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This dealership is full of crooks and liars

This dealership is full of crooks and liars. Now we find out that the car we purchases a month ago, Airpark Dodge never even got the title from the other dealer, have never submitted it to MVD, lender, insurance, and have NOT released the title or loan of car we traded in.

This dealership has the most incompetent, worthless people in the sales and finance teams!!! Management is completely dismissive and nonchalant about the performance of their sales and finance team. No one knows who is supposed to do what and when. Seriously, run away and avoid this place!!!

We have attempted to reach the sales, finance, and manager of the dealership regarding this issue and we have not receive any response back. We have also spoken to Dodge Corporate and they have been unable to give us any answers as to why title has not been registered or transferred. We have attempted to speak to the title manager and no response back.

The dealership is now in violation of AZ statute 28-2060. Transfer of ownership by operation of lawWe will be suing the dealership now that our loan is on the line because of the dealership’s incompetence and we will be filing a complaint with the Attorney General’s Office.


Avoid this dealership at all costs! It was one of the worst buying experiences that we have ever had. We found a car that we wanted but the dealership had to attempt to get it from Bill Luke. They assured us that they could get the car from Bill Luke but they needed to negotiate a deal first. We negotiated and came to an agreement and decided to go forward.

We get to the credit app and we told them specifically that we only wanted the credit run ONE time as we already had a pre-approval. Finance states “oh yeah it will only hit your credit once”.

Lie #1 – they ran it NINE times! They even went on to state that even if it runs through several banks, it would only count as one. Look out for them running multiple credit checks without your permission affecting your credit score.

Lie #2 – while we were discussing “meeting with the finance guy”, we suggested that they actually call Bill Luke to make sure the car was available. They assured us they were and that they could get the car that day or the next morning. Great! That was a lie. They never called.

Lie #3 – while signing the deal, we asked the finance guy if we were putting the cart before the horse since we had not had an answer from Bill Luke yet. No no no, he assured us that it was just small detail, they will get the car, they just have to figure what what they are trading with Bill Luke in order to obtain the car. That was a lie. Deal was signed, about to hand cash over and we ask him to check with the guy who was supposed to speak with Bill Luke. They come back and said “oh, we won’t be able to get it till Monday, their inventory guy doesn’t work on the weekend”.

So no we have a contract for a car that they don’t even know if it is available or if Bill Luke will even give it to them. We decided to rip up the contract and as we were about to leave they all scattered like cockroaches that had the light turned on. Dale in finance was very apologetic and swayed us to wait and see if he could personally make it right.

We went home and researched and found another car and asked if they could inquire about it. Lie #4. They assured us they were checking on it. Never heard back from them for two days. Obviously they were waiting on confirmation on the signed deal on a car at Bill Luke which they refused to deal with them on. They finally were able to obtain the other car which we had to redo all the paperwork as the deal had the wrong VIN.

They had the car for a week as my husband had to go out of town. We arrive to pick up the car and there was a ding on the door and they hadn’t even bothered to put on the brake and gas pedal accessories.

There is so much more, but I think you can get the jist that this dealership is full of liars and scammers. Worst I have ever dealt with in over 30 years of car buying. We are in the market for a Jeep Wrangler and we will be avoiding this dealership at all costs for this purchase. If you find yourself here, turn arou

Is Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep a legit?

Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 54 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep located?

Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep is headquarted at East Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard 7801 AZ US. You can contact Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep by dialing (480) 696-5885 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep’s customers?

According to Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep’s customers, a monetary loss of US $470 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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54 Reviews on Airpark Dodge Chrysler Jeep

  1. I've taken my Jeep Grand Cherokee to Airpark Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler 3 times and the brakes still squeak !

    I’ve taken my Jeep Grand Cherokee to Airpark Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler 3 times and the brakes still squeak ! The 3rd time I told the service mgr. it’s not the pads and likely a faulty rotor. Not only did they not correct the problem (brakes still squeak), but when I picked up my Jeep, the front passenger window was cracked and the plastic cladding around the rear driver’s side wheel well was coming off (held on by double sided tape).

    I got the service Mgr. involved and he had the audacity to say “we don’t know the window was cracked by us”. Really, I drop my car off to resolve the brake issue, I pick it up and have more problems than when I brought it in. Seriously, who does he think cracked it – the fairy God Mother ? Their service dept. needs a lesson on how to treat customers.

    I will never go back to this place, and two friends who were planning to buy Chrysler products went to another dealer after I told them of how I was treated. Plus you drop your car off for service and you have to make arrangements to get a loaner at Enterprise RAC ? Then wait in line for 15 minutes over there, then hope they even have a car to rent.

    My next ride will be a Mercedes or BMW where they give you a new loaner car on the spot. Airpark doesn’t understand as with most businesses, the customer is their boss. Unless people buy their product, they don’t need a service dept. or anyone else at the dealership for that matter. I would never recommend Airpark to anyone, unless you want to be treated like I was and need more aggravation in your life.

  2. I went in to buy a Jeep at Airpark because it is the closest dealership to my home.

    I went in to buy a Jeep at Airpark because it is the closest dealership to my home. I ended up negotiating with Ben, a sales manager, because my salesman, Eric, was new and did not know the Jeep products very well. After attempting the hard sell even though they knew I was not buying a car that day, I told them that I would be back in a couple of weeks and went home to look online and think more about what I wanted.

    They called me no less than 3 times a day, and emailed me many times. I would receive emails confirming appointments for me to come in that I didn’t even make. In hindsight, I should have written them off because of this. In my opinion, Ben is a typical sleazy car sales manager. Ben’s attitude was like “Im going to offer you a horrible deal on this car, and you’re going to take it, or I will be condescending”.

