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I am giving American Family Care Corporate Office a big fat 1 Star. I can’t imagine working at their headquarters with the way they treat the employees at their various locations around town. I work for a lab with a regular route that includes several of their Birmingham locations and their employees are overworked & grossly underpaid. They are so stressed out, it’s typical to see employees crying at least 2-3 times a week on my route due to a phone call or ugly email they received from the home office for a bad review or some other stupid grading system they have. Hello numb nuts at corporate, most sick people aren’t going to the trouble to brag on their medical visit!! Undoubtedly, the FAT CATS at corporate are raking in the money because they keep building more AFC’s but man, it will be a cold day in hades before I apply for a job w an ungrateful slave driver. Human beings work for your company so you should treat them as such.

Is American Family Care a legit?

American Family Care is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is American Family Care located?

American Family Care is headquarted at 3000 Cahaba Village Plz Ste 110 Birmingham, AL 35243. You can contact American Family Care by dialing (205) 293-1205 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by American Family Care’s customers?

According to American Family Care’s customers, a monetary loss of US $450 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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9 Reviews on American Family Care

  1. no help when u need it

    I took my sick wife to American Family Care in Trussville, Alabama , did’ not see a real doctor, seen a PA that prescribe some antibodies for her for a period of time, well she took all the medicine , but still have same problem, so i tried call them they kept picking up the phone laying the phone down not answering it, this went on 10 times , then she started forwarding the call to a recorded line. if you need help after the help do not call them !!

  2. Scam report

    I got a call from afc saying I owe them money. I didn’t receive a bill. I heard it might be a scam. Has anyone else got a call saying they owe afc money?

  3. COVID testing scam

    AFC advertises walk in COVID testings that could be covered by health insurance.
    What they do not say is that they will sneak a doctor into the exam room and hit you with a physician office visit even though you were there just for the COVID test.
    one way to mitigate it is to decline any vitals or questions they will try to take from you; realistically, COVID tests in any of the government provided sites do not require any vitals to be taken so cut AFC’s b/s right there.

  4. AFC urgent care is a scamming family care facilities

    AFC urgent care is a scam and fraud. I took my kids to get simple Covid 19 tests, two kids ended up costing me almost $2000. Anywhere else is free, but AFC urgent told you it would be free but all they want you to do is get you into the their doors, so they can order unnecessary blood test, Chest X ray and additional throat tests then give you meds that you do not need so by the time your bills come thru your door, it will be over $2000 for two teenager kids. What a joke! I spoke to providers who works in the facility, one insider tell me that if the provider do not order unnecessary medical test, then they would be fired! Many of the staff and health care workers do not even last more than a few weeks there. I did my own research only to find out they were fined by DOJ at least three times for millions in healthcare fraud already but somehow stay open?? They need to be shut down for sure

  5. Snake poison dealer called itself front runner in medicine

    American family care is a financially fraud institution robbing individual for fraudulent business model as franchise. The staff st their corporate does not know anything about medicine even a single medical terminology. American family care “offer franchise agreement for 55,000, while you enter their model, no one know the basics of medicine and they are just snake poison dealers who claim they can treat any medicine. The owner Dr Ervin has been number one fraud who closed bsuiness just for personal issues. He closed all Doctors Express businesses in Virginia one of them against Virginia Franchising act for 12K alleged back royalty. While the business took five years to get established. It is a scam people should be careful dealing with this snake-poison dealer called itself medical institution.

  6. Debit card

    I took my daughter to American Family Care in Calera, AL tonight because she was running a fever. I signed her in and was told I had to have a credit card or debit card on file. I disagreed with this because it’s like giving someone a blank check to take whatever they want whenever they want it. I was told that if i did not have a card on file
    my daughter would not be seen. Now, I ask you how is that fair? Your facility would have access to my hard earned money anytime you want. My child is sick and all they care about if money. I will not give anybody access to my card numbers. Point blank. We have Blue Cross and Blue Shield insurance.
    I will give her motrin and tylenol throughout the night and go see her pediatrician tomorrow. American Family Care has lost my business.

  7. Won't go again.

    Everyone was nice, they saw me quickly. $191.00 to walk in the door is ridiculous, I should have just gone to my regular doctor. You cannot contact their billing department, call the number and go through the options and it says to contact them through their website. Won’t go again.

  8. Scammer

    Warning….if a Doctor is on duty called “Dr. J then don’ t expect much in the way of good medical treatment. I have been a patient at AFC nashville west for years and then this QUACK joined them…too bad! Dr. Wells was wonderful so sorry he had to leave and this QUACK was hired…

  9. NOT going there if Dr. Breitling is on duty.

    At my visit earlier this week, the nurse was just great–thorough and professional. Dr. Breitling, however, was unbelievably distracted and seemed really out of it. She was absentmindedly talking about cleanliness of different urgent care facilities, wiping things down in the office–and not with anti-bacterial but just with a water-dampened tissue.

    She looked in one of my ears with the otoscope, after which the attachment fell off and onto the floor. Without cleaning it, she reattached it and looked in my same ear again, saying, “Oh this is the one I already looked in, isn’t it?” We talked about my needing cough syrup so I could sleep.

    She then prescribed a syrup that has Sudafed in it; the pharmacist specifically told me not to take it within 4 hours of bedtime as it would keep me up. I will be calling ahead in the future if I need urgent care help…and NOT going there if Dr. Breitling is on duty.

Reviews: 9
Reported Loss : 450 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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