Aisha Ahmad

Low life coke-head fake Muslim drunkie child abuser

Aisha Ahmad of Yonkers, NY, Squeaky voice, sounding like a cartoon character, Nickelodeon vibes. Mother is a drunk; her family hates her and is very disappointed she’s a slut.

Aiyisha’s baby’s father is locked away for murder, her baby’s father is a gang member, and now her son Zahir doesn’t even know where his father is. She screams and yells at her son all the time & slaps him. Her son Zahir beats her, too; she gets punched in her face by a little boy (6). Aisha Ahmad is a pussy… She has a CPS case on her.

Her body was shaped like a half-filled laundry bag, got a double chin. My stomach probably has mad stretch marks.

She has a Paki boyfriend (Basit) who talks with an accent, “hurry up and buy.” Since on the boyfriend topic, he leaves her home all day, goes for numerous hours while this dumbass is getting high on cocaine with her son there, comes home and fucks her like the nasty whore she is, and leaves to screw other girls.

The girl does Xanax Ecstasy and drinks. Big cokehead, she’ll suck dick for half a gram. (So much for being Muslim and looking like a zombie half the time, raccoon face. She got more bags under her eye than someone who is sleep deprived.

I got charged with hiding coke above her gas tank, shame on you 🙂
Her man does fraud through Medicaid. He pays clients to lie and say they are using transportation to medical appointments && the patients aren’t going, so he gets born.
Smut needs to lift her stomach to wash her cochie that’s std infested 🙂 wink wink
After all those bodies she caught in the alleyway, hahaha. Run back to Pakistan, the girl.

Is Aisha Ahmad a legit?

Aisha Ahmad is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 12 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Aisha Ahmad located?

Aisha Ahmad is headquarted at Yonkers, NY. You can contact Aisha Ahmad by dialing N/A or visit their website N/A.

How much monetary loss is incurred by Aisha Ahmad’s customers?

According to Aisha Ahmad’s customers, a monetary loss of US N/A has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is extremely high.

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12 Reviews on Aisha Ahmad

  1. Omar Sheikh Van Cortlandt Park Ave

    Hey whats up everyone I am Omar Sheikh. I talk shit about all of my friends behind there backs. If I know you I talk shit about you most likely and air your dirty laundry to everyone cause that’s who I am a gossiping bitch stuck in man’s body. My friends are stupid to still hang out with me and trust me but I enjoy the dickriding and the gossip and funny thing is no matter how much I talk behind their back they still gonna hang out with me and call me.
    One Nine One Four Six Two Zero Seven Six Zero Six.

  2. I can admit that I am a dirty stank ass slut who betrays my friend and family. I am a horrible mother to my son Zahir and my baby father doesn’t give a fuck about me or his son.

  3. Fuck this baby mama

    Jolina called me and told me everything about Aisha . Aisha is an evil using bitch I wish my son never had a child by her. I’m gonna make my son kill her when he gets out because I’m a gangster mom and I go hard for my gangster son

  4. Me and my daughter are cracked out whores. I am a full time alcoholic and I give my daugher my prescription drugs so I can kill her slowly. I never gave my daughter any guidance her whole life but for some reason she is growing up to be such a dumb little bitch just like me. My grandson is going to grow up to be just like his father who is in jail for murder. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s in jail by the time he’s 13-16.

  5. My “ drug problem “

    I must be rich cus coke is a rich man’s drug hehehehehehe


    We are now in 2023. And while I’m sitting in peace of my own home , these two people are harassing me. It’s disgusting that I looked at the both of you as my best friend. This really hurts. The person who knows the real stuff is jolina. Jolina called me this morning because Omar threatened her. Why would Omar feel so comfortable to talk shit about her best friend .. it’s been 5 years since me and Omar have not hung out and stopped being friends. But the girl I knew since I was 5 years old who knows my whole life story got my business on here. My heart is totally broken because I would never do this. And on top of that going to my other friends and sending them screenshots and etc of me to look bad and not have any friends at all. Isn’t that hating or jealously vibes. Karma is a bitch and what goes around will come back around.




    I will post all your “ DIRTY LAUNDRY “ on this bitch you heard. This is my email address.

    Stop pretending to be my friends. Lmao fucking corny ass bitch
    You mad we was friends for years and I ain’t let you hit or something.
    Yonkers google. This man’s feelings are real hurt.
    I stopped hanging out with him because he was a bad influence. Popping perks. Begging my mother for her prescriptions alcoholic and a womanizer. Talks shit about all of his friends.
    I got screenshots videos everything.
    Say one more thing about me it’s lit for that ass

  8. Lmao

    This bitch is a crack head, can’t even count how many times she has had seizures due to her taking so many drugs 😂 this bitch cannot offer you shit but a Xanax and a couple lines of Coke.

    1. Exactly Btch sound like she got money to me wat drugs you doing k2 !!! don’t be mad when I remember clearly Aisha was the only one there for you and your son!! Talking about being a hoe when you where in the same boat and doing drugs and all that remember mama you are worst then Aisha !! Before you talk about some one look at yourself and learn how to the spell if you gonna bash somebody ✌️😛😘

  9. Conniving little sneak

    Aisha is a dirty bitch. Most ran down pussy in Yonkers, she doesn’t give a fuck about her kid or anyone around her as long as she got her drugs she is happy. Crack head for sure.

  10. Disgusting.

    Aisha is a disgusting person inside and out.
    All she cares about her drugs and her dirty little self. Top 1 ran down Yonkers pussy. Really a sad case and such a disgrace to Allah.

  11. This is a fucking lie. And whoever wrote this I know who it is. Omar bitch ass nigga

  12. Stop their dealer, stop them!

    As a Pakistani from old Sharia beliefs, this is haram.

    If you want to stop this, stop the source. Stop the drugs: Jack Margiye and his cousins Ray Ibrahim Marji and Christopher Velez.

    Thank goodness people like Adam Howard [email protected] made this site and checked on them. Only he would be able to do this, as he did to so many others as he is known or, or Anass Mohammad-Taha El-Khedder.

    He is a true light to Islamic living! Thanks adam howard of, owner and admin as well as other websites related to guitar and music and obviously, catching SCAMMING!

    Shakrun, did i say that right?

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