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A&E sent me the empty box for Rolex worth $7200

Before I even go through the details of the scam, I would like to warn everyone in bold letters for not dealing with this fraud company calling themselves A&E Watches. I ordered from them through the online portal and paid them $7200 through wire transfer. I also paid additional $48 for shipping through UPS and asked for 100% insurance with UPS.

So, after the money was transferred, they told me that they were sending the watch with proper papers, accessories and insurance. I received the watch after 15 days of making that order. However, it was not something that I expected. The box was beautiful and was of the product that I ordered for, Rolex explorer II. But, when I opened the box, there was nothing inside.

Trust me on this, the box was completely empty. Later, I checked the paper and it was also not proper. There were no serial number mentioned on the paper, only the product model was listed. I soon understand that this was not a mistake but was done on purpose.

Hence, I called the company and asked them for the resolution. I was informed that the watch must have been stolen during the shipping as they had sent it to me. They also said that the watch was sent through UPS with insurance and everything intact. The next thing I did, was called UPS.

UPS told me that the watch was never insured and they do not insure something with that kind of price tag. They said that the seller never asked for the insurance as everyone knows we do not insure products with huge price.

I again contacted the seller and they said that they applied for the insurance during the shipment itself, and are waiting for the claim from UPS. This was a lie and my suspicion were correct. They never intended to send that watch to me.

I asked them to refund the amount as the watch never reached me. But, this fraud company wants to keep all the amount with itself. They refuse to pay the money back and called me a thief saying that I was the one who kept that watch and declared that it never reached me.

I have never been humiliated like this before. Being an honest customer, I believe that this kind of scams will hurt our trust and it may happen that most of us stop paying online for products. UPS also informed me that they had several complaints regarding A&E Watches and this company was on their suspicion list too.

This still does not get me my money. But, I would try my best to ensure that I warn as many customers as possible. If it keeps happening this way, these guys are going to take advantage of people like us.

If you also wish to save yourself from this scam, stay away from this fraud company. They will take away your money for nothing.

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Is A&E Watches a legit?

A&E Watches is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 8 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is A&E Watches located?

A&E Watches is headquarted at Brannan Street 888 CA US. You can contact A&E Watches by dialing +1415-437-3262 or visit their website AandEwatches.com.

How much monetary loss is incurred by A&E Watches’s customers?

According to A&E Watches’s customers, a monetary loss of US $7800 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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8 Reviews on A&E Watches

  1. This is definitely not the place!

    Rude employees/owner. I was talked over, interrupted, and insulted. I can’t help but come across snobby when relating the situation that happened to me, but decide for yourself…I needed a replacement band for a Chaumet watch – simple right? Except this brand isn’t retailed in the US.

    The owner takes one look at my watch (which he allready told me on the phone that he wasn’t familiar with the brand) and then called over another customer to “educate” us on what bands/brands to avoid…then he tells me that he can’t help me because my watch brand is no longer made.

    I informed him that this brand is popular in Europe and asked him again (when he shut up long enough) if there’s any band that he can put on it temporarily till April when I’m back in Europe on a trip. He asked me rudely “are you SURE you’ll be able to get a band for it?” Then he rudely told me that he could “try” to come up with something for it…but he doesn’t stock this band as it’s not “marketable.”

    I was too insulted by his attitude/behavior to say what I should’ve said – how can a jeweler be so oblivious to other brands – especially well established European brands (does Napolean ring a bell)? This is a $15k watch, retails in Harrods of London, with a storefront on the Champs-Elysees..and as far as marketability – I received on average 3 compliments and inquiries from other woman whenever I wore it! Snobby – maybe…

    but take your money elsewhere…if you’re looking for service and something more unique than the standard Cartier Tank or Rolex, this is definitely not the place!

  2. I made the mistake of buying two used Rolex watches from A and E whilst on vacation in the US.

    I made the mistake of buying two used Rolex watches from A and E whilst on vacation in the US. Upon my return to UK it was necessary to have a link taken out of my wife’s bi-metal oyster bracelet so I took the watch to a Rolex service centre who looked it over in my presence.

    To my horror it was established that the bracelet was not genuine Rolex and was in fact a cheap after market reproduction with a genuine Rolex clasp. The diamond set mother of pearl face also turned out to be a non-genuine reproduction. I contacted A and E and was told it must have been their mistake and they would rectify it but I was not happy with the answer – how could this mistake have been made if they check over and service the watches as they claim to do so on their website? It was not a mistake, it was a rip off!

