Angie Saraco

Fake puppy ads on Kijiji

She places ads on Kijiji in Alberta and BC for puppies ( french bulldogs). She requests a deposit of between $1300-$1600 by email money transfer. Once she receives it she cuts contact with buyer. She uses fake emails and a fake number. There is a warrant for her arrest in Alberta ( only province wide) however she resides in Oshawa,Ontario and deliberately posted ads out of province. Angie Saraco needs to be stopped. 2 + yrs she has got away with this.

Is Angie Saraco a legit person?
Angie Saraco is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 25 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.
Where is Angie Saraco located?
Angie Saraco is headquarted at 40 King St W, Oshawa, ON L1H 1A1, Canada. You can contact Angie Saraco by dialing 9058095753 or visit their website N/A.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Angie Saraco’s customers?
According to Angie Saraco’s customers, a monetary loss of US $250000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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25 Reviews on Angie Saraco

  1. Wrong!!

    Its very true!! This is likely Angie that posted this. She cannot own her behaviour. Deal with it Angie. People are sick of your shit.

  2. Jail is the only home she deserves

    Jail should be this woman’s home. Her charges in 2009 from the ticket scam fraud were dismissed because she lied to the judge. Her ex who passed away, (who she claimed to love so much) was the one she pointed at for the ticket scams. Saying he forced her to do it. But after he passed away, she made this big FAKE deal about how she loved him so much. Yet she accused him of awful things. Like her exs mom, when she died Angie made this big FAKE public display. Even though when she was living, Angie treated her like s**t. She doesn’t see that some of us see right thru her. Last time I checked, taking people’s money under false pretenses was fraud. And this woman has done this numerous times. Not to mention the shop lifting and scamming landlords. I have never known one person who is banned from stores – I know one now. Angie is banned from Walmart and other grocery stores. For shop lifting and making up fake ads for price matching. This girl is wacked. Do youeself a favor.. RUN if you ever meet this woman..

  3. This woman....trash extraordinaire

    I cannot believe this woman is still at it!! What is wrong with the laws that she can continue to defraud landlords and scam people. It’s obvious she is not responsible enough to rent a house. She never pays rent even though she receives ODSP & child tax EVERY month. Welfare is responsible for allowing this to continue. She is not receiving the money to pad her pocket, its for rent and bills. But she uses it to buy stupid junk. Or take her kids to Niagara Falls. And all these landlords are left losing money because she takes off onto her next giant house that she cannot afford. Maybe if she got a job and got off her ass, she could afford a home like that. But as it stands she sits on her ass on her phone harassing people everyday. She could afford a basement apartment or maybe a house in South Oshawa. I would NEVER rent to her if I was a landlord. She is a squatter. Not a good tenant by any means. She is a hot mess and her life never gets any better.

  4. Please Beware of this individual

    Typical behaviour of Angie Saraco includes never taking responsibility for her own behaviour. She laughs everything off including charges of fraud. She thinks it’s funny that landlords suffer financial setbacks due to her manipulative ways. She does not care that she never pays rent. Or that she scammed her way into a huge home that someone on welfare should not be residing in. Her exes suffer her wrath of accusations because she just cannot comprehend that these guys do not want to be associated with someone who commits crimes. So all of a sudden the guy that was the man of her dreams, 2 weeks prior is now some horrible person. So she drags not only his name thru the mud but his family. And has some devastating story about how her and her children were affected so negatively by this person. However she fails to see that her behaviour has a negative effect on her children. Her screaming and yelling at people as her children watch. Encouraging her children to throw rocks at a moving truck. Allowing her kids to jump and stand on the tables at McDonalds as she sits by and laughs. Allowing her kids to stay up till 2am as she is doing a live video and as usual cannot tear herself away from her phone. Her kids are not perfectly behaved. No matter what she tries to tell people, there are enough videos to show different. This woman should not have custody of her children. She has taught her kids to shoplift. Because they have watched her do it. She sees nothing wrong with her behaviour. NOTHING. Yet takes no issue in pointing out the faults of others. Pointing out that someone is being evicted (as she resides in a brand new home she used false documentation for )and is not paying rent. This woman is not a friend to anyone. She has alterior motives and an agenda. Be wary of her. Just stay far away.

