Owner of Empower Network blames himself for the flop show

David Wood, after a war with himself, is trying to channelize his energy and experience in finding the next venture which can make up for the losses in the past. Look, what he has to say about the MLM network and the hidden opportunities that it is meant to serve.
Owner of Empower Network blames himself for the flop show
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Empower Network, that grew as an opportunity for those who wanted to earn handsomely from home, turned out to be a flop show. David Wood, the company’s owner and the one behind its initial success, blames himself for not engaging himself in making something big, but selling the half-created product of his.

It started as a blog service to enhance the SEO. People paid $25 for a website that was a replica from the domain of Empower Network. The theme started with a pitch that was able to attract a lot of customers around the world. It claimed that people blogging on their domain would make a great stage for their online ranking.

This made them earn few quick bucks. However, it soon went numb right after the domain was penalized and the traffic to the domain degraded.

Soon, after the interest started to fade, David made an attempt to release an alternative of WordPress that came with a price, Kalatu. But, it did not make its way to the public and quickly was stacked with the other flop products to never come out again.

This did make him more vulnerable and his attempts to succeed grew with it. He released various marketing modules, but none of those got him the profit that he needed after so many flops. His Affiliate recruitment also dwindled, and with it every bit of his hope with Empower Network affiliate-base.

The time was not far when the entire network collapsed. It took Dave a while to return to the social world and make any remark. Here are some quick bites of his post:

I used to be so full of shit, and in love with myself and my own self-constructed nonsense.

For example, I’d login to Facebook all through the day, desperately checking how many “likes” my last or next photo would get—as if someone liking my bullshit was that person actually giving me a hug after a cup of coffee together, saying:

“David, I like you.”

Or I’d be at an event, and the truth is I always have believed in people, but really there was a 50/50 mix where I was so desperate to have someone believe in me that I’d look at them hypnotically in the eye and say:

“I believe in you…”

…desperately seeking for them to say:

“I believe in you too, Dave.”

Because I needed their pity and fake love desperately. I needed them puffing me up in my own self-constructed cloud to survive in my imaginary universe I created without any real touch or feeling in it, keeping myself alone and disconnected from everything to maintain my “Prophet” affect to keep my world construct growing and reinforcing itself.

Or I’d be so desperate to turn around declining sales that happened from disrespecting natural business law, that I’d come up with a half assessed product and spend more time selling it than making it, pretending it was ok because I was attempting to create enough “value” to justify the income I needed to create so I wouldn’t have to layoff employees again, the majority of whom should have been laid off and replaced or downsized.

It’s hilarious to me looking back now at how fake and bullshit it all was.

But, Dave has not given up yet. To put it in other words, he has found the reason behind his failure and would continue to hone his methods for a better offering coming soon.

He acknowledges that like most of the other affiliate programs, Empower Network followed the same path of making riches, richer while abandoning the larger group. Hence, he is very much optimistic about his next venture as he believes that the experience with Empower Network, helped him learn his lessons.

In his words, he is still in search of the right MLM opportunity and is announced that he still is not able to find the legitimate cryptocurrency option, till date.

His pointed four business models that give way to pyramid scheme within the MLM business. Bitcoin gifting, investment asked in hope of ROI through bitcoin mining which leads to unregistered securities and wire fraud, Ponzi points camouflaged as cryptocurrency and a ROI paid out once the bitcoin is “rented” back to the company.

Given these concerns, it seems impossible for companies to provide a safe and trustworthy MLM opportunity between cryptocurrency module.

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