    With numerous international phone calls over a period of months, a return trip to US and another huge payment to A and E I managed to return the watch to them and upgrade to a brand new Rolex – with genuine parts.
    Moving on, my bi-metal submariner turned out to be all genuine, if a little on the old side, but was completely devoid of any oil or lubricant inside, had broken seals so was not water tight and had a faulty main spring.

    Yet A and E reckon they service and restore all watches prior to sale….. Total bull! If you want a decent watch avoid A and E, keep saving and buy from an authorised dealer…..near to where you live.


    If you enjoy being SWINDLED by these smoooth talking SCAM ARTISTS, by all means engage in a business transaction with them! But if your hard earned dollar is important to you, run the other way!!! I ordered a TAG/HEUER ladies watch from them for my wife for Christmas, well before Christmas. They sent the wrong watch, which I returned in hopes of getting what I had not only ordered but ALREADY PAID FOR.

    Well, that was the last I heard from them, NO WATCH, NO MONEY!!! I have had to initiate a charge back dispute with my CC company in hopes of recovering the money. They advertise merchandise that they don’t have. The watch I ordered is STILL listed as “available” on their website.

    Oh, they will cry and tell you that this is all untrue, they are highly reputable and honest. SATISFIED CUSTOMERS DON’T COMPLAIN!!!!!! Protect youself, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! Be Well.

  4. I recommend you stay as far away from this unethical business as possible!

    My dealings with this merchant were highly unsatisfactory. They have failed to send the watch I ordered and then were unable to send the right watch BECAUSE THEY FALSLY ADVERTISED THE PRODUCT AND DON’T HAVE IT!!!! Probably never did.

    Thats a crime in most states.They now refuse to issue a refund to my CC account, with no explaination. I recommend you stay as far away from this unethical business as possible!

  5. BEWARE of this place.

    BEWARE of this place. Their rolexes are “frankenstein” watches hobbled together with parts from different watches. I bought a datejust there for my father, and about a year later the date wheel stopped advancing.

    We brought it to Shreve’s for repair, and we were informed that the datewheel, crystal, bracelet, and many other parts were not original to the watch, and not even rolex parts!! Basically, they’re fraudsters!

  6. They exchanged it for another because band kept slipping.

    Sounds like if you are looking to have minor repair work done or a battery changed, this would be a good place to do it. First, let me say I bought a womens presidents date adjust. Shipping was fast. They exchanged it for another because band kept slipping.

    I did not realize that the watch would not come in rolex box. How could they, these watches are 15-20 years old. Parts are all different year. Of course who would know and if you just want to wear a rolex I guess it does not matter.

  7. 2 years later getting a battery in Petaluma, dealer there said probably a fake.

    I live in Petaluma, CA took a couple Rollies in for batteries and 7 years ago finally bought a pre-owned Rolex DateJust from Cesar. 8 months later I brought it in for a faltering date wheel was – “fixed” on site in one hour. 2 years later getting a battery in Petaluma, dealer there said probably a fake.

    Ignored him but last week (watch had died 5 years ago when 2 years old and had been in drawer) learned through Rolex repair it was a watch cobbled together from many different watches along with a fake clasp and other substitute parts.

  8. These people are crooks and liars, STAY away from them FAR FAR FAR away.

    Cesar wanted me to pay cash, and since I was from out of town, I used my Credit Card. I decided on a Blue faced watch, it was gorgeous.

    – the watch was a late 70’s model, not what we agreed on.
    – the watch would only keep time for a day, then it quit working
    – when I tried to return it, one of the owners , A middle Eastern car sales man insulted me about not being able to care for a watch, when I insisted I was going to return it. The owner said he wouldn’t take it back.

    – I ended up sending it back registered mail, but never received a refund.
    – I had to call the Credit Card company, apparently The owner and maybe Cesar lied and said they had not received it. The Credit Card company immediately called A&E and straightened it out. I received my credit minus a ‘restocking fee.’

    — Keep in mind the watch Never worked correctly which is the entire reason I decided to return it, if the watch had worked, I would have kept it.

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Reported Loss : 7800 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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