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Gerald and Chrita Clark

Summery: I paid in full, in advance for an “in person, hands on training” to be held in Mexico. I paid $4000.00 in full via bank transfer for the course, housing and food, all to be provided. I got to Mexico only to find out the entire thing was a scam, i received no housing and the “course” was not provided. I was approached to sell drugs by Gerald Clark, when i refused, he became very aggressive. Over the next week, i attempted to get the promised training as i was now in Mexico and my return flight was not for 7 weeks. I was partnered up with a young Mexican student who gave me a massage and I was expected to give him a massage in return. When I asked Gerald Clark for the training I paid for, he came at me with a set of Chinese Nunchucks as yelled, “Get the fuck away from here or you will never leave Mexico”. I left!

Payment dispute regarding payment to 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  
Gerald Clark; 12 Charales Ave, Jocotepec-Ajijic Jocotepec Jalisco Mexico 45800
$4,000.00 usD
Date of first contact 
02 August 2019
Transaction Date:
Transaction Typ€: Purchase
Autlrorization Code: 098502
Accl Number (last 4): 8021
CVV/CVC Code: M (Pass)
AVS Code:
AVS Ztp Cod6 Check: Pass
2019 02 Aug 09:25;02 UTC
This is regarding my request for a full refund of monies paid for a 5 week, hands on training course in Mexico that was not fulfilled or provided as explained or promised..
Their reply:
The student/client paid for a hands-on training, the student/client received body work and hands-on training. free meals and received free paid housing for 5 weeks that the client is still living in. Unfortunately the client violated the schools policies and the services were terminated as a result. We do not permit nor allow sexual energy or asking where to gel these services from our practitioners. We advised the student well in advance of tho schools policies. We offer hands-on body work with physical contact so is imperative that there is no sexual misconduct and it’s strictly professional. it’s unfortunate these policies were violated. We showed up, physically provided our services. educated the student, provided free housing and meals, the student learned how to do tho work and received the work, reviewed before and after images, has our handbook and was given online access to our school. The student is still living in the free housing as mentioned. it’s extremely unfortunate the policies were violated. We hope you can see our case.
My Response:
I totally and completely deny this horrible claim and emphatically state I never asked for, searched for, wanted, or expected “sexual services”. I was there as a professional to learn a new therapy technique and NOTHING more! 
I paid in full, in advance for this “in person, hands on training” to be held in Mexico. I took the time off work and away from my home to upgrade my professional services. I have been a therapist and coach since 19686. I am a Multi Award Winning Therapist and Coach, who is globally recognised and consistently work with the general public, as well as with well known celebrities, professional sport athletes, and Royal Familes around the world. A simple google search of my name will support my reputation and my business.
I was totally and completely shocked with this entire experience.
All of our communications were done via Facebook messenger and Instagram messenger as Gerald Clark would not provide any sort of contact telephone number or email address. I was provided with an address to their location via Facebook messenger, that is it. No phone number or other way to contact them besides Facebook or Instagram messenger was provided. 
Gerald Clark has deleted our entire Facebook messenger thread which proved my case, proving the intention to hide the facts and our conversations.
It is also curious that up till today, the Gravity Body Academy website page which detailed all of the services and program outline has also been removed from the internet, again proving this company is attempting to hide the facts.
I have enclosed a screenshot of one page I could find outlining what would be included with the 5 week course held in Mexico. 
Also, on Facebook messager, which Gerald Clark has deleted, he promised an “Executive Home” as the “free communal living” to stay in while taking the course, as well as group training, group yoga classes, daily meals, and more.
When I arrived in Mexico, Gerald Clark claimed he “had an issue with the owner of the house” and it was no longer available, so he would home me in a “comparable hotel close by”. Instead of a “comparable hotel”, I found myself in a very low end hotel called Hotel Real Del Monte  Jocotepec, Jal., Mexico, I had to pay for it myself, and they only accepted cash, and I was not provided with a receipt, where for the 3 nights I was there I could not sleep due to all night fighting and excessive noise. The last 2 nights I was at that hotel there was no electricity or water. I asked Gerald Clark a number of times to help me but received no replies, so I found myself an apartment to stay in, which I booked and paid for myself through AirBnB, documents included with this letter. 
