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Armstrong steel works with switch and bait

I ordered a building from Armstrong steel and was quoted for $68,000. After few discussions, they agreed for a rebate of $9K. So, I had to pay them $59,000. It seemed to me a decent deal and therefore, I paid the down payment which was more than 50% of the entire cost. Later, when I received the invoice, I was given a quote of $68K, the original charge. I called the customer care number, but it went unresponsive.

I believe that they stop taking calls once the down payment is made. This was not enough. I got another quote for some updates for a total of additional $98K. These included engineering required for permits. I looked at the bill and was able to toss most of them as they were unnecessary. After all these headaches as well, the final cost was coming to $98K.

The building was not delivered on time. I made the full payment after few days as per the schedule. But the company was lazy to deliver my building on time. It took them more than 15 days from the date of delivery to process the shipment. Plus, two large size steel structural beams were not even delivered. I tried complaining them about the same. But the company would do nothing as if it was not even a mistake from their end.

Later, they offered me to make the replacement offer. This company is completely working on bait and switch. This is the worst tactics for any company and this one tops the limit of lies and scam. They will tell you to sign the engineering of your building within 30 days to get the rebate and will also ask you to accept the delivery in 60 days.

However, even if you do all those formalities, you won’t get the rebate. They will find a way to charge you even more from the original quote. It is impossible to get a rebate from this company. Moreover, the services are equally bad. The quality of their building is even worse.

They will take months of delays to ship your building. After I tried to cancel the order, I was given reason for why I should not make it. They made me feel as if I was making the worst decision ever by deselecting them for my requirements.

After I had paid them the down payments, I did check with other companies and found that everything that the Armstrong Steel said about the great offer was a lie. In reality, they are charging way higher than their competitors. They will tell you the hiked price which is way more than the market price. Then will offer huge rebate.

You will think that you are getting an awesome deal. Then will try to lock you down by giving you the limited offer period for getting rebate. Once you pay the down payment, they forget about your priorities.

This is how this bogus company works. They are master of fraud.

Is Armstrong Steel a legit?

Armstrong Steel is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 10 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Armstrong Steel located?

Armstrong Steel is headquarted at Greenwood Plaza Boulevard 5889 CO US. You can contact Armstrong Steel by dialing +1800-345-8211 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Armstrong Steel’s customers?

According to Armstrong Steel’s customers, a monetary loss of US $99000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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10 Reviews on Armstrong Steel

  1. Bait and switch

    I was almost ready to purchase a building from another company when I discovered they required 100% payment upfront so I called Armstrong Steel and was able to share with him all of the details of the building I wanted including a picture and all of the extras etc. is made it easy to get a price from them which came in at $83,000 and they said it was a special type of deal based on the timing of the order if I could make a decision quickly. Wow that is clearly a red flag. The price of their building was very similar to the price of the other building and so I felt like it was legitimate and they only wanted 20% down payment. I asked for an estimate on all of the other items which they did not include in their original price and they told me it would be an additional $40-$60,000 and then I would be able to buy this high-quality items wholesale through them and their suppliers. So after I made the down payment, a few weeks later, I received another document stating they wanted another $112,000 for insulation and other items originally estimated at $40-$60k. The only thing that I added on that was different from what I had originally discussed with them was a have the building engineer in for a water fire suppression system a.k.a. sprinkler system, which they said would actually be provided by another company so I don’t even know exactly what they’re doing but there’s no way that could cost $112,000. In addition to the huge surprise increase in cost they also wanted 50% down on that as opposed to 20% on the other so I can probably anticipate as I move along that everything is going to get worse. I am very disappointed. So I will be asking for a refund and try to get out of this and find someone else who will provide an honest price up front.

