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Dangers of Active PK. Rand McClain is cheating his consumers!

I ordered two bottles of LCR ACTIVE PK only to notice that I was cheated a big time with LCR Health and Dr. Rand McClain.

I have always been looking for medication and supplements to boost my energy and improve my life style.

I was scrolling through the ads and I came across this supplement by dr. Rand Mcclain which claims to have huge benefits.

I did check the reviews which were satisfactory but turned out to be the dangers of active pk .

Few diabetics patients have mentioned in their reviews that the pills are helping them a lot to fight their A1C levels as well.

I am a diabetic as well. I was very hopeful after looking at the reviews. I needed a breakthrough with my A1C level.

I had already tried a huge number of options before opting for Active pk. But, this one was again a flop show.

I felt no improvement in my lifestyle and my diabetic problem was never improved.

The day I ordered the bottles, I paid in advance after checking the money back guarantee.

But, it seem to be a trap to lure gullible customers through their marketing tactics.

This supplement never shown any changes to my energy levels.

On the other hand, I started feeling nauseated after taking these pills.

I took two pills in the morning. At night, the problems were worse. I felt nauseated and the leg cramps were painful.

This went on for 15 days. Later, the leg cramps were gone. However, the nauseated feeling stayed with me till the time I kept consuming these pills.

I was never having such problems before. I waited for much time to understand that the pills were worthless.

There have been mentioning of side effects on the internet because of these pills. But, I never thought that it would be too bad.

The website from which I ordered these pills said a lot of good things about the supplement. But all those claims were lies.

I was very sad after using these supplements. I did check the weight after 15 days of using this supplement.

Instead of losing weight, I had gained 3 lbs of weight.

I was feeling a bit bulky and that was the reason I got on the weighing scale.

This thing is worst. Dr. Rand has no clue about what he has created.

Or, he is only looking after earning few more bucks by selling these worthless pills.

The supplements are not even prepared with the clinically proven ingredients.

All these things I discovered after buying this supplement.

Not happy with the results, I tried to contact the customer care which is again a heck of challenge to connect with.

These people are not available 24 by 7. You will have to stay on long holds to talk to a real person.

Their money back guarantee sucks as well. They ask so many questions and do nothing about it.

I was never provided the refund back even after so many calls and emails.

These people are advertising wrong things about this product.

Instead of making me any healthier, it made me worse because of the dangers of active pk. I exercise every day.

After taking these pills, I was left with weakness and nauseated feeling which affected my exercise routines as well.

I thought these problems would go away in sometime as the cramps were gone. I continued using it for a month.

But sadly, these bad feelings never went away.

I had to stop taking these pills to get back to my daily routine. I have never been cheated like this.

I should have checked for the ingredients.

The supplement promises for a strong and healthier body which is a huge lie.

There are no such things happening if you are looking forward to it.

These people will take your money and will sleep over it.

I was made a fool. I also contacted one of my friend who started taking these pills with me.

I had ordered one bottle for him as he was also looking for some supplement for enhancement of energy levels.

He told me the same story. For some time, I thought that it was my body which was not reacting to the supplement as it should.

But, after listening to my friend, I was sure that the problem was with the medicine and not my body.

The only thing changed after buying the product was my bank balance. This is the most expensive supplement looking at the things it did to me.

I had to take off from my work after using these supplements because of the sickness and feeling to throw up.

I tried for a refund but that was never initiated by these scammers. They promise money back guarantee, but I had no luck with these goons.

I am never ever buying these supplements. They are the worse supplements I have ever tried. I am better without these sick medicines.

The few positive reviews that you see on the internet are paid ones. I believe that the money these people are taking from us is being utilized for fake publicity on the internet.

I am a disappointed customer and I do not want others to go through the same trouble by paying so much.

You can google for dangers of active pk reviews on the internet and it will get you all the bad reports posted by the real people.

Now I weigh more than I used to, and my every level have shown no improvement.

Also, my diabetes is on the same scale as it used to be. For all this, I paid huge amount.

It claims for clearer thinking. So, according to my thinking after taking this supplement for an entire month is that, this product is the worst of its kind.