The very first day of the course left me feeling very uncomfortable. Gerald and his “assistant” were smoking drugs and one of his first questions to me was if I judged others, as his environment was a place to feel free and do what you want, so long as you don’t harm others”. I stated I am not a judge and was only there to take the course. The very next question was “are you buying, or selling drugs”, and I said neither, I was only there for the course, to which he stated, “your either buying, or selling”. I again stated I was only there for the course. There were large pots of drugs all around the area, and it was clear that Gerald Clark was smoking a lot, which was affecting his attitude and the way he treated me. Gerald Clark was also acting in a paranoid fashion. He was extremely concerned about his wife cheating on him with others, and claimed “with other students they acted in inappropriate ways”. I again reinforced the point that I was only there for the course and nothing more.  He then claimed I was the only student that showed up for the course, “many others claimed they were coming”, but I was the only one. At this point I didn’t know what to do, I had booked 7 weeks off my work and life to come take this course, I was all alone in a small Mexican town, half way around the world and feeling very very uncomfortable and vulnerable. 
After speaking with a couple of my friends, I decided to stay to see how the course went. I was very surprised to find Gerald Clark was not even teaching the course, which was the only reason I made the time to go all the way there to take it. Instead, he showed up for 5 – 10 minutes at the start, and 5 – 10 minutes at the end to very briefly show what was to be done on only one or 2 areas of the body, and to ask how we felt after the massage. This course was suppose to be a full body training program, by Gerald Clark, teaching all aspects of the body from the toes to the head, but Gerald Clark only gave a very brief introduction, to only a couple body parts and then left me with the Mexican for the rest of the class, either receiving a massage or giving my therapy treatment, there were no full on guidance, support or training as promised. 
Being partnered up with a student who took Gerald Clarks last training class, did not even speak English, was not what I paid for or expected. It was never explained in advance and most definitely NOT why I paid $4000.00 and took 7 weeks out of my life. 
I was told when booking the course, which was also stated on the website, that I would be trained by Gerald Clark AND have people to practice with, which I did not. In fact, when I asked Gerald Clark if I could practice with someone or have him guide me through the techniques, he yelled at me and became aggressive, stating “don’t tell me how to run my course or you will be out of here”. 
I became very uncomfortable being around Gerald Clark as every time I asked questions or for support he got very aggressive. I attended 4 classes only, where I only received a massage from one of his Mexican students, who could not speak English, and I gave the same student a therapy treatment afterwards. There was no instructors or support there during this time, except for the 5-10 min into and at the end.  
At no point was I critiqued or trained by Gerald Clark on my techniques, it was just the Mexican and myself after the first 5-10 minute introduction and 5 – 10 minutes at the end to ask “how did it go?”, I received a massage and I gave a treatment, that was it, outside the brief introduction and ending time. 
 –  I was in Mexico, to take this course for 5 weeks. During this time I was told there would be others to practice on, there were not. 
 –  I was told there would be yoga classes, there were not. 
 –  I was told there would be outings and excursions, there were non. 
 –  I only received a massage from the student who was only recently trained in the last course, and I provided my therapy to the same student, 3 hours in total, 2 days per week, the other 5 days per week I was left on my own with no way to practice, receive support, do any yoga, or other activities as promised. I was left on my own.
  –  I sent a text message to Gerald Clarks wife on Instagram only because Gerald Clark very rarely replied to my Facebook messages, and when he did, he either didn’t answer my questions or requests, or was very upset when he did, so I tried to get a response via his wife through instagram, asking only if I could get some help and also practice on others to learn the course, I received no reply from his wife, but the next day received a notice the course had been cancelled. 
