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10 Years of Abuse - Threats- Harrassment- Responsible for 17 yr

Alex Grant/Jon Allen Nelson

Alex Grant and Mr. Jon Allen Nelson of 4522 Bloomington Ave. in Minneapolis Minnesota are stone cold Psychopaths. Text book psychopaths.

Mr. Alexander C. Grant D.O.B. 12-30-1962 is responsible for the suicide of a 17 year old boy. His husband they are both homosexuals isJon Allen Nelson they live together at their home at 4522 Bloomington ave. in Minneapolis.
Mr. Jon Allen Nelson encouraged Mr. Alex Grant in a well documented hate crime campaign against a transgender female online. The FBI and the Minneapolis Police Department very well
aware of the situation.

(THEY BOTH ARE LITERALLY AND I’M NOT JOKING PSYCHOPATHS. DANGEROUS PSYCHOPATHS.) Jon Allen Nelson works for Ameriprise Financial in Minneapolis and fancy’s himself a financial advisor when he is not enabling his text book psychopath husband Alex Grant to demean threaten abuse people online. Mr. Grant sent death threats and an e-card saying the person mother would know after they were dead.

Mr. Grant being enabled by Mr. Jon Allen Nelson are responsible for the suicide of a 17 year old boy. I can’t believe that Ameriprise Financial would hire and placate such a mentally unstable psychopath as Jon Allen Nelson D.O.B. 4-22-1970.

They both initiated a 10 year hate crime campaign against a youtube user. Mr. Jon Allen Nelson condoning and encouraging his psychopathic husband Alex Grant. Alex Grant was the founder of the hate crime campaign but Mr. Nelson encouraged him and it is well documented.

I am appalled that Ameriprise Financial would maintain this individual in a financial counseling situation. Alexander C. Grant google him as Alex Grant of Minneapolis and read much more.

Search Alex Grant in the rip off reports and read about him there also.

WARNING. A SINCERE CLEAR WARNING!!! Alex Grant is a DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL DO NOT APPROACH HIM. HE IS DANGEROUS. His threats and his remarks clearly indicate he is VERY DANGEROUS INDIVIDUAL. ( BOTH SEVERE SICKO’S ) Both have facebook accounts Jon Allen Nelson indicates he is a senior financial advisor and Alex Grant does not use his legal name he is into identity theft using the facebook name Ro
meo Castille at this time. He has had many fake names.

Is Alex Grant – Jon Allen Nelson – Ameriprise Financial Minneapolis a legit?

Alex Grant – Jon Allen Nelson – Ameriprise Financial Minneapolis is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 2 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Alex Grant – Jon Allen Nelson – Ameriprise Financial Minneapolis located?

Alex Grant – Jon Allen Nelson – Ameriprise Financial Minneapolis is headquarted at Bloomington Avenue 4522 MN US. You can contact Alex Grant – Jon Allen Nelson – Ameriprise Financial Minneapolis by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Alex Grant – Jon Allen Nelson – Ameriprise Financial Minneapolis’s customers?

According to Alex Grant – Jon Allen Nelson – Ameriprise Financial Minneapolis’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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  1. Ameriprise Financial Advisor Condones and Encourages Hate Campaign

    Ameriprise Financial Senior Advisor condones and encourages the Felony abuse of a disabled person by his husband.

    As previously reported Jon Allen Nelson and Alexander C. Grant ( Alex Grant ) stalkers targeting what they perceive as vulnerable both responsible for defamation/hate crime campaign terrorized a trangender female online beginning in 2007 continuing until police and FBI intervention in 2017. It is being reported here that Grant and Nelson terrorized a transgender online until the Minneapolis FBI and the Minneapolis Police became involved. They have been tracked on several websites.

    Is it time for the FBI to worry about people being radicalized on such hate websites by actors like Grant and Nelson? The FBI is concerned about others radicalized online and led to acts of violence?

    Nelson denies participation in the hate crime campaign against the online transgender female. This seems highly unlikely as Mr. Nelson encouraged Mr. Grant in so many documented statements that he liked the derogatory video compilations and wanted to see more. Mr. Grant had made of the transgender female. An up coming law suit will be filed since Mr. Nelson is a real property owner.

    Of course Mr. Nelson and Mr. Grant are always lying they lied when they were requested to stop making the disgusting edited out of context videos of the transgender. They have both been reported to the FBI for cyberstalking the transgender female. They have been interviewed by law enforcement.

    They both ramped up a demonic demeanor chockful of obscenity that they used it to cyberstalk, extort, defame, coerce, and harass the transgender and other people. To this list can now be added that Mr. Grant used the internet to radicalize people to turn them into radicalized individuals and one into a school shooting terrorists.

    I have suggested that the people who inhabit the twisted sick world of Alex Grant and Jon Allen Nelson stop harassing and defaming those who find abhorrent the content of their behavior/diatribe and the people who frequent it. The people in your demented minds , Alex Grant and Jon Allen Nelson. Twisting reputations up with your deranged garbage.

    That, Alex Grant and Jon Allen Nelson would breed hatred and FBI and Police intervention was likely or inevitable. Many others known to Mr. Grant are hackers, stalkers, and other criminal types His life is a cesspool of lies, defamation, revenge videos, revenge defamation.

    Mr. Grant frequents criminals and stalkers to torment and degrade those who object to their crimes. He frequents depraved hackers/ harassers who use their skills to extort and coerce their victims. And remember Mr. Grant is married to Jon Allen Nelson.

    Mr. Grant likes to call his video compilations of the transgender female he targeted in his hate campaign “satire.” But, satire is actually defined in the law. You cannot just post lies and hate and call it “satire.” You cannot edit 49 videos out of context in order to facilitate a hate crime campaign. There are specific legal definitions of what satire is, since satire is a Fair Use in Copyright law however what Mr. Grant and Mr. Nelson condoned was definitely a hate crime campaign even documented in Mr. Grants own words.

    There might be a single video out of 49 derogatory edited out of context videos Mr. Grant produced that could be considered satire. The bulk of the videos are defamation, hate, and shocking obscenity edited out of context. As will be chronicled in an upcoming lawsuit, their lives are run in an irresponsible way with disregard for the law and disregard for the reputations and safety and well-being of those being attacked and harassed.

    Shame on Ameriprise Financial Minneapolis for employing Jon Allen Nelson.

  2. Knowing Alex this is true he's a psycho

    I know Alex he’s see’s my doctor. Goodroad. Everyone in Minneapolis that knows him hates him. Everyone shuns him and avoids him. If I see him on the bus I get off right away. Karma has come back on him he’s sick and his hiv is aids.

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