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Amway Scam is cheating my parents from last 10 years

Amway is a very old company and is known for its huge product line. It also operates pyramid scheme and its MLM business has scammed many people around the world. The worst part is, it makes you possessive about the brand. In meetings, it teaches you to stay away from your family and friends who talk against the company.

I started noticing the problem with the company after my parents joined this fraud MLM scheme. It did not take me much time to understand that Amway is not being honest with its IBO’s and customers. It encourages you to become its member and even order your toilet paper online.

The company sucks and their management. My parents joined Amway 10 years back. I am not sure about the exact duration but I know it is more than 10 years. When they joined, they were looking forward to a great prospect. I warned them about the company as I do not think much about MLM scope.

But, they had been introduced to Amway by their closest friend. In the beginning, it was just for trial purpose. Once they started attending seminars and meetings with their so-called business partners, they started getting more into the MLM scheme.

They started advertising about their plans and making people join their business. I was always worried but the motivational messages in the meetings made them too much negative about bad comments about the company that they stopped talking to me about Amway.

I was in an impression that their obsession is finally coming to rest. However, few years back, I discovered that I was kept in dark. I tried to talk to them, but they did not listen again. I am worried about them as I can see they are ordering way more products that they can consume and are spending a lot. In 10 years, I have never seen them making any noticeable profit. On the contrary, they have been only spending.

I keep on finding truth about Amway and its fraud on internet every now and then. So, they know where are they trapped. While doing my research, I found out ugly truth about Amway and how it makes its associates naïve. There is no profit, if you calculate the entire transactions and how the spending was made, you can see the truth behind their promises.

I have already done that for my parents and will be showing them the loss that they have already incurred till date, with proofs. I know that Amway tries to part you from real job opportunities and build a world around you that is not at all tangible. My parents are getting older and I feel that when they will discover what they have lost, it will be too late for them to mend it. My evidences are strong enough to make them believe in what I have to say. So, you guys also look after for you`rself or anyone who is involved in this creepy MLM scheme scam.

Is Amway Reviews a legit business?

Amway Reviews is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 13 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Amway Reviews located?

Amway Reviews is headquarted at 6901 Fulton St E, Ada, MI 49301, USA. You can contact Amway Reviews by dialing 800-253-6500 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Amway Reviews’s customers?

According to Amway Reviews’s customers, a monetary loss of US $1500 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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13 Reviews on Amway Reviews

  1. Best Scheme

    They reach out to you via LinkedIn. If you ignore they reach out again.

    The people seem nice until they invite you to their house? Show you what they have and what they have earned? The final part, the money they want… it’s not that you can’t afford it, it’s how nice these people seem to be until they leach and suck you dry.

    They have all of these products that you yourself will never use. I never bought them (lol). They have supposedly have these big branded people speak at their events. They say these big companies (Apple, Bank of America and Att) are associated with… I have never heard of this company being associated with Apple, why not Tesla or Audi??

    If you’re smart and have any common sense, you will not buy these items, nor fall into the scheme of reading the books, buying into a monthly subscription that COSTS $70/MONTH?

    I got out of this cult style of “making money” and being “financially free” which I am okay with money. I am in no dior need of money or mentorship. I was going to be paying for a mentor who was scheming me?? Some mentor was going to make money off me buying a membership? All of what they say is a lie. Again, like I said.. they hook you, bring you in and keep you there. Sell to your immediate family and friends, they’ll ask you who they are and what they do?

    Get out before they brainwash you.

    Best of luck,


  2. I love Amway!

    I love Amway! being an entrepreneur without risking anything, teamwork for others where everyone works with you and for you, rewarding work, continuing education, opportunities to grow according to your commitments and needs, freedom and lifestyle not comparable to other work. Amay is Fantastic!

  3. Disappointments

    I have been in Amway for 10 years. I can’t say that it is a scam. But Amway definitely not worth to do it. It is hard to do it when their customer service is poor and even their reward system has problem and their management are not even keen to resolve it. You need to face rejections and difficulties on your own. And yet those CEO up there are shaking their legs, enjoying their life in their yacht.

    I spent my time, my money into it, almost USD$2k per month. However, you get peanuts out of it. Worse still, they didn’t care about your life and death. Made some complaints and they took their own sweet times to settle it.

    If you need some extra incomes, perhaps this is not the right route for you. There are many ways to do it. Amway is only there to make you a big spender and spread their propaganda “Helping people lives better life”. Yet, their managements didn’t cultivate this values. Hope it helps.

  4. Something smells funny

    I’ll try to make a long story short. I met a lady (for privacy purposes I’ll call her “the lady”)who gave me a few books to read and enthusiastically told me about a mentoring group she was apart of. I asked the website, she didn’t tell me. I asked if there were cost, and her response was that I’d pay with my dedication. The “vetting” process consisted of my attendance at two group meetings (one in someone’s livingroom and another in the meeting room of an apartment building), a $20 local team meeting that was over 4 hrs long at a local high school auditorium, and podcasts that entailed about 20 speakers to listen to. I was to take notes and bring up any questions to the lady’s Mentor. Each meeting had speakers who were
    above platinum/diamond levels and talked a lot about how happy they were. (Those are high levels in the business where passive income are over high six figures.)They emphasized how critical their mentors were to their success.

    The lady invited me to speak with her mentor in a video call where he broke down the cost to be apart of the Amway business: $183 for a business license, $100 PER MONTH for a technology package, $160-$250 for mandatory conferences, $18 PER MONTH for book of the month program, $20 dollar for large team events held every quarter, chip on about $5 per week for meeting spaces…..(Monthly costs total to show dedication were to be about $250 per month).