 –  I sent a few messages asking if we could talk about this and sort things out, but I received no reply. 
 –  I went to the location the course was to be held, 2 days in a row and waited there for 4 hours both days. 
 –  The first day no one answers although I could hear them talking in the house. The second day, after waiting in the rain for 4 hours, Gerald Clark came out with a pair of Chinese nunchucks in his hand and yelled very aggressively at me and said “Get the fuck away from this place, you either leave right now and don’t come back, or you will never leave Mexico”
I turned immediately and left, and never went back. 
After this, the same afternoon, I tried to log onto the online course and to access the program, and I was denied access to that as well. ( see screenshot)
That was my experience with Gerald Clark and the Body Gravity Academy.
I believe I have been a victim of fraud and extreme abuse.
I have been in the health and wellness business for over 33 years. I consistently upgrade my skills and take courses around the world regularly, and I have never experienced anything like this.
You can clearly see by a simple google search of me that I take my business and the services I provide very seriously. For over 33 years I have dedicated my life to helping and serving others and not once in my career have I been ever been accused of anything like this, nor has anyone ever suggested that I come across with a “sexual energy”. 
This individual seems to be suffering from the side affects which come from excessive drug use: “Can leave you anxious, afraid, or panicked, it can make you paranoid, or lose touch with reality so you hear or see things that aren’t there.”
Nevertheless, The facts are;
 Gerald Clark did not teach me the therapy techniques, or teach the course I paid for, rather he may have been with me for 5 – 10 minutes before and after each “session” to simply give a very quick overview of what should be done, and then left and partnered me up with a Mexican student that could neither speak to me or teach me the course, who only gave me a massage and expected me to give a treatment in return.
I was not provided with housing as promised and had to find my own via AirBnB, and paid for it myself.
I was not provided food as promised, Geralds wife cooked 2 small lunch meals in the 4 days I was there, I brought my own food and I even cooked for them the other 2 days and bought my own food for the other meals every day and snacks.
In the reply to this claim, it was stated:
–  “the student/client received body work and hands-on training.” I did NOT receive any hands on training, I received 4 massages from a Mexican student and a 5 – 10 minute brief overview on only a couple body parts and then left on my own with a previous Mexican student who spoke no English.
– “We showed up, physically provided our services” Gerald Clark did NOT show up to teach or train, he left it to one of his previous students who could not speak English, nor did Gerald Clark train me through the sessions, he spent possibly 5 – 10 minutes, then I was only teamed up with a young Mexican student who did not speak English. 
–  Except for the brief introduction by Gerald Clark and a brief “how did it go?” After the treatment, Gerald refused to “physically provide our services” and got angry and aggressive when I asked him to.
– “The student learned how to do the work” I did NOT learn “HOW” to do the work, as the Mexican student was not able to guide or support me through, Gerald Clark was not available for the full training as promised, and you see what happened when I asked for support, and even offered to pay extra so I could learn.
– Before and after pictures were taken of me, as he does any client they work with. This is a normal part of their service, as shown on their website. Showing before the session and after the session pictures is NOT “training” or “educating” me in the techniques of the work. I could have received the same massage and before/after pictures at home, I would not waste 7 weeks of my life and pay $4000.00 to be in Mexico to get a massage by a student and get a few before and after pictures of myself.
– “Was given access to the online school” Gerald Clark was having many many issues with their online system, and claimed they were “changing and upgrading it”. I was finally able to access the online system after the second day after arriving to the course, not before. I was told I would have access for the month before attending so as to go through the videos and learn the system in advance. This was NOT possible due to the issues they had. I started going through the videos and the online training after I got to Mexico, but was immediately cut off the same day Gerald Clark came at me with the Chinese nunchucks to drive me away from the school, and I have not had access since.
–  “free meals” I received 2 small lunch meals the entire time I was there, I had to bring my own food and I also cooked for them to ensure I ate.
