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Another online course fraud. This time by Andrew

I have always been a huge fan of those who likes to share their knowledge to others. This man, I happened to find on the internet seemed like from the same category of useful people. However, I was dead wrong. Andrew Argue, who has elaborated a course to help those wanting to access profound knowledge about accounting and how to attract more business is a scam. I say it straightforward because it does is a scam. I paid for the course a little while ago and was very happy to learn new strategies and skills. The reason I was not against the course was that there were no negative reviews about the it. However, what I did not notice was that there wasn’t any positive either.

The course is available from quite some time. And there must have been people talking about the course. I was quoted a price of $7000. This is too much for anyone to spare from his savings. However, I was also told that the returns would be much more than I would ever expect. The course promised to provide everything that could have made my decision worth every penny. I was super excited. This made me feel that I was spending for the right cause. The guy over the phone also suggested me to go through the facebook profile and then make the decision. It did have users from the accounting background.

So, I decided to pay for the course. The course was for 12 months. I enrolled for it without waiting any minute. He also said that the price for the course was at a discount rate for a day or two. He said that the prices would inflate soon and it wouldn’t be wise for me to wait for three or four days and pay extra money. I felt like someone was trying to push me but I was going through such stress at my work and needed a change right away that I did not think much. I paid in full through my credit card.

The guy seemed nice anyway. So, it was easier for me to take that decision. He told me that the course would provide me the access for the complete module of the course that is designed to take at least 12 weeks. Moreover, he also said that I would be given lifetime access to the information on the portal that is being update every now and then. I would be given access to the private FB group and there would be weekly conferences carried online with those already trying the skills in real. I would be able to connect with businesses and know their secret of profit and success.

All these things really intrigued me to wait no further. I was very excited and that is what made me repent later. The guy, Andrew, asks to look for the niche that would be preferable for offering accounting services. And, one needs to be very precise about it. I had no doubt in the mind and I was looking to target the real estate niche. This was easy for me as I was already working for a real estate company and had huge experience in the same.

I did miss few skills though and the major of all was the selling strategies. The course designed by Andrew promises to fill that gap that many accountants that are even aware of. A lot of us think that the accounting services are different from sales and getting business for the company. This is a huge misconception. I did feel that Andrew was right about it, especially when someone is planning to start a company. However, the course was no where close to the hype it enjoys. I did not find anything related to that part which says that the course would help grow your business to the next level.

I was very disappointed after completing the course and finding that there was nothing to help me sort my problems related to work and business. Either I was the one did not competitive enough to apprehend the strategies and bring those to work. Or else, I was scammed. Even if the former is true, the course had benefitted me in some way at least. As per the claims made by Andrew, he says that he can teach anyone, not necessarily from an accounting background. This does create a lot of question about the course and the one offering it. I was very sad. But more than that, I was angry to realize that it has become so much easier for internet gurus like Andrew to take money from people in the name of courses that offer nothing but pain. I have used few online courses in the past and none of them were as expensive as this one. And, those were still decent. This one, especially was a complete fraud.

If you are an accountant, you would know it for sure. Later, I did more digging and found out that the accountants connected on the facebook profile were not the ones who took the course. I happened to talk to a few users and they had just added Andrew randomly. Some were from the previous company that he worked for.

However, I could not find many people taking up the course and being connected with the guy like forever. Also, the private groups also had handful of members and never added much value. The conference calls were always more like the one on one call. As there was never more than two or three people. This made me so angry that I even called the company for a refund. And, as per my expectation, I was ignored.

I cannot even access the platform for some reason. I have tried calling these people a number of times, but they always say that there has been some problem in the database. And, my credentials aren’t showing up. They said that they would be correcting the issue. They said that there would be life time access for the members. They neither refunded the amount, nor they are letting me login through my credentials. What a shame?


Is Andrew Argue a legit person?

Andrew Argue is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 3 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Andrew Argue located?

Andrew Argue is headquarted at USA. You can contact Andrew Argue by dialing N/A or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Andrew Argue’s customers?

According to Andrew Argue’s customers, a monetary loss of US $7000 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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3 Reviews on Andrew Argue

  1. Endless work, no new clients - smoke and mirros

    Took my money….they promised a unique system of acquire higher quality clients for my CPA firm, they gave me an endless syllabus of course material which would take me a year to get through before I could utilize their system,.

  2. Andrew’s course was a scam of money

    Pros: he teaches people who scares of sale with selling tactics. At the sane time, the method was spamming people email until they respond.
    He teaches the value pricing which is good for an professional who is very good at what they do, but if you are not the best in your field, you can become a liar to your customers and lose your integrity.
    Cons: I stay away from them as far as I can because you may get sued as CPA for using Andrew’s sell tactics. I have paid over $6000 and even though I cancelled the program they still charge my card. I canceled the card and got a new one. They was still able to get the money. I have to completely cut off and not using that credit card company for them to stop. Apparently he designed a payment gateway that can suck money crazily.

  3. Definitely Stay Away

    Stay away from this company. He is a scam. Same sales pitch and tactics to sign you up for the course. I remember the sales man said “If Andrew decided to work with you……” like there was an option he would reject me. hahahhaha

    Its all scam from the start. I told them if you program is so successful, let me sign up with $1,000 down and I will pay you the remaining balance with profit I will earn from accounting business. I mean Andrew is so sure that a pizza delivery guy can run the accounting business after his program so let me sing up with $1k down and I will pay you the balance later.

    Guys, the sales guys freaked-out, when he saw I am not buying his crap….. he started to ask me…. what is stopping you to sign up, what concern I have ….. what he can do to make me sign up for the program…… so basically from “If Andrew Argue decided to work with you…… to……… licking my ass…… did not take more than 10 minutes….. these people are bastard…. they play with people emotions…..

    Stay away….. lean this leason ….. there is no easy and free money unless you are scamming anyone….. so dont ever buy these sales pitches……

Reported Loss :7000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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