Owner of Braking Point Recovery charged for $48 M treatment scam

Ryan Sheridan, the owner of the Braking Point Recovery Center along with five others have pleaded guilty against the drug treatment scam
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Ryan Sheridan, along with five other accused pleaded guilty in the drug treatment fraud scam. According to the sources, the accused are charged for falsely billing Medicaid. This was done approximately 135,000 times and resulted in a total of $48 M fraud. This Ohio based facility is run by Ryan Sheridan who tried to fool Medicaid by charging them for unreasonable and fake bills.

The names in the scam included Jennifer Sheridan, ex-wife of Ryan who happens to be the former medical records and billing coordinator for the old Braking Point Recovery facility which was situated in Austintown.

One more name associated with the scam is of Lisa Pertee. Lisa was the director of operations at Braking Point center in Whitehall Ohio. The former Braking Point Medical Director named Dr. Arthur Smith of Austintown and dr. Thomas Bailey of Poland, who used to be the Medical Director of Braking Point’s at the Austintown detox centers as well as Kortney Gherardi who was the former program director at Braking Point center, Austintown have been charged for this serious crime too.

The charges against these accused elaborate the crime accomplished between January 2015 and October 2017. Between this time period, the center falsely billed Medicaid for about 135,000 times. According to the reports, the claims included billing for patients who were never ever diagnosed at the center, exaggerated costs for services provided at the center as well as case management services for patients working out at Sheridan’s gym.

Authorities want 39-year-old Ryan Sheridan to forfeit $3 million. Along with the properties Ryan owns in several Ohio counties. The authorities also have requested to forfeit replica movie vehicles owned by Ryan Sheridan.

The comment is still waiting for the charges from Sheridan’s attorney.