Neobux – Click on ads and that’s a scam?

Before you think of making fast money online by clicking Ads -THINK TWICE
Neobux – Click on ads and that’s a scam?
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Neobux came into existence in 2008 with a commitment of making its users rich by easy money. When someone says to earn profits by simply clicking on ads, heads turn. These marketing strategies have led many companies to make millions overnight.

Firstly, they will ask you to join for free and there is the plot to convince that you won’t lose anything and there is nothing at the stake. When you start clicking your mouse button, they will start paying you penny that won’t even buy you a complete meal for a day. You earn $0.001 – $0.005 per ad click which will land you to a little over $1 per day.

Don’t you see, here is their next trap. When you see you have already wasted your time clicking on ads and still trying to convince yourself that you have got somewhere, they ask you to be a member and get a chance to start making real money.

And the vicious circle continues, you invest from your pocket to become a paid member and all you get is again nothing. With this step, you are allowed to recruit your first referral and get 1% of commission. They have their terms and conditions set in a way that you will start feeling you must be doing something wrong that you cannot see any improvement. The admin tries to make it so complicated and opaque that forget about the answers, they won’t entertain any suggestions.

I deem that the Neobux is all about what comes in goes out. The money you earn comes from the others you are recruited for money-making scheme.

The free membership is just an illusion, they attract you to invest your time while making close to nothing in a year and you need your referrals to earn a bit more than nothing, so you upgrade to a paid membership. Wow, you are now officially fooled. You again invest your time and also convince your close ones to make the same mistake as you still hope for success.

Neobux is not a charity that it will pay you millions for just a click of button. It definitely has the hidden agenda that it tries to hide tooth and nail. There are forums that are flooded with the story of losses and their manipulative results keep you thinking where to mend your work flow to make it just fit right.

Mostly users lose hope and after various failed attempts decide to stop and the money invested becomes an old story not to be told.

Here are the reviews by their users on sitejabber .
entire-referral-system-is-a-scam-neobux paid-to-rob-you

Theories and calculation don’t work here, think twice before you become prey to these easy money-making scheme. Do your research and then decide, after all its your hard-earned money that you are ready to invest.

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