    After listening to all of the speakers I began to notice a trend. Out of the 28 of them, all were 35 or way above and predominately Caucasian, but the prospects and newly vetted at each meeting were predominantly minority (black and Hispanic) in their 20’s.

    I was invited to a call with the lady’s mentor and was encouraged to be honest and transparent about anything I needed to know or ask. A few hours before the meeting, I sent this text to the lady: “Good morning. Diversity and integrity is very important to me, so I’d like to be honest about an observation that concerns me. As I attend these meetings, I see lots of diversity in the seats and audience which is wonderful. However, I find that the people that are exhibited on stage, and on the podcasts at platinum and diamond levels differ greatly from the majority of the people who are seen in the actual seats. May I ask why the wide disparity? Is there a variance in the type of mentorship received? Or are there more diverse platinum and diamond candidates that I just haven’t been exposed to yet?”

    The lady sent me a voice message saying that it was a good observation and that there were other groups in the business where the highest levels are more diverse. She told me this business if anything has lots of Indians because they support each other. The lady said it just so happens that this particular group that she is a part of doesn’t consist of lots of minorities at high levels, and she forwarded my text to her mentor. (This is where the poop hit the fan) we had a meeting scheduled, it was a conference call. The mentor asked me to explain the text (I suppose it wasn’t clear for him). I described myself as valuing diversity, and described my diverse background. He seemed upset and asked if I thought that some people were receiving different mentorship. I responded that it would
    be premature of me to jump to that conclusion, (hence the end of my quoted text above). Inquiring about what I observed at the meetings they required me to attend resulted in my being told that I was judging the business. I explained that I was sharing an honest observation as I was asked to be transparent. He emphasized how diversity is a value for the business. I asked if he has diverse friends or associates outside of the Amway. His response was “most of my friends are in the business” (not yes, and they are in the business). I asked if he really took the time to know his mentee such as where she was or her values (she was a minority). His response was that I should ask her instead. I told him I’ll need some more time to decide if the business is for me by researching, reviewing everything they told me, and praying about it. At this, the mentor immediately explained how Christian he was and that he once built a church. He told me that praying about something should not be my only way in deciding if I wanted to join Amway (this was totally out of line in my opinion as I was not seeking spiritual advice from him, plus he was passively listening to me as he didn’t even hear or acknowledge the other things I’d mentioned to do). The mentor
    told me that he didn’t see what I saw in my observations. I told him that I didn’t expect him to. This conversation takeover was a total turn off to me.

    I was told later by the Lady that I offended the mentor, and that my observation was shocking. She told me that she didn’t think it was the right time for me to be involved in the business. I agree.

    I conclude that the Amway people were very calm and very friendly… long as I was a prospect or member. The lady and the mentor took the inquiry way too personal and were too easily offended in my opinion to the point that their emotions influenced what they’d say and hear. As a prospect, I apparently was to use my ears only, but not my sense of eyes. Way too sensitive, need more honesty, and less script.

  5. Amway scam

    Amway is unethical way of making money. Their representative lure you to this smartly designed plan. Amway’s representatives misguide and misinform like any other business or a product’s sale representatives. which is attractive to listen for the first time with the ‘Entrepreneur” motto. But it is another way of making money leaving you frustrated in the end. I advise every one not to join this unethical product promotion. I appreciate Jeremy’s article for giving information to people.
    Parent company is becoming richer,leaving you as ”partner” (as it’s trained representatives claim) in total despair in the end. It is your hard earned money,think smartly before lending it to someone’s hand.

  6. Amway bad experience

    Visited the Norcross GA location and a few employees were complaining to the supervisor concerning harassment from another employee. The supervisor was defensive and unprofessional. Will not return because i saw the supervisor was being bias toward the black employees. This is not a place i would want to work. This was apparently a situation that happened at night so i believe the real daytime supervisors are unaware of his demeanor. Planning on contacting other agemcies to help my fellow race at that location. Will never return.

  7. RUN!!

    Cult like… Mixes religion with it’s hideous business plan to brainwash it’s unfortunate soul called business owners ! Stay AWAY! Ruins Lives … He will definitely go broke trying to keep up with the Amway bull crap!


    This is the worst company on earth DO NOT SIGNUP WITH THEM IT IS A COMPLETE SCAM. When I signed up They offered me supposed free sample value of $150 witch in the end I ended up paying double the price for. So if that’s not bad enough they also signed me up for some LTD crap without my approval or knowledge of doing so which charged me $50 a month after all said and done I tried to call them and they said if I were to cancel they would charge me $150 cancellation fee so to anybody that’s reading this avoid amway at all cost

  9. Amway Review

    The worst MLM program I have ever heard about. Expensive and overpriced is the word I should say.

    Stay away.

  10. Amway Review

    There is no benefit in joining Amway MLM program. The products are fine but are over priced. And the members do not get the benefit that other company offers with their MLM plans.

    I got nothing after dedicating 5 years with them and now I feel I should have never joined them.

  11. Amway Review

    The company is a total fraud when it comes to the MLM scheme. You will have meeting and seminars arranged for the members and they will tell you how to fool others.

    Like many other MLM companies, it will ask you to buy the smallest product from them which would be expensive than other brands. This is how they manage their MLM plans.

  12. Amway Scam

    I was excited and was looking forward to getting this MLM thing started and I am lucky that I didn’t. My friend was already working with this MLM program and told me the truth behind the scene.

    I was shocked to know that such a reputed company and run scam behind its MLM program. It is a shame.

  13. Products are scam

    Their products seems to be very expensive compared to the other compnay.. their nutrition product reviews are awesome and I bought the nitro products and feeling their just boggling.. no results

    I am in pain after getting scammed of 12300 $.

Reported Loss :1500 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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