  5. She was a previous tenant

    Hello. I am writing to confirm that above is all true for Ms Saraco. She was a tenant of mine and it was a complete nightmare. Lied from the start. Rent not paid. Constant complaints from neighbours. I filed for eviction, and after hearing that she did NOT attend, I was granted an eviction order. However she knew the loopholes and filed for an extension. Claiming she never received notice of hearing and accusing neighbours of stealing mail. Then she did not attend the hearing she was granted. Used the time to scam her way into someone else’s rental. Once she finally did move out, we were left with a damaged house and tons of garbage. I did get an order for her to pay but never received any money. At one of the hearings I had a gentleman approach who had also been a previous landlord to Ms Saraco. Same story. Left him high and dry and also left gatbage and minor damages home. He wanted to know if I knew where she was as he wanted to pursue legal action against her. Neighbours told me that more than a few times police came to see Ms Saraco. Glad I finally got rid of her. My current tenants pay their rent on time and work as well. They also keep house in a lovely clean condition, inside and outside. Do not rent to this woman, You will regret it.

    Thank you

  6. Watch her in action

    All true. Here she in action. Watch the one titled “Big Ang reveals her everyday hacks”. Here Big Ang is describing how she makes fake puppy ads to scam people out of lots of money. The other videos show how unstable she is and the odd reality she lives in. For example, instead of going to pick her daughter up at school after being called that there are behaviour issues and its urgent. Big Ang decides to do a FB live video in which she whines and cries over how her daughter’s behaviour is other people’s fault ( can’t be hers I mean she always sets such a great example for her children judging by these videos – sarcasm). And then whines because welfare caught her in a lie so she cries to them too. Trust me, Angie is everything that has been posted here.

  7. 5 STARS

    Sorry above review should be 5 stars and “professional” is spelled wrong so I am correcting it now.

  8. All TRUE

    This is all true. This woman is a profesdional tenant. Been evicted numerous times and knows how to game the system. Currently she resides in a huge home that she cannot afford and lied her way into. Her current landlord reported her to the police for fraud. She is facing charges. She also has a warrant in Alberra for fraud for selling fake puppies on Kijiji. She scammed alot of money from her victims. This is all verifiable. On youtube there is a channel that had episodes under the title Big Ang. All her live videos of her fighting with Walmart staff ( she was using fake ads to price match and got caught), fighting with others, and just generally being a big mouth. She is banned from Walmart and a number of other stores. Only reason person above commented this is not true is because its likely Angie worried perspective landlords might see this as she is being evicted. Her current landlord has not seen rent in months. AT $2500/mth thats a hufge loss to this landlord. She doesn’t work and collects ODSP because she is lazy. I have seen individuals with special needs hold down employment. No reason she can’t. She has made her way thru life scamming others repeatedly. Remember her name. I am sure her past landlords will verify all the info.

  9. This is false and untrue

    This is untrue and it’s people hating on Angie. This is all slander and it needs to be removed immediately

  10. Accurate

    I have no personal problems witn this lady but she’s a well known scammer. I’m pretty sure the most famous scam artist in town.

  11. Angie doesn’t just rip off people but she likes to harass a lot of people and makes it look like she is the victim and not the stalker. She just doesn’t fraud people out of their money but also the government claiming she can’t work so she receives ODSP.

  12. W-A-C-K-O Saraco

    This chick is 100% legit wacko. She is lazy and fat and steals money from people on Kijiji. Then parades around like she owns frigin Oshawa with 5 layers of make up on. And the worst clothing I have ever seen. 4 sizes too small and she is at least a 3x. She scams everyone – landlords, welfare, buys stuff online then says she didn’t get it and gets the money back. She steals money from honest people. She is a bottom feeder. And she does shoplift. My buddy works at Walmart and she is banned there. And they have told other stores too. Her magical life of stealing money and living in a mansion is a joke. Just like she is. She belongs under a bridge..she looks like a troll. Living under a bridge is about what she can really afford. Anyone who is stupid enough to be her friend deserves all the trouble she brings to their life. Gross, fat slob she is.

  13. Scammer, shoplifter and all around LOSER

    So Angie Saraco now ” Ang Saralanz” is screaming about how Walmart wronged her by accusing her of shoplifting. WELL she has been shoplifting there AND making fake ads for price matching. But Walmart is evil for actually stopping her!! Hope their next step is laying charges against her. Typical of a psychopath to blame their victim. She even took a video of her absolutely disgusting behaviour towards Walmart employees. And she claims she is suing them!?!?! 😂. After she has stolen from them and scammed them with fake ads. Cmon DRPS get with the program and charge this piece of shit. She obtains nothing honestly. AT. ALL. Scams, cheats, lies, steals and yet she is the victim. Living in a massive house that all us working people pay for cause she can’t work. Yet she can yell and scream in Walmart and run around taking ridiculous video that makes her look insane.Glad she has such a huge budget at Christmas – – all those fake puppies she sells and gets real money for. Someone earned that money she blows on her kids and herself. And it sure as shit WASN’T her.

Reported Loss :250000 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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