Adam Aarons


Adam Aarons has been pushing people to invest in a product that will never come to fruition.

He constantly tells people the product will ship soon only to invent some excuse for why the product doesn’t actually exist.

To date he has scammed over £15000 from people who ordered this product in good faith.

Is Adam Aarons a scam?
Adam Aarons is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is Adam Aarons legit?
First Adam Aarons is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by Adam Aarons’s consumers?
There is/are 8 review(s) posted about Adam Aarons and it indicates that the severity of the scam is High.
Where is Adam Aarons located?
Adam Aarons is located at Delrow Edge, Hilfield Ln, Watford WD25 8DN, UK. You can contact Adam Aarons by dialing 07956501111 or visit their website before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by Adam Aarons’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $15419 was the total loss incurred by Adam Aarons’s customers.

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8 Reviews on Adam Aarons

  1. Still no rainpal

    3 Years later and Still I have not Rainpal and no Refund.

    It seems I should have read this site before parting with almost £200

  2. False Names

    Such a shame that the person posting this is not real and none of the posts are real names. Perhaps a jealous competitor this is fake news.

  3. Seems well explained to me.

    On their site it mentions they are at prototype stage and also the buttons are PreSale not Buy. I cannot see what is wrong with the product Rainpal is it clearly explained and a fantastic idea. Has this post been set up by a competitor?

  4. Free Adam Aarons

    Tiffany they are not taking action as he must be innocent. Seems a lot of lying going on here, prove any of it! Go for it Tiff….

  5. Hater's Itch

    Looking at the names on here are any of them real? Does anyone think PC Khan would say that especially in a scam forum is this what Police do? If anyone wants to check give him a call at Herts Police in the UK as he is dealing with these trolls in real life. This thread is just a hater’s itch thankfully people see through this rubbish. Adam Aarons seems a very common name on here but a rare one in real lifeimagine why they are false. There’s only 1 Official Response from Adam Aarons and only 1 real Adam Aarons.

  6. The real story

    Not a single person has lost any money on Rainpal. We have reported this matter to the Police. This is now a Police matter and as we found out who the real person behind the hate campaign is the next day we have 2 complaints on here. Please see our website and decide for yourself who is lying the people that hide behind nicknames or the people that use their real names like Adam Aarons. In reality it is almost always the same person please read on. The person that set up these hate sites uses a secrecy jurisdiction, Panama and he hides his name but we found it out and he is not happy. When you hide behind lies you must face the prospects your name could be found out and has been. Rainpal has over 6500 Likes at even after he he stalked us for over a year still more and more people like Rainpal with out web traffic increasing. Taken from our website “To date not a single Penny has been lost by any purchaser of Rainpal however Rainpal has been a victim of ongoing malicious stalking, lies and hate speech from a person who goes to great lengths to hide his identity even registering his hate sites in Panama in a hidden name but after investigating his real name is Craig Fitzgerald of Litherland, Liverpool, UK who now his identity is exposed admits it is him so we published his name with his approval/admission. In the Police’s words malicious communication from a person who is mentally ill or looking to extort money from Rainpal. For more details on Mr Fitzgerald – Thank you all for the messages of encouragement since placing this comment online with around 2,000,000 of you that have viewed Rainpal on Facebook the vast majority appreciate who is honest.
    Mr Fitzgerald is a failed businessman whose company Nobcat IT was struck-off as per Companies House Records He tried to hide his name for one reason he knows he is lying. We think of him as the first 3 letters of the failed company name. He sends sick images involving the two parts of the name and tries unsuccessfully to take our website offline but we are stronger and he never succeeds. Not a credible person at all. With the continued support of the greater rider community we continue to work on the development of the prototype into a retail ready product. Rainpal’s web traffic is increasing this stalker is a criminal and wastes our time contacting us so often. He wants to bring Rainpal down but has not and will not succeed he wants all buyers to lose their money but this is not the important thing on his mind, he does not care about any riders as long as he gets his moment of attention through his hate speech in a chat forum. The failure of his company was around the same time as Rainpal launched which has triggered some type of jealous obsession in his mind thus he spends his days, everyday (presumably he is unemployed) creating hate websites using Rainpal’s name that is a Registered Trademark. We did not expect him to be a lawyer or a doctor and his profile matches our expectations perfectly.. He clearly does not have much else in his life to focus upon. He is a stalker and thinks he is “talking” to our owner Adam Aarons but he is not as his false North American number whilst calling from Liverpool be hides behind has been blocked. If he has stalked you or if you know of any other criminal activities we have already reported him to Hertfordshire Police we request you do the same you do not have to give your name. Stalking and deception are illegal in the UK – Rainpal The Road Ahead Is Clear” please decide who you believe the vast majority believe Rainpal in over a year he has only managed to get a few people to follow him.

  7. Adam Aarons Rainpal Scammer and Thief

    I have suffered abuse from and been blocked by Adam Aarons when I asked a perfectly reasonable question about Rainpal. I have followed the thread on and seen the evidence that Aarons is a scammer mount up. Many broken promises, no working prototype and persistent marketing (including price cutting promotions) of a product that does not exist.
    I cannot understand wh law enforcement agencies are not taking robust action against this scammer.
    PS I am not Craig F., or from Liverpool/Camberley

  8. lost money

    paid a lot of money into this expecting to be able to purchase this before i died of old age, however finding out this has become nothing i requested a refund to have my comments deleted, when trying to email him i was ignored and eventually told my money was spent on “designers” and i must “wait for the product”

  9. Adam Aarons is a liar and a thief

    I lost money to this scammer, if you try and ask on their facebook about getting a refund or when Rainpal will be shipped then Adam Aarons just deletes your post and blocks you from the page.
    If you email him then he starts making rather strange threats of violence and then stops replying to your emails.
    If you phone him (his number is listed on the “hate sites” that Adam keeps going on about then he starts shouting and swearing at you before hanging up.
    Adam is an odd character, I think he actually believes his own lies even though Rainpal is now clearly a scam and Adam doesn’t have a clue how to go about bringing it to market. He’s a liar and he’s a fraud.
    Adam found out who CaNsA is? Not you didn’t because he’s not been hiding, anyone can see his name on Facebook and you’ve known his name for more than a year.
    There’s nothing negative on the Rainpal Facebook page because Adam deletes everything that’s in any way negative which means he deletes everything. All the likes his posts on there have got are fake, he buys them because he’s out to deceive everyone.
    Heed my words: give everyone their money back. This isn’t going to go away and it’s not going to end well for you. You think you’re clever but you’re not, you’re an angry arrogant little man. It was very stupid of you not to think about who you were taking money from because you’ve now got some big tattooed hairy bikers who would like to meet you to get our money back.
    Think long and hard about this Adam because you’re way out of your depth and you know it.
    Toodle pip,
    Ralph Owen
    ps: sleep well tonight Adam.

Reported Loss :15419 $
Severity of Scam :High
Reported by : Anonymous
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