PayToday Review: What to expect? promises a 140% ROI in just 12 hours making it 280% ROI in a day. Pretty charming, isn’t it? However, Saxony, the man behind the scheme couldn’t hide his name and association with other Ponzi Scheme. Would you trust someone whose name is written with the red ink in this industry?
PayToday Review: What to expect?
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If you are wondering about the person who owns, then you will be disappointed to know that their website does not say anything about it.

However, if you dig a little further, you would come across a name, Sergey Frolov from Saxony, Germany under whose name the domain ( of the company is registered.

This name is no surprise. Saxony is the founder of Ensis which was a Ponzi Scheme. The website of Ensis was launched in October which flaunted an ROI of 150% per day. As of now, this website has been turned down by the hosting services. Soxony was also associated with another Ponzi Scheme named Stargate LTD.

Coming back to PayToday, it would be interesting to note that the company’s address has been provided but it is as fake as Saxony’s other ventures.

The address is a bogus UK address while Saxony is supposed to be operating either from Germany or Russia. turns out to be an easy investment with no fee attached. Even if you like to access the full participation to all the plans, you only need to invest minimum of $5.

It does not provide any products or services that are retailable. An affiliate can only market company’s affiliate membership plans.– Compensation Plan

PayToday promises 140% ROI to those who invest $5 to $250,000 in just 12 hours. It seems fascinating and can play as a bait for many first-time investors.

The payments are made through the recruitment of downlines and goes till third level as follows:

  • level 1 – 5%
  • level 2 – 2%
  • level 3 – 3% Reviews 

David: When I heard about the 140% ROI, I did not believe it. I invested some amount just to see how it would turn out. Thank god! I did. I made a profit with 140% ROI in 12 hours.

Kimaun: Being a first-time investor, I did not know much about the affiliate program. But, this was a great start for me and I would continue to invest in future as well.

Comparisons of the above reviews:

What a place this internet is? If you look around, you will not be able to find out any difference between what’s fake and what’s legitimate.

This has helped many scammers to get away with their goals. But, if you would try to be a bit more calculative, you will get a trail of the ones that are fake, as they always leave one.

These reviews are fake as much as they sound.

The first one is just a verbatim from the company’s profile and the other one, though seem genuine, cannot be trusted, as it does not provide much information.

The Verdict

What an irony, someone earning such a huge ROI, is still launching affiliate programs to distribute it to others. Doesn’t it sound fishy? Why someone earning such a huge income, would like to work.

On top of that, Saxony has created at least three Ponzi Scheme in matter of months.

What I can figure out from this research is that Saxony or whosoever his real name is, is a serial scammer.

He is using the affiliate program to pay the affiliates and once the downline will dry out, the payments will die too, making this program a Ponzi Scheme.

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