One Hundred K Club Review: Old School Pyramid Scheme

One Hundred K Club may try to look something else from the marketing tool selling pyramid scheme, but that is all it is. Moreover, one must pay $60 to be able to receive commission for recruitment.
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One hundred k club company’s website does not provide any lead about the owner of the company. Neither, there is any information about those running the company. Even the domain ( was registered privately on 26th December 2018. So, the details of the owner of the domain is also unknown.

While trying to dig deeper, I was able to find out a name to associate with the company’s operation. The website link takes you to the admin2 account which links for Lynn Hamilton. Also, the official Facebook account is managed by Lynn.

Further looking into the Lynn’s profile over various medias, it was lucid that Lynn has been active in promoting various similar services such as Global Unity Club, BitConnect, USI-Tech, Phoenix Power Rising and many more.

Also, the company does not have any products or services that could be retailed to other companies. Which left us with only affiliate program as a way to connect for the company’s bonuses and offers. However, you will find various marketing tools connected with the membership plans.

To join the affiliate program, one must pay $60 per month.

However, the company’s inefficiency to cite any valuable product or services as well as lack of legit income source make this company a bad investment.

One Hundred K Club – The Compensation Plan

One Hundred K Club encourages its affiliates to pay $60 and once they recruit someone who pays the same amount, the commission is paid. The company uses 4×7 matrix to pay affiliate’s commission.

In a 4×7 matrix, an affiliate is placed on the top. Every position is filled with four position directly under it. On the first level, there are four positions. Second level houses for 16 positions with all the positions on level 1 able to recruit 4 new position directly under them. Similarly, level three has 64 positions and level 4 has 256 positions. This goes on till level seven.

All these affiliates have to pay $60 to be considered qualified for the commission offered.

The company pays $15 for the direct recruits and $5 for the non direct recruits. The commission keeps rolling in as long as the affiliates keep paying the $60 monthly fee.

One Hundred K Club – Reviews

Mason T: It is completely unbelievable how companies are taking advantage of vulnerable people. And, it is even sad that we always get trapped in the same scam every now and then. This company took my money and shut me out. They closed my account without my knowledge and there is no one to help. I have tried reaching out the support with no success. Scam! Run away as far as you can.

Denis Freshman: Stay away from this scam. It can ruin your savings to ashes.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

One Hundred K Club is misusing people’s money and putting it in the worthless pyramid scheme. Also, the operation isn’t very smooth and there are problems with the account management as well. There is not one good reason to connect with this company.

The Verdict

This company has nothing new to offer but the old scams of marketing tools pyramid scheme. All you need to do is pay fee to join the scheme, let others join under you paying the same amount and you get your cut for recruiting them.

The company also offers residual commission for those who are recruited by those whom you recruited, making it a perfect MLM scam. As the marketing tools are sold with no intention for retail customers, this makes it completely worthless to add this to a MLM scheme for making it something else.

As there is no indulgence of retail customers, the scheme is nothing but a pyramid scheme. Hence, the payments will only continue till the time recruitment is alive. Once the recruitment dries, the payment will stop and the majority of the investors will lose money.

Only those joining in the start may be able to take out what invested or may be some profit. But, all others will lose their hard earned money. The admins will be benefitted the most. Those placed on top of the scheme would earn all the money and it would be no other than Lynn and other admins.

So, I would to stay away from this pyramid scheme. Or else, you will lose all your savings for no return.