Andrew Katz

Seaquake frauds people for money. 

Andrew Katz of Seaquake recently contacted me for investment and loan purposes. We met at a party and talked about our businesses. He was interested in what I do.

After a few drinks, he suggested that he could help me in many ways in my business. Talking about his outstanding achievements, he said his company has a huge turnover and is a great player within the crypto industry.

He did tell me about his partner. If I correctly remember the name, it was Matthew Krueger. Although I did not meet this man, Andrew had painted his picture for me. We exchanged numbers and parted to our ways.

After a month, maybe, Andrew called. I recognized his voice right away. He said he was seeking some money for a considerable investment and would offer me a great deal in the profit earned. I was already excited about what he was offering.

But the amount was too huge. So, I asked him to arrange that kind of money for a couple of weeks. He was in a hurry and said that he could not wait. Then I asked him for two days. He sounded calm but still insisted on making it faster.

That was the red flag for me. In those few minutes, I did not ask about any paper works or any roadmap about the investment plan he had. But then it struck me mainly because he sounded too aggressive with the deal.

I started to Google him on the internet and his company. I was shocked that he was a fraud and a big liar. He has many felony charges to his name, and he is a wanted criminal. I called my lawyer right away and asked him to research this guy. To my surprise, he already knew Andrew.

I was saved. He told me everything about Andrew. This guy had felony charges for duping a family in Florida, assault charges, and whatnot. I blocked his number. However, I got a call from an unknown number after two days.

When I answered, it was Andrew. He started abusing me for leaving him in between a great deal after making promises. Without letting me speak, he went on talking rubbish. In the end, I shouted and asked him to calm down. I told him everything about what I knew.

He disconnected the call and never called back. This proves how great of a con artist this man is. He is a great liar and can easily make fake promises and boast about his non-existent company for hours. He can ruin your life without thinking about the consequences.

I give that to him. It is not easy to fool me, but he got me for some time. I am sure I had my lesson learned. And I am not going to believe anything he says anytime later. Stay away from this filth. He can burn your life instantly.

Is Andrew Katz a legit?

Andrew Katz is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Andrew Katz located?

Andrew Katz is headquarted at New York, New York, United States . You can contact Andrew Katz by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Andrew Katz ’s customers?

According to Andrew Katz ’s customers, a monetary loss of US $50000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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3 Reviews on Andrew Katz

  1. Hahaha Jay Beterberkman is twat. Imagine being a 67yr old troll

    Jay S Berkman got kicked out of daddy’s company for blowing the intern in a bathroom. Then he tried to claim he was an exec at bond net but was marketing consultant. Since then he’s defaulted mortgage, been arrested, committed bank fraud, and was arrested for touching his daughter in the no no zone

  2. Jay Stuart Berkman is a joke, failure, and a fraud

    Hah this is rich Jay Berkman has literally been arrested for all these things as can be seen in public record. His father owned a shop on Wall Street and with an easy hangout retard Jay failed to succeed. Then he claimed to be a bondnet exec but he was just a marketing consultant. Now he tries to scam start up’s and trolls people from his tiny home in Westport. If anyone actually did read this article see if you can find anything not posted by Jay Stuart Berkman

  3. Andrew Katz-Seaquake-Serial Scammer

    The complaint submitted by this individual is spot-on accurate Andrew Katz and his cohort Matthew Krueger have managed to defraud at least five investors of an estimated $500k during the past three years, including Brock Pierce.

    Public records (readily available on the net) display civil fraud litigation in Florida, and multiple arrests in four different jurisdictions on charges ranging from assault (leading to a conviction in New York in Feb 2022), stalking, harassment, breaking, and more recently an arrest in Miami Florida that included 11 charges.

    A court appearance is scheduled for Sept. Hearing Date: 09/15/2022 Hearing Time: 10:15 Hearing Type: R Court Room: REGJB – JUSTICE BUILDING, ROOM No.: 7-1 Address: 1351 N.W. 12TH S.T.

    Consistent with the complaint submitted on this site, Katz is notorious for using burner phones to intimidate, threaten and harass any individual who challenges him.

    He has initiated an effort to pay for articles to be published on multiple “blogs” that portray him as a “successful businessman” and claims of “graduating from Harvard with a Masters in Finance” and has worked for multiple banks as a trader.

    None of those firms have any record of him as an employee, Finra has never licensed him, and Harvard records indicate he attended an online course for one year. A sociopath is the best description of this person…

Reviews: 3
Reported Loss : 50000 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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