Monetize Coin Review: Ponzi Scheme with arbitrage traffic system

Monetize Coin claims to be using a arbitrage traffic system to predict the customers buying probability for an online casino offers and the revenue generated is used to pay affiliates of Monetize Coin ICO. How legit does that seem?
Monetize Coin Review: Ponzi Scheme with arbitrage traffic system
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While we are making steep shift towards the cryptocurrency niche, there are companies that are making the most from the opportunity by luring investors into fake programs. That is the reason, as dirtyscam, we constantly look forward to scanning every such company that claim to provide huge profits either through mining or trading cryptocurrency.

One such company, Monetize Coin, whose domain ( was recently registered on 28th November 2017, was within my radar when I tried to pull information about the legitimacy of the claims.

The website of the company fails to provide any information about the whereabouts of the founders or who is responsible for the operation of the company. In addition, the domain is also registered privately, barring us from getting information about the owner of the domain.

Top of everything, there is no evidence to proof any product or service that the company offer apart from the affiliate program. Hence, if you wish to be a part of the bonuses the company promises, you need to become an affiliate.

Monetize Coin offers free admission to their referral program. However, this will only give access to their referral commission. To enjoy all the perks and profits, you need to invest a minimum of $100. However, this investment is a risky one.

In short, a MLM company which is not transparent and have no product that can back the ROI apart from its affiliate program, is a worthless investment and the company is more likely a scam.

Monetize Coin – Compensation Plan

Monetize Coin has chosen a fairy cheap option to lure its affiliates into buying MNZ points. The price for each point is only 37 cents which is comparatively less when compared to its competitors.

These points after bought, are lent back to the platform for earning monthly variable ROI as promised by the anonymous admins.

  • Plan 1: You need to invest $100 – $1000 for receiving monthly variable ROI for 239 days
  • Plan 2: You need to invest $1001 – $5000 for receiving monthly variable ROI as well as 0.1% daily ROI for 179 days
  • Plan 3: You need to invest $5001 – $10,000 for receiving monthly variable ROI as well as 0.2% daily ROI for 120 days
  • Plan 4: You need to invest $10,001 or more for receiving monthly variable ROI as well as 0.25% daily ROI for 99 days

Monetize Coin – Referral Commission

Monetize Coin uses unilevel structure to pay the referral commission. In a unilevel structure, an affiliate is placed at the top order and the new affiliates recruited are placed directly under the one who recruited them.

For example, the affiliates recruited by top most affiliate are placed on level 1. The affiliates recruited by any affiliate on level 1 are placed directly under them at level 2 and so on. There is no limit to the depth of the structure and it goes to an infinite number of rows.

Affiliates are paid a percentage of funds invested by the new recruits. The cap is put at level 5.

  • Level 1: 8%
  • Level 2: 3%
  • Levels 3 & 4: 1%
  • Level 5: 0.5%

Monetize Coin offers referral commission on the ROI payment to the affiliates recruited downline via same unilevel plan till 5 levels.

  • Level 1: 4%
  • Levels 2 & 3: 1%
  • Levels 4 & 5: 0.5%

Monetize Coin Review

Jhun Rey Milan Añonuevo: 5 star

Wow! The best!

I cant wait for the 1st round ICO!

I will invest for your best opportunity

Prasanna Thapa: 5 star

Very promising project with very well designed, well coded platform ever in the space of lending ico. I am proud to be the part of this ico. All the best guys.

Kuyebi Afeez : 5 star

Program like no other. Best of its kind come 2018. Don’t miss this awesome and life changing opportunity.

Conclusion from the above reviews

The reviews are generic. There are no negative reviews which means either the company is doing more than expected or the admin is too active in deleting the bad ones.

Either ways, you cannot trust a company that is not true to its affiliates.

The Verdict

Monetize Coin claims to be have real business with millions of dollars in hand. That is a big excuse to make yourself seem presentable. However, there is little that the company has done so far, to actually look the way it boosts.

Also, if the company already has a lot in reserve, why is it so generous to distribute that amount to people on web?

The company has mentioned about the automatic traffic arbitrage system that it uses to source ROI. As per the website, this system was developed in 2008 for a huge online casino. This system analyses and predict the probability of a visitor buying their offer for the online casino.

This has made them earn millions. Why are they looking to invest into the cryptocurrency niche then? It is difficult to buy that bait.

The company has failed to offer anything extraordinary and remains just another Ponzi scheme on the list. Because of no evidence to proof any of the claims regarding the online casino, we are left with affiliate program as the only source for ROI generation. This makes Monetize coins, a Ponzi Scheme.

The anonymous owners have clearly stated that they fear the regulation of any one central government which has prevented them to clarify their identity. So, how is their business, a real one? If they are doing nothing wrong, why are they hiding and worrying about the regulations.

As per their lending ponzi scheme, they would offer worthless coins to the partners and once the new recruitment would freeze, they would stop paying. As soon as their minimum threshold would reach, they would like to put their real business in trash and would run out of the program carrying all the hard earned money invested by the gullible investors.

Hence, it would be better to stay away from such plans, which fails to prove its worth at all.

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