NeoConnect Review – Read it before taking the Call

NeoConnect follows a lending cryptocurrency Ponzi Model and would soon leave the investors sulking for huge losses. The company does not provide information about its existence and is likely to be a scam.
NeoConnect Review – Read it before taking the Call
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There is no information on the website of NeoConnect concerning its owners. The domain ( has a registration date of 27th October 2017. The domain is privately registered and does not reveal much information. This is a matter of concern. A company that is not transparent about its existence, cannot be trusted.

When we checked the website thoroughly, we found a document with name ‘Prezentare’ which is a Romanian word and it means presentation. This signifies a concrete reason for the owner with some connection with Romania.

There is one more website with a similar domain name, ‘’ which showcases the same MLM opportunity. However, there is no proof to associate these two companies with each other. But, this possibility still has a chance.

With lack of a retailable product and company offering only affiliate program, it is very much likely that NeoConnect is another scam trying to spread its roots.

The joining fee for affiliate program is free. However, to participate in the full program, an affiliate needs to invest at least $100.

NeoConnect – Compensation Program

The affiliates are encouraged to invest real money for NEOC tokens which is parked in their account. This token is referred to provide ROI to each member.

Plan 1: You need to invest $100 to $1000 to receive upto 45% ROI (variable) each month till 229 days.

Plan 2: You need to invest $1001 to $5000 to receive upto 45% ROI (variable) and 0.15% daily ROI till 169 days.

Plan 3: You need to invest $5001 to $10,000 to receive upto 45% ROI (variable) and 0.3% daily ROI till 120 days.

Plan 4: You need to invest $10,001 to $100,000 to receive upto 45% ROI (variable) and 0.5% daily ROI till 99 days.

NeoConnect – Referral Commission

The commission are paid through the funds invested by the downline affiliates. The company follows a unilevel referral structure.

  • Level 1: 10%
  • Level 2:7%
  • Level 3: 3%

Referral commissions are paid based on ROI payments as well to downline affiliates. The same structure is used in this case as well.

  • Level 1: 5%
  • Level 2: 2%
  • Level 3: 1%

NeoConnnect Reviews 

Britney: I was supposed to receive interest on my investment, but I did not. When I tried to contact the administrator, I couldn’t. Pathetic customer service.

Jane: I just started with this platform with a small amount and it seems to be working. I will look forward to more investment.

Comparisons of the above Reviews

The first review is about the replies and the ROIs that were expected from the company. I do not think that the company is at all interested in the investor’s profit. It will go on, as long as it will be earning its profit.

The second review, on the other hand speaks about a small investment. Even if it is legit, there is no guarantee that the ROIs will keep rolling in.

The Verdict

NeoConnect is using a ‘lending cryptocurrency’ model which is another form of Ponzi Scheme. In short, the affiliates are paying their real money for worthless tokens that do not have any value. To top that, the payments are made to the anonymous owners.

The tokens are sheer dust in the market outside NeoConnect. As of now, the rate of 1 Neoconnect token is valued for $1 which is supposed to rise with affiliates numbers in future. That makes it a Ponzi Scheme and once the affiliate will stop recruiting, the ROI will dry up too.

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