MOBE Review: Scam or a legit program?

MOBE is a program started by Matt Lloyd, the successful internet marketer. However, the program does not have any substantial information to benefit the users. Rather, it trains them at selling MOBE's product itself.
MOBE Review: Scam or a legit program?
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MOBE, an abbreviated form of My Online Business Education, is an MLM opportunity created for affiliates to thrive and become financially independent.

This program is an initiative by Matt Lloyd who started as an internet marketing expert in the year 2008 and by 2011, had already become a millionaire.

According to him, he has helped a lot of people in becoming rich, however, the true story has never been showed by him.

Like many internet marketer, he also has this habit of flaunting his capabilities beyond the right limit.

Matt Lloyd, who got into this campaign a lot before he started MOBE, has made several attempts by introducing many other programs.

His MOBE just can’t make it. A program that starts with $49, ends up asking for more money and make its affiliates upsell products worth $30,000. It is as expensive as it sounds.

There are updates about people who have made $100,000 through his system.

MOBE by Matt llyod

But, what if majority of them still lag behind and are not able to make 50% of what they spent with this program? Would you consider it worthy? I won’t, and I know, you neither. I

f you would try to search for its review, you would find tons of negative ones than the positive ones.

Being one of the experienced internet marketers who rely on other affiliates money, Matt Lloyd started Wifi Millionaire that costed $3 for an ebook which purposed at selling MOBE products.

That is a kind of business tactics we need to learn from him, to create true program rather than creating scam like he did.

How does the MOBE program works?

You would find Matt marketing the program by saying that it costs only $49. In his words:

“If you won’t be able to earn $1000 or $1500 within 30 days after buying the 21-step program, I will be paying you $500 from my pocket after 30 days.”

Do you think he is quoting the right thing? Yes, he is. But, there is a catch to this remark.

The 21-step program is not worth $49. Yes, you heard me right. The program has hidden cost to it. After step 6, you would be required to pay more amount.

You will have to pay $2500 to even more for assorted products. So, you will end up paying at least $2500 and will get $500 in return. So, is that his pocket which is under stake or yours?

The refund policy also has a lot of turns which will rather entice you to stay away from the scam even if it means losing your money.

You will have to advertise its product for a year and if you fail to earn, you will get your refund. There are security checks to verify that you worked as per their terms.

And believe it or not, it is not easy to satisfy them for the efforts that you took.

The seminars and training associated with MOBE

I would not say that Matt does not know what to put together. He is a skilled businessman with apt acumen to serve his profits well.

However, that does not make him the best and recommended coach for you.

His skills are tailored for his profits which means, he knows how to sell his products even if that means loss for most of the affiliates.

MOBE consists of many training concerning various products that it sells.

There are free blogs that reflect the skills owned by Matt Lloyd. But, to be honest, these skills are not suited for those who want to make profit learning something meaningful.

He has earned a plus of 1.2 Million hits for his YouTube channel, 750,000 subscribers consisting of emails and SMS and other medias, more than 12,000 affiliate who are actively working and more than 150 staff members.

It is not easy to achieve this number. But, would you trust him if I say that he never used the right tactics for this.

The for focus of MOBE program

The program focuses on retaining more affiliates who are ready to promote the products of MOBE that are highly expensive.

There is no training for starting your own business and promoting the same through internet marketing. That makes this program self-centred.

You will not learn to grow your business in your loved domain, rather you will learn to earn huge income by selling his product, even if that means being unethical.

In short, you are making Matt Lloyd rich in turn of the program that you paid for.

MOBE Products

The products are huge, and the list goes on. The starting bait is for $49 and the real game starts then after. You are bombarded with tons of upsells after you complete the 21-day training course.

The minimum cost that you pay for a product is $2500 and the maximum being $29,997 + $299 per month.

The members are given 90% through commission.

  • MOBE Elite Earners – $97 per month
  • MOBE Licensing Kit – $297
  • Traffic Masters Academy – $297

They always have something new to sell, if you are willing to buy.

MOBE – Compensation Plan

If you are looking to earn income and not create your own business, you can go with them. But, remember, they are not an easy sale.

They are too expensive and to earn commission on their product, you need to spend money first.

So, you are doing Matt a favour by buying his product. Again, you are increasing his market sale.

MOBE Reviews 

Luke: MOBE has the worst course video that teaches nothing apart from selling MOBE’s products itself. So, you spend money for selling their product.

Morrison: MOBE’s refund policy is another scam to make you advertise for them. This is not a useful course, but a bunch of lies put together by Matt Lloyd for selling his product.

Comparison of above reviews

There is nothing much left to say. These two reviews explain the way this program works. It makes you pay for the product that they are selling and teaches you to upsell the same. Please consider all your options before you even decide to look back at this program.

The Verdict

MOBE is not genuine towards making people skill independent. Few people are able to earn through his commission, but that is not enough to sustain for long. You need to have some skill for making it till the end.

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