–  “received free paid housing for 5 weeks” As per my AirBnB recipe, I had to pay for my own housing, and the initial hotel Gerald Clark booked me into, no housing was provided, and if Gerald Clark had not deleted our Facebook message thread, you could have clearly seen this written, however it is clear Gerald Clark is attempting to deceive you as he did me by deleting our conversation and any proof.
– In the “Business Description” section of the reply from Gerald Clark it is stated that “Audio Books: Shipped Upon Checkout Elixirs: Shipping Within 1 Business Day” I have NOT received these. Please ask Gerald for proof of shipping receipt and tracking information. 
–  “We do not permit nor allow sexual energy or asking where to gel these services from our practitioners.” This is 100% false! It is an outrageous LIE!!  33 years in this business, I take my work VERY seriously and never never ever not once ever has anyone ever said such a horrible, disgusting lie about me! This is most definitely an issue Gerald Clark has with his wife, and has NOTHING to do with me!
–  You can clearly see by my Instagram message, included with this letter, I specifically asked for “extra tutoring time to help with the anatomy” training ( my end (note) also backs up my statement about aggressive actions and Gerald Clark’s abuse towards me when I simply ask for what was suppose to be included in the course, ( “I hope asking this doesn’t upset G.”) This is clearly NOT a sexual question or discussion! And every time I asked Gerald Clark for help, support or anything else that was suppose to be included with my 5 weeks there, he became angry and aggressive. 
–  There were no yoga classes.
–  There was no group sharing or training. (You can see on Gerald Clarks website past classes where there were many group sessions, events, cooking and the such, I received NOTHING like this at all! It was me and a student for a couple hours giving and receiving a treatment each and that was it!
–  There was no support.
–  Gerald was very upset no one else signed up for the course and being I was the only one there, it was clear he saw no value in teaching only me on my own. He stated many many times how me being there on my own was disappointing for him.
–  When I asked for support, someone to practice with, and I even offered to pay extra for support, Gerald Clark became extremely aggressive and threatened my life, and cancelled the course.
–  The day Gerald Clark cancelled the course he also cancelled my online access and I have not been able to access the training website, videos or information.
–  According to the screenshot picture of the course description included with this letter about what is included with the 5 week course, and in the reply to this claim, Gerald Clark claimed that they “work with the clients”,  Gerald Clark possibly shared 10 minutes maximum showing me techniques, he did not work with me for a training session, rather they simply gave a very brief introduction, showing me how to do it on one or 2 body parts for only a couple of minutes, then passed me off to a young Mexican student who took the last training course. This young man could NOT speak English or teach me anything.
I feel totally ripped off, taken advantage of, disappointed, disrespected and abused.
This has been a horrible and scary experience for me and a complete waste of my time and money. I am out of pocket for missed work, airline tickets, accommodations and expenses from being away from home and work.
There is no reason for Gerald Clark to keep my money as what was promised was NOT provided or fulfilled.
At the very least, I expect a full and complete refund of my money.
Is 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy a scam?
7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy is a scam and a bad service provider as per the report filed on dirtyscam.com. They are not aggressive towards their customer satisfaction and complaint grievance.
Is 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy legit?
First 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy is not a legit business owner or provider. You must take necessary precautions/measures before buying or using their services.
How many reviews are submitted by 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy’s consumers?
There is/are 1 review(s) posted about 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy and it indicates that the severity of the scam is Extremely High.
Where is 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy located?
7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy is located at Huson, MT, USA. You can contact 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy by dialing N/A or visit their website www.gravitybodyacademy.com/ before filing a lawsuit. We are no way affiliated with better business bureau or yelp reviews platform.
How much monetary loss is incurred by 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy’s customers?
According to the report(s), US $4000.00 was the total loss incurred by 7th Planet Broadcaslng. LLC,  Artistic vegan, Gravity Body Academy’s customers.

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Reported Loss :4000 $
Severity of Scam :Extremely High
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