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I canceled the loan after we Esigned, yes Esigned another rough estimate of what our mortgage would be and it stated  $19,752 in fees,! Are you kidding me.

So I politely sent an email a day before closing and said thank you very little I will not go through with AnnieMac Home Mortgage.

They continued to try to tell me how it would benefit me and my children to keep this  mortgage and how much more money we will have.

FYI: my goal was to lower my mortgage payment so I can continue to free up some money so I can live in my home comfortably.

With this wonderful new mortgage my mortgage payment would stay the same as it was because  they got their $6000 to go to HUD and their $231 per month for mortgage insurance!

Are you kidding me! And they continually repeat to me don’t worry about it, it’s best for you and your family you’ll have money in your pocket because I was taking $33,000 out to redo my kitchen.

So  now my $33,000 kitchen is really costing me $52,000 including the $19,000 in fees for getting the mortgage.

So obviously thinking I was as stupid as other people that fell for this BS, they would repeatedly happen to have the documents ready to be signed on Sunday because would be closing on Monday, so I was told to hurry up and sign.

This is a month after I kept asking questions about the fees, what are the fees?, what are the fees?,  please explain the freaking fees.

Just be upfront from day one! DON’T EVER SIGN AND WAIVE YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL THANK YOU TO THE TRUTH IN LENDING ACT THAT GIVES YOU 3 BUSINESS DAYS WITH NO COST TO YOU TO GET OUT OF BS REFINANCES!… This is just my experience and I wanted to let people know you can back out at no cost.

Others might get a great deal but not me. I can show you all of my documents if you want.

I finally got an answer the day before closing and they finally sent me a document that actually showed the list of fees.

Wait a minute, I thought there were no fees! Still waiting 6 weeks later for my good faith estimate required by law.

How can you continually tell someone there’s no fees and you do the math and there are fees and then low and behold I finally see a document the day before closing that shows the itemized list of fees that I had been asking to see for over one month.

I was repeatedly told there are no fees it’s being rolled into your mortgage don’t worry about it.

Are you freaking kidding me! It’s in black-and-white on the paper!

The extra money you are charging me are called FEES.

Finally I started receiving summarized document showing that my closing cost would be.

Never an itemized good faith estimate, but these fees started at $14,000 went to $16,000 the next day $17,000 and the final straw was $19,000 in closing fees and another don’t worry about it Hon!

Don’t call me Hon because you want to be disrespectful because I’m not buying your sales pitch.

This included $6,000 to go to HUD as if I don’t pay enough taxes.

On top of that you have to pay PMI or mortgage insurance in the amount of $231 per month in our case for 11 years!

I also had to pay a point to bring the interest rate down to a big 4.375%.

I still have not received my original documents since July 2017 it is now mid September of 2017.

AnnieMac advertises zero fees, zero closing costs, zero this, and zero that.

Then low and behold if you do not have perfect credit all these fees magically appear like insurance costs on your mortgage so you’re telling me I don’t have perfect credit and now you want to drown me in fees.

I TOLD THE LENDERS MY CREDIT WAS SO BAD BEFORE WE STARTED! I could understand a couple thousand in fees but not $19,000!

Thanks for the help, but I’d rather not. The first red flag was no fees and no closing costs, came into my home and had me sign the estimated fees stated on the papers at $14,000 in closing costs and they both sat there and said don’t worry about it, we’ll just roll it into your mortgage.

Ugh! What do you mean don’t worry about it that’s coming out of my equity on my home and I have two more children going into college in two years? Giant red flag when people tell you don’t worry about it, we’ll just roll it into your mortgage, but I’ll wave my $1450 fee for you.

Big Whoop Dee Doo. Thanks for the help. Of course they are the fastest-growing new mortgage company!

They’re getting $19,000 from me alone! They also offer the worst thing that ever came about, the reverse mortgage! Another red flag!Just ask Suze Orman.

Haha! I paid off credit cards w/savings and will refinance again soon w/better credit!

Please read from US Government before buying or refinancing:…
This is just my experience, but I’m so glad I kept that $19,000 for us!

Is AnnieMac Home Mortgage legit?
AnnieMac Home Mortgage is not a legit business owner or provider. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance, and hence 5 consumer(s) was/were given a AnnieMac Home Mortgage as a negative rating, and only a few left positive feedbacks.
Where is AnnieMac Home Mortgage located?
AnnieMac Home Mortgage is headquarted at 700 E Gate Dr Fl 4 Mount Laurel, NJ 08054. We do not have any affiliation with the better business bureau or yelp reviews platform. You can contact AnnieMac Home Mortgage by dialing (888) 680-7366 or visit their website N/A.
How much monetary loss is incurred by AnnieMac Home Mortgage’s customers?
According to the reviews posted by AnnieMac Home Mortgage’s customers, US $3252 was the total loss incurred, and hence the severity of the scam is high.

