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The absolute worst place to receive medical care

I have worked for many drug addiction recovery centers and I know quite a few which are great at providing the right medication and program for those who need help against addiction. It has always been relieving to find myself associated with such noble care. However, when I joined Atlantic Shores Hospital, I never knew that there was the other side of the profession too.

Here at Atlantic Shores Hospital, I have witnessed the most unsafe and unprofessional attitude of management towards their patient as well as employees. The upper management is only concerned about the profit that they make and do not bother about the care of their clients.

Every rehab centre has some rules that are required to be followed as per the government guidelines. But, Atlantic Shores least bother about following those guidelines. For every night shift, they never had any RN to be in charge of the 4 units that worked. This is mandatory as per the law. However, that never rang the bell. They follow unethical and unsafe practices which can harm people coming for help to a greater extent. If you work at Atlantic, make sure you have other option when your license would be terminated. Which is most likely a possibility while working for these guys.

I saw clients coming and leaving without much of a difference. They never made any advancements in making their medical treatment worthy of the fees they charged. Many times, they put clients on over medication and consulted the doctor rarely about less serious problems. The doctor was not on their pay roll and used to visit once in a week or in case of any emergency. This made the situation of the clients worse. While suffering from various other problems related to physical health, the clients were ignored till they seemed intolerable.

Coming down to the facility that they provided to the clients, it was close to nothing. There were very little supplies or sometimes there were none. The bedsheets were overused and sometimes the clients had to sleep without one. The cleaning staff was less and that made the entire facility look filthy and dirty all the time. The books and other stuffs that are important for clients to distract from their addiction was also minimal and there was always shortage of these things at the centre. But, the management was not ready to invest a penny on these important things that seemed of no profit to them.

They also had this therapy sessions that were mostly discussion sessions and the therapist always used to be the one attending at the last. Either the session used to be over or the person asked one of the clients to take the initiative of tackling the session. How unprofessional it was? No one was ready to answer the misleading that was happening and everyone pointed the finger on another person for all the irregularity and mismanagement.

While I was at the centre which I left as soon as I found a new place to work, I tried confronting the management and they did not feel great about it. Instead, they asked me to take care of the work allotted and stay away from the program structure. Atlantic Shores is full of irrational people who only know about the bank accounts and apart from that, everything is just a target to make it huge. The clients were made to wait for longer hours if they wanted to consult the counsellor in private. These sessions also happened in groups where focus was never given to any of the clients.

There were myriads of mistakes that they were making every single day and the most haunting was the way they treated the clients. They never gave them the attention that every addict requires to understand the importance of his/her life. What they did was a grouping people with same problem at one place where they can either improve or leave as they already were without expecting any initiative from the management’s or program’s end. The centre was all about asking for money and once the client was inside the facility, all their promises were kept aside which made no sense.

I would never recommend anyone to send their loved ones to this centre. Even if you wish to work for rehab centre and money is not the only motive, look for some other option.

Is Atlantic Shores Hospital a legit?

Atlantic Shores Hospital is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 1 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Atlantic Shores Hospital located?

Atlantic Shores Hospital is headquarted at North Federal Highway 4545 FL US. You can contact Atlantic Shores Hospital by dialing (954) 771-2711 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Atlantic Shores Hospital’s customers?

According to Atlantic Shores Hospital’s customers, a monetary loss of US $5773 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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  1. Atlantic Shores Hospital Review

    My friend was admitted here. Once, she got in, we tried to find out the updates on her case, but none of the family members were entertained. On the other hand, when she was released, she suffered a relapse only after a week and was admitted to another rehab. When we questioned Atlantic Shores hospital about the issue, they refused to cooperate and answered lamely. They do not care about recovery. Its all about money for them.

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Reported Loss : 5773 $
Severity : Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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