OneCoin association with Unregistered Charity alarmed UK’s Charity Commission

It is not new for companies to partner with charities for laundering money. But, when the charity is unregistered, it gives concrete reasons to believe that the intentions are dubious. OneCoin connection with As-Subah Global has done the same magic and has alarmed UK Charity Commission to further investigate the matter.
OneCoin association with Unregistered Charity alarmed UK’s Charity Commission
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OneCoin which has already been under the blames of running Ponzi Scheme, has again taken a bold step only to find itself into the limelight.

As-Sabur Global, which as per the Charity Commission, is registered with the Companies House, but there is no registration made with the commission itself, has been in talks with their connection with OneCoin.

The relationship was made obivious when Mohammed Aklim Uddin Saleh Ahmed, As-Sabur’s founder and director, shared chairs with Ruja Ignatova, the OneCoin founder, in a promotional video.

As-Sabur Global’s website cite the list of various causes that they support. Domestic violence, shelter for the elderly, shelter for the disabled, orphanage, women’s refuge and child trafficking are few among the long list.

The relationship between these two companies has been described as partnership. However, to get in depth about finding if the association is a way to launder the funds stolen from the investors, is still a challenge.

As-Sabur is not registered long back. The domain of the website was recently registered on 4th April, 2017.

This is not the first attempt from OneCoin to find a charity as a saviour, but they have approached a few before when they were turned down. In 2015, it was Seva Canada, a Canadian Charity that OneCoin tried to partner with.

However, as soon as the charity realized that OneCoin was operating Ponzi Scheme, it returned all the donations and broke the ties for future as well.

There were complaints received from the public which pressurised the Charity Commission to further look into the matter, and see if any action is required.

In the meantime, the commission is trying to make people aware of the ways for identifying if the charity is reliable. And the first thing to notice before donating funds, is to find out its registration with the charity commission.


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