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5 Reviews on AnnieMac Home Mortgage

  1. Poor communication.

    AnnieMac is a mortgage broker that is average at best. Since they offered nothing to write home about, i will simply relay the experience we had that caused my husband and I to choose another lender. The broker we were working with Katie asked for several documents from us. We sent them. Nothing out of the ordinary there. Then we got a call and email from a woman Julie who claimed to work with Katie and who requested a lot of overlapping documents. Apparently she was supposed to be working with Katie to help with the underwriting process. It was clear that Katie and Julie were not properly communicating, as Julie was requesting items we had already sent to Katie. Julie also was fairly condescending in her speech to me, which was unpleasant from a customer service point of view. She kept asking for our whole credit information to be sent over email and I kept expressing my concern for such info to be sent all at once. When i told her that, she went on to explain why she needed it to order the appraisal and then explained what an appraisal was, which was not the point of concern. Ultimately we sent it due to her constant pressuring, and conveniently our credit card was hacked the next day, which we feared would happen. Now we are not convinced that the other sensitive information we sent was secure. The worst part was that Katie had emailed Julie (i was CCd in the email) telling her to just call for the info, and she continued to say she needed it over email now or else she could not order the appraisal. When we brought the issue up again with Katie, she just apologized and then offered to pay for the appraisal, but she must have forgotten that she had already agreed to pay for the appraisal. She never got back to us about how the situation was dealt with, and ever since we brought it up, her conversations with us were fewer and shorter. We had to keep pressing for updates or asking how things were going. And then i got another email from one of their workers, a Joe person, who asked for my verification of employment. I needed a release of information from him per my HR in order for my HR to send it, so i emailed him, called him, and asked him to call me back. He never emailed me back, did not pick up, and did not call me back. The communication breakdown became more evident the longer we worked with them. It seems that their workers are not on top of their documentation, were not communication with each other, and were not communicating well with us. I hope anyone who sees this chooses another broker company! Oliver Woodbury with Pioneer Mortgage Funding is awesome and does a good job with matching or finding lower rates. He is very knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. If you are in Florida, I would highly recommend him. This is my second time working with him, and if i buy another house, i would work with him yet again.

  2. This same thing happened to me. Complete incompetence.

  3. Scam Company

    THis company is a scam they also at the last min. close to closing said my out of pocket was now 20,000 from 15,000 I was so mad I canceled and had to reschedule my closing with another lender who made it so much easier and got it done in 3 weeks.

    I spoke with the owner Joseph Panibanco who is the CEO and he gave me some double talk.
    This company cannot be trusted please take your business else where.

  4. Do not trust this lender.

    Do not trust this lender. Don’t be fooled by positive reviews elsewhere or endorsements. Of course every business will have some good reviews, but what should really matter are the occurrences of when things don’t go as planned. What’s their course of action and what customer service do they provide? Unfortunately, Annie Mac has deserves an “F” grade.

  5. i got a much better deal because of it.

    I was referred to AnnieMac by my realtor, the quote i received was well above what i received from other lenders I got quotes from, the loan rep tried to bully me into going with him by saying the other mortgage company would change the quote on me for the worse and they couldnt deliver and that AnnieMac was referred for a reason.

    It was unprofessional, and a major turn off. The mortgage company i went with did deliver, and i got a much better deal because of it.

  6. Please save yourself the trouble and steer clear of AnnieMac.

    AnnieMac is unbelievable. I was trying to buy a home but the deal fell through because of their staffs complete negligence to do their job. The service that I have received from AnnieMac has been extremely unprofessional and I would not recommend them unless you want your home buying experience to be an upsetting one full of frustration and headache.

    The mortgage representative would call at 4:50 on Friday and then would be gone when I tried to reach back. The supervisor was hostile and expected me to assume that the closing wouldn’t go through without ever telling me such. I found out 3 days before closing that my deal would be pushed back and I also found out that I could get a much better rate elsewhere.

    That is why I took my loan to another company who has been polite, professional, and willing to do whatever it takes to close my deal on time. Please save yourself the trouble and steer clear of AnnieMac.

Reported Loss :3252 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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