MyDigital6 Review: Wire Fraud accepts Bitcoin Payment

MyDigital6 is similar to the wire fraud used to happen in the 80s and has nothing new to offer. It only has replaced the rewards with bitcoin payments.
MyDigital6 Review: Wire Fraud accepts Bitcoin Payment
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The company’s website provides no lead about the owners of Mydigital6 and you would be disheartened to know that the domain information is also made private. The domain ( of the company was registered on 3rd May 2018 that indicates that the onset of MyDigital6 is not very old.

There is a youtube channel hosted by the name of “The Wealth paladin” which features the videos of MyDigital6 Promos. According to the details, the author of the channel is Jeff Battershaw. For those who are not aware of the history of this guy, he was involved in the promotion of My 1 Dollar Business last year which is a pyramid scheme.

Apart from this scheme, he has also promoted Easy Cash 4 Ads which was a gifting scheme and Crowd Rising which was a Ponzi scheme. He speaks of himself as an experienced 20-year naturopath, with SEO ranking expertise. He is a professional crypto trader as well. A man with so many talents is engaged in promoting Ponzi schemes. Doesn’t that ring the bells?

There isn’t any retailable product associated with the company. The affiliate program is the only way to become a part of this scheme with affiliates only able to promote the autoship program.

To join the affiliate program, one needs to make the $21 gifting payment. This payment should be made in bitcoin.

MyDigital6 – Compensation Plan

The scheme is simple and members need to sign up by paying the gifting amount in bitcoin after which they receive an invite email. This invite email has the payment details of the already existing affiliates. These are six in numbers and the gifting amount is distributed to these down the line 6 affiliates as follow:

  • The 1st Affiliate: The one directly down the new affiliate receives $1
  • The 2nd Affiliate: The second in the order receives $2
  • The 3rd Affiliate: The one on the third level receives $3
  • The 4th Affiliate: The amount increases to $4 for the fourth affiliate
  • The 5th Affiliate: The payout is $5
  • The 6th Affiliate: The last level is the sixth level for receiving the amount of $6

After the new affiliate pays the commission to all the 6 affiliates that are below him, he is eligible for receiving the commission with the same invite email.

When the new affiliate introduces a new affiliate, the last affiliate at the sixth level goes down the order and the affiliate who recruited the new affiliates gets on the 1st level.

The commission increases as he gets deeper into the order. The affiliates keep sending these emails in a hope for recruiting more affiliates akin to the email spams.

MyDigital6 – Reviews

Jane: At the first glance itself, I knew it was a scam. There is nothing that they are offering new. It’s a clear Ponzi scheme with no products or services to share. All you get is the email invite. What else you need to know before making the right decision.

Norman: I am not surprised by the way people are getting attracted to this fake scheme. It is evident that all the things that promise for easy money catch gullible individuals instantly and there are a lot of these kinds. However, if anyone is reading this, I would like to warn them about this scam. This is not an excellent choice. Look out for better options.

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

As you can read, there are many investors being aware of the scam that the company is trying to accomplish through this worthless scheme. There is no point in investing in a company that do not seem legit and has questionable past.

The Verdict

The website clearly says that the model is a revamp of the old email chain schemes that used to be popular in the 80s and lesser active in 90s. According to the Battershaw, the business model is a complete redesign and has been made easy and workable adding the flavor of bitcoin.

However, does it sound legit only by replacing money with the digital coin? No, it hasn’t.

You will receive an email with the names of 6 affiliates asking for money. You pay them and add your name to that mail and forward it, asking for money from others. How can it anyway sound appropriate?

It is similar to the wire frauds that happened before. The only new to this model is the use of bitcoins for sharing the monetary rewards.

There is no way one should ever believe that this pyramid scheme will make them rich. It’s just another form of scam that will soon wake up the media to pitch in.

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