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Ascend is definitely not the place for getting sober

My girlfriend started having issues with my addiction towards opioids and hence I decided to give rehab a try. She registered me for a 30 days rehab program at Ascend Recovery in Utah. We were introduced to some other Addicts like ourselves in the first group therapy session that we had.

In the after hour we had one to one interaction with the management team. I had my own set of questions for them, some of which they answered and the others they assured me to be covered during the treatment phase. Since then I have always had issues with the management team at Ascend.

It started right from the next day. Regarding timings; be it for the lectures that we had or for the treatments that they served; I have never seen things done on time at Ascend Recovery. They were always late, with the same answer,” We had an issue that suddenly came up and needed our attention.” This made me wonder whether they were understaffed. The other issue which I stood up against the management was even major. It was about the smoking rules that they had at Ascend.

I thought they were too lenient with the patients to be called as a rehab center. The doctors used to give permission to the patients if they begged a little more. Once I was having a conversation with a fellow mate in which I came to know how he had opted for the 90 day program and was regretting badly.

He said he made a mistake by paying all the amount in one time and told me how the services which were supposed to be given to him, were overlooked now. I contacted my girlfriend and it revealed many unprofessional facts about Ascend. She told me how her calls were getting ignored by the receptionist or sometimes intentionally not transferred to the authorities. She revealed how they were yet to submit us with a hard copy of our contract and that every conversation which took place till now was just verbally. I have seen instances when they Ascend team quarreled amongst themselves about various issues like the treatment given to patients.

The treatment phase is hardly healthy. Every patient is dealt in the same manner with the same drugs. There is no proper attention given to any patient individually. In the individual therapy sessions, I have had my doctor coming very late and sometimes not even showing up. The assistant doctors never had answers to my questions.

There is no one at Ascend who properly studied my case from a scratch and understood a reason for my addiction. Also there is no focus on physical fitness of patients. We are not taught with any Yoga, we can do whatever we want to in the name of physical fitness. They are still hiring professional trainers to care after their patient’s fitness. Holistic living which I expect to live as an individual is hardly discussed or taught at this place.

In the Education phase the problem of irregularities exists even more than the treatment phase. Most of the times the lectures are postponed. Even if we have them, I find the topic irrelevant sometimes. At one instance we were taught about child abuse and women grieving about her divorce. Starting from day one to the 30th there was never a case example shown to us about a patient who was with Ascent. The management always had issues with me about the questions I asked. They ridiculed me in front of everyone in a group therapy by claiming my questions irrelevant.

I just had my money hooked up at Ascent and that’s what forced me survive 30 days at their property. When I went out I wasn’t sober. It was my girlfriends love and affectionate that made me sober.

There was another fellow mate of mine at Ascend who told me how Ascend threw him off at 80th day when his contract with them indicated clearly about a 90 day stay at the property. Starting from the very basic Education Phase till the After-Care ending phase, everything was totally ill-mannered at Ascend. Since I got sober on my own and have a list of issues with them, I would not recommend this facility to anyone.

Is Ascend Recovery a legit?

Ascend Recovery is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Ascend Recovery located?

Ascend Recovery is headquarted at 109 E Main St, American Fork, UT 84003, USA. You can contact Ascend Recovery by dialing 1 (877) 527-2363 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Ascend Recovery’s customers?

According to Ascend Recovery’s customers, a monetary loss of US $10000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely low.

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2 Reviews on Ascend Recovery

  1. The reviews here make no sense

    I am very confused about the reviews on this site. I do not think these people went to the same Ascend I did. For example, the review talks about how his girlfriend needed help and he chose Ascend 30 day program and how he met with other patients there in group upon arrival. He would never be allowed in the groups or to meet any of the patients at admissions. The only time would be at Family Program, which doesn’t take place until 2 weeks after admissions.
    Then he talks about meeting with the “management team”. He would not be included in the admissions. Only the patient.
    He also talks a lot about doctors and nursing assistants coming to get him- which is not how it works at Ascend.

    This review seems to be done by someone that has never set foot in Ascend. So I am pretty sure the review is a scam. Do not believe what is on here. It just makes no sense and it seems like this person could never pick out what Ascend’s facility would even look like.

  2. From dirty filthy house to a dirty filthy owner, this place is nothing but trouble. Recovery is already a tricky, troublesome and difficult thing, it is a shame that people found a way to exploit it. Nothing but thriving off others misery here.

Reviews: 2
Reported Loss : 10000 $
Severity : Extremely Low
Reported by : Anonymous
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