  2. professional scam

    Do not buy from this company . There are over 50 victims of their scam to take your deposit and fail to deliver any product . See DENVER’S 7 report . I paid over $8,000 and received nothing . I was promised a price lock and a product . I received excuses . Once you pay the deposit , they ignore your calls . If you request a refund , if they return your calls they will blame you for their delay . AVOID THIS COMAPNY !! Pay them nothing unless you have a desire to waste your money . Read the class action lawsuit filed in Denver , so many victims of Armstrong’s conduct ; all hardworking people who trusted this company and every one now alleges that Armstrong lied
    took their money and refused to honor their contracts . Find an honest company.

  3. Same experience as others on social media. Complete bait and switch scam. Beware.

    Same as most. They bait you into signing up fast. Nothing happens for months or years and suddenly they want twice the money and threaten to sue you or cancel your project if you don’t pay up. There is a 100+ member class action lawsuit against them brewing in Denver.

  4. Armstrong Steel Stealing from Seniors

    My husband and I signed a purchase order for a metal building with Armstrong Steel on July 16, 2021 for $144,706.80. We added a roll-up door for an additional $5,532.82. We paid a down payment of $38,943 to lock in the price to avoid any price increases. On October 10, 2022, Armstrong Steel called to inform us our building was going to cost over an additional $119,000. We are in our 70’s and on a fixed income. Our dream was to have an indoor riding arena. That dream has been shattered. We hired a man to prepare the site for the building soon after signing the contract with Armstrong Steel. He took $100,000 from us, lost it, then committed suicide. We immediately contacted Armstrong Steel, we felt we could no longer afford the building. Since Armstrong would not refund our $38,943, we refinanced our home to purchase the building. We have paid for a wetland delimitation study, the old dirt to be trucked away and new dirt brought in and leveled, electricity and water brought out to the site, and fencing to put inside the building. Now we have nothing but a dirt patch. Armstrong Steel has refused to honor our original contract or refund our deposit.

  5. Armstrong Steel Stealing from Seniors

    My husband and I signed a purchase order for a metal building with Armstrong Steel on July 16, 2021 for $144,706.80. We added a roll-up door for an additional $5,532.82. We paid a down payment of $38,943 to lock in the price to avoid any price increases. On October 10, 2022, Armstrong Steel called to inform us our building was going to cost over an additional $119,000. We are in our 70’s and on a fixed income. Our dream was to have an indoor riding arena. That dream has been shattered. Now we are only asking for a refund of our down payment.

  6. Do not trust this company..SCAM

    Bait and switch…then if you don’t approve the plans they send you within 30 days they are allowed to charge you whatever they want. We spent over a year waiting For our building and gave a down payment upfront. Now they want to charge us 100% more for our building than the original quote. We have had nothing but runaround and lies. We have seen tons of other reviews that were given same runaround.
    Very disreputable company. I do not recommend buying anything from them…don’t let them lie to you and claim that all their customers are happy. Most are not. Read before signing. BUYER BEWARE!!!!


    Do not trust this company. You will not receive your building when they tell you. It will likely be at least a year and you might have to pay more.
    We ordered ours in July 2021. Told we would receive in December 2021. It is May 2022 and no where near receiving our building. You cannot get your deposit back so you are stuck. Please reconsider and do your research. Do not believe the 5 star reviews. They are from people who have not purchased and received a building and are likely fake. Look at the BBB reviews for real comments. I’m shocked they are still in business.

  8. Armstrong steel buildings is shady

    Gave a deposit a year ago around $20,000, they said 12 weeks for drawings.
    13 weeks later they said another month.
    7 months later no drawings but if i paid a fee they can expedite it.
    A year later, no drawings, no refund. All permits, inspections are now void and gone, construction crew is gone. Left with empty lot and no building.
    Do not use this company, they will take your money and give you nothing in return except excuses.

  9. Looking for people with bad experiences like us

    Calling all reviewers. We can’t do much alone but if we all join together we can. We can get somewhere. Give me your names and numbers. Let’s make them pay dearly!!!!!!!!! Csiwhite92@

  10. I wish I could give negative starts.

    I wish I could give negative starts. This company (if I can even call it that) is absolute TRASH.

Reviews: 10
Reported Loss : 99000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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