I have never written a review before. However, it compelled me to do so.

I want everyone to know that you would be losing your money while gaining nothing if you pay for this shit.

Instead, look for the certified and clinically proven ingredients which purchasing a supplement like these.

Is Active PK a legit?

Active PK is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 9 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Active PK located?

Active PK is headquarted at 8383 Wilshire Blvd Suite 800 Beverly Hills, CA 90211. You can contact Active PK by dialing +1 800-384-8308 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Active PK’s customers?

According to Active PK’s customers, a monetary loss of US $200 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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9 Reviews on Active PK

  1. i bought off whites from pk shoes and it was real it is a real shoe i had people check it

  2. I was a DUMMY and fell for this scam. E-mails and calls are NOT returned as promised. I am in the process of checking who to contact AND TO GO FORWARD WITH FALSE ADVERTISING. Not interested in a large settlement but then there again, maybe it would be possible for a Class Settlement to help others who were led to believe a lie.

  3. This report it true. Scam.

    I accidentally ordered the wrong amount. I immediately contacted them and was told it was corrected. Then I received my wrong order and my correct order. Plus the included a supply of pills I never ordered but got charged.
    I tried many, many times to send this back and get credit. They never made the correction right.
    After using the product
    I started trying to contact to return.. they would never comply..
    Then after many months of trying to reach a person or a real number, I gave up.
    DO not waste you money.
    I learned the hard way.. this place is a SCAM.

  4. Malpractice

    The review I just read,…very sad. I am glad that she had the courage to write.
    These doctors should be ashamed of themselves. Also, introducing great medical institutions like Harvard & UCLA as part of their endorsement. This is a crime. ….fraud. I cannot believe doctors are part of this scam. I thought doctors are supposed to help people and not hurt them. This is a very sad world!!!

  5. Happy to read someone else has had the same experiences I have

    I have four days left on this product. Only bought one bottle! Save your money! I have wasted money, AGAIN. Nothing has changed except for the 15 pounds I gained. My A1C is still the same, daily blood checks are still good.
    Don’t waste your money! Unless you like taking pills that do nothing!

  6. Overkill

    The negative comments in this review were so excessive that it lost credibility about halfway through. The reviewer seemed to be overzealous in his desire to defame this product, perhaps due to some personal vendetta. Clearly this product is not for everybody. By his own admission, the reviewer has tried many products with no benefit, and has long-standing health problems. The degree of overkill in his comments might be an indication of a hypochondriacal personality. Apart from that, the grammatical difficulties this person is dealing with further degrade his credibility.

  7. Weird infomercial

    Full disclosure – have not ordered or taken this supplement. Infomercial was sort of interesting till I heard the word supplement then realized, this is trying to market a supplement and probably a scam. As I was listening to the audio, something about the audio was bothering me. I’m pretty sure that the person saying “Active-PK” is not Dr. Rand McClain. It appears to be a splice job. So, next time they create “Active-Ultra-PK” or “Pure Active-PK” they splice in someone like Dr McClain the new phrase and automatically have a new infomercial. I did not do any technical/data sound analysis but if you listen closely, cadence, rhythm is off. It is an audio splice job.

  8. I’ve been taking ACTIVE PK for nearly 3 months with absolutely No RESULTS!

    I’ve been taking ACTIVE PK for nearly 3 months with absolutely meager or no results either in weight loss or energy boost.

    What a disappointment with Dr Rand.

    I’m afraid it’s just another scam of Dr Rand and LCR Health.

  9. Active PK Does not Work for me.

    LCR health’s Active PK does not work for me. I have taken the product of Dr Rand McClain for almost 3 months and my weight is the same.

    I do not feel any increase in energy after taking Active PK.

    People may get better results but most of them are not satisfied.

    I am planning to return the 3 empty bottles to see if the guarantee refund really works. I have given LCR healht’s product a fair chance.


    Their refund request sucks. I have contacted LCR health via their email but they never responded by since week.

Reviews: 9
Reported Loss : 200 $
Severity : High
Reported by : Anonymous
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