Adam Howard

Adam Howard runs a network of high end guitar thieves

Adam Howard of Plano, Texas and Forth Worth/Dallas Dallas runs a network of scammers who operate on, ebay,, fractal audio systems forum, and many other ultra high end guitar sites.

Using hacked paypal accounts that Howard purchases from the Dark Web, along with using false identities that Howard steals from the US Dept of State, as he is a translator and worker for the US government, he assumes the email/identity of a potential buyer and solicits a purchase.

After gaining the seller’s confidence as a legitimate buyer, he sends the money via paypal in order to begin the shipment process. Once the guitar, usually ranging from a minimum of $2000-4000, is shipped the tracking is generated and uploaded to the site. The seller has done his job and thinks the legitimate sale is complete.

This is where Howard attacks: he contacts his financial institution on day 3 to alert them the guitar is not as described, it is damaged, and the seller is a fraud with a sham listing. The institution then freezes the payment. Now Howard uploads false documentation and false/doctored images to solidify and cement his proof with Paypal, who he has a friend on the inside who works there.

The friend escalates the scam to a higher elevated status to expedite the decision, and within a week, Adam Howard has stolen the guitar and the funds have been frozen, recovered, and returned back to Adam Howard. At which point, paypal also informs him and the seller that he is not obligated to return the item due to the fraudulent nature of the scam.

He works from Texas, Wisconsin, and Florida, but has network affiliations in Philippines and France. If you are buying or selling a guitar and a potential buyer is from these areas, think twice before shipping.

This is commonly known as Paypal reversal, but because of his network, people inside paypal, and his numerous state department assets he abuses, it is almost impossible to know if it is indeed adam howard. He does tend to like ERG/extended range guitars, 7 and 8 string guitars, Strandberg, Ibanez, Axe fx 3, and other high end multiscale guitars that cost well over $2000-5000 dollars. He is very friendly and pretends to like what you like, so Beware and use your discretion.

The scary part is Adam Howard is going to be a licensed doctor in Texas!!! Beware of Adam Howard, he is a dirty, Muslim, terrorist.


Is Adam Howard a scam?
Adam Howard is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Adam Howard legit?
First Adam Howard is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Adam Howard’s consumers?
There is/are 14 review(s) posted about Adam Howard and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is Adam Howard located?
Adam Howard is located at 17183 Club Hill Dr, Dallas, TX 75248, USA. You can contact Adam Howard by dialing (469)-269-9921 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Adam Howard’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $5000 was the total loss incurred by Adam Howard’s customers.

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14 Reviews on Adam Howard

  1. Adam Taha Howard lives in Baltimore Maryland

    Adam Taha Howard lives on the east coast, not Texas – he is BOLO (from and he was the seller from
    Baltimore Maryland that also had the duplicate listings on SSO.

    SSO = = fractal audio systems

    All one big corrupt family

  2. Adam Howard lives in Baltimore Maryland not Texas

    Adam Tara Howard lives in Baltimore Maryland – he is/was BOLO on reverb (before this)

  3. Etsy is responsible now, ultimately

    Now that I think about it, SSO and FAS almost have carte Blanche to do whatever they want in their online u-boats … because Etsy is the true owner. Now, these guys are honorary employees who have nothing to do but be dishonest in whatever capacity – professional schemers and scammers and con artists don’t change, the only change their hustle (once the old one doesn’t produce anymore) – Etsy took a load off for SSO I can tell. Now we know who to really focus on from here on out.

  4. Cliff Chase of Fractal Audio was in on this from day 1

    Fractal Audio Systems, The entire Fractal forums, mods and admin (Cliff chase), the owner, were in cahoots with seven string and enthused digital for a decade +

    After discovering Sevenstring = and then started working other companies as their “influencers” with pre-Facebook forum driven marketing by bots and operators, only to keep acquiring all independent forums from enthused digital LLC to vertical scope LTD, to FINALLY SCALING TO A $275 million Etsy buyout of , including board seats for shits like this asshole

    Cliff Chase was silent for years about us informing him that his site was filled with cyber criminals and professional scammers in a organized crime online network spanning the globe, which is how reverb scaled beneath the surface – now we know why! Chase and FAS and FAS forums are also financially staked in the same interests so they are indeed linked.

    Cliff Chase filed false police reports for hate speech by Captain Nasty aka Svava (the original bad apple from SSO startup^^^ pictured lol) to protect him on his forum and attempted to have the victim
    Of the hate crime instead falsely questioned and harassed by police

    Well fuck you cliff, and fuck you Adam/SSO (admin aka “Nick”) – now that i see you have no respect for real people , even loyal supporters from beyond the grave, your real pieces of shit, and I can’t wait for the kemper crowd to see this – if anyone is going to expose this truth, it’ll be them

    You fucking losers, that’s how you spend your free time and money with your multi million dollar payout? No wonder your not actually a doctor or in proper med school. Cliff probably programs most of the hacks and codes, like the one embedded in tiagos CNC template for the pick guard (how’d that hack work for ya?)

    Adam is a real dirty Muslim but Cliff is almost as bad, attempting to seem honest but just as duplicitous

    I mean if he was honest kemper would beat them in open competition, but they use bots to spread disinformation on a daily basis from YouTube comparisons with amazing productions to simply a tweet or post saying “axe is the best, kemper sucks”

    KPA is and always was a superior machine, in every way, including the method of modeling and profiling. But the truth of this expose is that it’s dishonesty and criminal cyber crimes that made Reverb, SSO, and FAS rise to the multi million dollar mark, so I hope this at least makes them uncomfortable every time they think of sending a spoof mail to me or family.

    You guys will always try but the old Captain beat your Captain Nasty, the hate crime criminal that was banned for protection and then is back to being a mod/admin at both FAS and SSO

    Thanks for the axe (hipib0y)

  5. Did you see the

    – APB PSA alert on reverb because they were found to be guilty of unethical and fraudulent business practices ??? A mass email went out asking to help cover their security holes….it’s their own security protection so no one can report fraud now

    – did anyone else notice the Bitcoin ransom thread that was up for years is now gone? I wonder if that’s why my crypto wallet is now empty ??? I think SSO stole my Bitcoin
    And are the same
    (Along with the gear page and metal guitarist)

    Time for FTC to investigate this site and their IP traffic

  6. What is’s role in all of this

    What is doing about this? They have some role to play in this.

  7. Still scamming

    The latest entrepreneurial scam of SevenString.Orgs creative department is

    They are pretending to be a legitimate go between for small boutique shops and independent luthiers – it’s just some guy in his basement who has a drop address in TN

    Goes by Corey Owens or Adam Howard …. this guy will never learn

  8. Still scamming

    I got ripped off buying and now I found this review …. terrible scam

Reported Loss :5000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
Reported by : Anonymous
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