    It is strange that he does not realize just how badly he comes across. I ended up reluctantly agreeing to buy the car because Ben offered me his “best deal possible” on the vehicle and I happened to have returned my leased BMW a few hours before going into Airpark to talk to him. I actually NEEDED a car at that point.

    THANK GOD I BACKED OUT OF THE DEAL!! I backed out of the deal because they lied to me about offering the Chrysler lifetime warranty on the car, and, I was pretty sure at that point that I was being lied to about every other aspect of the car purchase. I found this out while talking to their finance guy.

    Airpark does not offer the standard Chrysler warranty products because they don’t make enough money off of them, so they have their own (horrible) warranty products. In this case this turned out to be my saving grace.

    I went to a different dealer the next day, paid $1,100 less for THE EXACT SAME CAR with an interest rate almost 2% less then Airpark’s “best offer”. I also bought the lifetime warranty. The Mopar lifetime warranty is about the same price as the 100,000 mile extended warranty that Airpark offers. Basically $2,600.00 for an extra 64,000 miles!!

    A complete rip-off!! I wasted over 6 hours of my life speaking to Ben and Eric at Airpark. I have nothing positive to say about Airpark and wonder why anyone has ever purchased a vehicle there. If you don’t go elsewhere, you are getting screwed. I HIGHLY question the few reviews on here that are over 2 stars. Hell, reviews over 1 star!

    They simply do not make sense given the experience that I had there. The excuse could be made that I had a horrible salesman, but I was dealing with a sales manager as well.


    WORST SERVICE EVER IN THE SERVICE DEPT! I made an appointment in November only to take the day off from work to bring my brand New 2016 Jeep in for a rattle when I got there for my 9am appointment they said they didn’t have me on the schedule, so I had to re make my appointment because they said they had to keep my jeep all day since they had to have 2 service techs to look into it,

    I brought it down on they said that they would call me to give me an update They DID NOT I had to call them 4 times for before I got my service rep Jason he said my jeep was not done and they would have to keep another day. I had to call 3 times the next day to get an update on it,

    I went to pick up on Tuesday and to my surprise they said they could not figure out what the problem was, my husband happened to open up the back of the jeep to find the molding hanging off the side of the back of the jeep he brought it to the attention of the service tech and he said “OH that is no big deal” Ummm yes it is a big deal it was not like that when we brought it in, he said he would order a new part and call us when it was in,

    Dec 30th I have left 5 messages for service Manager to call us back with NO return call. I still have the rattle and STILL do not know if they ordered my part. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP SERVICE DEPT I HAVE BOUGHT 5 CARS FROM THEM AND WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN,!!!


  4. Worst service experience I have ever had at a dealership.

    Worst service experience I have ever had at a dealership. I had an appointment and still waited 7 hours. No communication until I found some management types.

    I’ll never go there again, but the place is chaotic and unorganized. This will happen again to other customers I’m quite sure. I’ve never seen such incredible confusion

  5. The worst Jeep dealership in town.

    The worst Jeep dealership in town. Not only do they try to scam you with high prices (both for vehicles and services), but their service department is incompetent and rude. I left my new Grand Cherokee (that I bought from Bill Luke Jeep) with them for 5 days and they still didn’t fix the problem. Go anywhere else!


    DO NOT EVER BRING YOUR CAR TO BE SERVICED HERE!!! We recently purchased a jeep two months ago from this dealership. Their service department displays the least professionalism I have ever encountered, and we have owned many vehicles.

    Tia, their service representative, was so incredibly unprofessional, unhelpful, uncommunicative, and displayed such poor customer service skills. We had a serious problem with our luggage rack that they installed upon purchase, which made an extremely loud sound when driving over 40 mph. When originally installed, I asked for the key to adjust the racks, and all Tia gave me was an alan wrench.

    There are obvious key holes on the sides of the rack. Shrug of shoulders from Tia, and “here’s you alan wrench.” Ok…After consecutive phone calls to them over several weeks, (with no return calls or problem solving or advice) to try and figure out the high volume audible problem, I made an appointment to come in, specifying the problem to the service call taker when making the appointment.

    Upon arrival, Matt said “Oh, the person you want to talk to is Steve, and he’s out to lunch. Don’t think he’ll be back for a few hours.” (I’m head scratching at this point, wondering why they scheduled me at this time.) He said, “Come back tomorrow at 2pm and he should be back from lunch by then.

  7. This place is the WORST!!

    This place is the WORST!! I was lied to multiple times. I did not want to utilize their financing, I was promised that I could use my own bank. They purposely did not put the lender on my paperwork, and mislead about my interest rate. Verbally told me one thing, and put a different amount on the contract.

    Can we say dishonest?? When I tried to contact them to correct it they do not care and will not assist me in correcting their mistake. I was very clear when I bought the vehicle the intentions of using my bank as a lender for a lower interest rate, they of course chose the lender that they own without notifying me. Stay away from this place, they are the definition of a slum car dealership.


    Just purchased a 2019 dodge ram from them, salesman states in his email there is no scratches or hits on the truck. Received it yesterday, major scratch from back to the back door of the truck,

    driver side front bumper has been hit and pushed back more than an inch, back seats 1/3 of it brown stain with full of dog hair. BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP!!!!


    Just purchased a dodge ram from them, salesman states in his email there is no scratches or hits on the truck. Received it yesterday, major scratch from back to the back door of the truck,

    driver side front bumper has been hit and pushed back more than an inch, back seats 1/3 of it brown stain with full of dog hair. BEWARE OF THIS DEALERSHIP!!!!

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Reported Loss : 470 $
Severity : High
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