance and requested iTunes cards. I was suspicious of him due to his quick romance requests. I stalled him on the iTunes cards and then he told me his friend Barbara Whenal who he said works with him would be contacting me in regards to opening a bank account. I immediately blocked him.

  9. I have been contacted by Scott and Barbara Moreau

    Around the middle of June 2018 a person who said his name is Scott Moreau sent me a friend request. Not long after he started telling me to set up a bank account in my name where he will deposit thousands of dollars. He said his wife Barbara Whenal Moreau would contact me to help me transfer the money. I told him I do not know them and was not going to do that. He got very upset and told me that I am wrong for not helping. I blocked him.

  10. Update on Romeo and Juliet- Scott James Moreau and Barbara Whenal Bobbie Whenal, Barbara Whenal

    I was contacted again by Scott James Moreau who was very upset at me for posting him as a scammer. He said he had Barbara Whenal wrapped around his fingers and nothing any person said will be believed because she was so eager for attention that she fell for ever word he said.he called me from
    518-468-2530. And he said for me to stop saying things about him because she was going to send him more money and he has talked her in to opening up a bank account for him. He said she loves him and he has what he wants and nothing any person said will be believed. I told him that he is not in the country but she is and she will be the one who gets caught and in trouble. And he said by then he will have what he wants and I told him he can’t tell me what to do and I hung up on him.

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