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Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc Is A JOKE!

Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc is a JOKE! What they tell you is a “gift” really turns out to be another thing they can bill the ins company!

They give you meds in house that cost $4 at Walmart but charge you $60+ for each of them and try to give you more even if you tell them over and over again that you don’t need them!

I told the dr yes I was still a little sore but that I thought I was ready to go back to work… hahaha!

Don’t even tell them you have a headache! I finally had to put my fist down and say enough with this crap I don’t want any care from you as of now!

They then had another dr come in and try to talk me out of leaving…. oh but there was a catch!

I could stop treatment but they wanted to get some kind of MRI before I could stop… so I gave in… they say that the $60 meds are so ppl don’t have to come out of pocket for ANYTHING and that they are a “one stop shop” that does it all…. well I also got a bill from southwest medical from them regarding my bill…. the ins company of the lady that hit me brought all of this to my attention and I was pissed!

My total bill was $7500.09 FOR WHIPLASH!

The ins company looked at other situations and said that the total they would pay (including pain and suffering) would be like 3800.00ish and they sited many of the problems with the billing and over charging…. the place is just a total scam! Stay away at all cost!

Cause it will end up costing YOU! They went to the court house less than a week after I stopped going and filed a Lien in the courts… you don’t think they know what they are doing…..?

They just wanna take people’s money and treat injuries that aren’t there or try to convince you that you have one in some kind of way…. scam scam scam! I wish I could give negative stars! Smh

Is Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc a legit?

Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc is not running a legit business. They are not aggressive towards customer satisfaction and complaint grievance redressal, Hence 5 consumer[s] submitted negative ratings, and only a few left positive feedback.

Where is Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc located?

Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc is headquarted at 3209 Nw Expy Oklahoma City, OK 73112. You can contact Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc by dialing (405) 842-3209 or visit their website

How much monetary loss is incurred by Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc’s customers?

According to Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc’s customers, a monetary loss of US $3654 has been reported. The severity of entire incident reports is high.

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5 Reviews on Accident Care and Treatment Center, Inc

  1. it was so obvious.

    Then I go to check out, and am told I need to come back for treatment for 5 straight days. Again, I told them I don’t play these games, and would not be coming back. I was told that since I wouldn’t comply with their treatment plan, I could not have the results of my X-rays.

    I left feeling like I needed a shower. The “patients” in the waiting rooms were just there for more pills….it was so obvious.

  2. I was told to come back for refills.

    I don’t even want to give this pill mill one star. This place is a scam. I was in an accident, and went to the Access Medical Urgent Care at Britton and May. They said that urgent cares can no longer treat car accident victims, and told me to go to this place. I’ve since found out they are in cahoots with Accudent Care.

    You know it’s a scam when there are attorneys cards on the desks. They make you sign several papers, and then take you into a room. The “Doctor”. Asks a million questions, trying to get you to say you hurt in places that you don’t hurt. For example, he kept asking me if my knees hit the dash, and I repeatedly answered “No”. He then says he thinks I have an just don’t remember it. I told him I don’t play this game.

    My immediate concern was my neck, as I’ve had major surgery on it recently. Bi told him I just wanted an X-ray. 15-20 X-rays later, I’m then given a pillow, splint, ice packs, etc. I told them I wanted none of it, and to not bill my surance company, which I’ve found out they did. Next stop was to get pills….narcotic pain mess, muscle relaxers, etc. I was told to come back for refills.

  3. The doctor I saw was very good and knowledgeable.

    The doctor I saw was very good and knowledgeable. However, I quickly realized that this business is created, ran, and owned by ambulance chasing lawyers. They draw out your treatment for weeks in order to rack up a larger bill.

    The treatment I received could have easily been obtained at a chiropractor or massage therapist for much less money and much less time. I have a $3500 bill that would have cost me less than $500 at a chiropractor or massage therapist. My advice is is run away!

  4. This place is a scam

    This place is a scam, all they care about is money. They will say you have injury’s that you don’t and just want you to keep coming back so they can run up your bill. Do not go here. I repeat do not go to this place!!!! I wish I would have looked into other places but I was in pain and needed somewhere fast after my injury.

  5. this place a joke!!

    this place a joke!!!! stay away from here, you will get a bill for thousands of dollars for things that didnt needed done. they over charge for everything and they rip you off….you are better off going the hospital.

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Reported Loss : 3654 $
Severity : High
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