McAfee SiteAdvisor – A Dishonest & Inaccurate Software!

McAfee SiteAdvisor/WebAdvisor, known for providing security against online malware threats is involved in sleazy marketing tactics to generate leads for the business.
McAfee SiteAdvisor – A Dishonest & Inaccurate Software!
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At Dirty Scam, we always strive to find defaulters and scammers who manipulate the legit system in place for their personal profits.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay away from one of the scams directed right towards us.

And, it couldn’t have been any more shocking as the scammer is one of the well-known brands providing computer security to millions of customers worldwide.

You all must have heard about McAfee, but most of you would hear about McAfee’s involvement in a scam for the very first time.

Thankfully, if it hadn’t been with us, it still would have been unknown to many.

McAfee has established itself as a brand since 1987.

However, I am not sure since when they established themselves as a shady marketing company using deceitful ways to insist customers into enrolling for their security services.

It is rightly said: “A scam cannot stay hidden for long.”

McAfee Story of Scamming Dirty scam

Here is the complete brief of the story about how McAfee SiteAdvisor/WebAdvisor came under the suspicion radar of Dirty scam.

At first, we noticed that our website was marked as the phishing website by the McAfee SiteAdvisor Software. Check the image below to know more.


So, in order to clear the misunderstanding and confusion, we contacted Sucuri. This company was started in 2010 by Daniel Cid and is one of the reputed security monitor websites available today.

The consultant from Sucuri provided us with a report that lucidly stated that Dirtyscam was not a phishing website. Please find the report below:

After receiving the clear chit from Sucuri, I again tried to talk to the McAfee consultant for making up for the mess created by their company.

However, I was asked to buy a package instead, to clean the name of the company.

I strongly feel that McAfee hasn’t done this for the first time and it is their usual revenue model to get customers to sign up for their packages.

They fake results and try to scam users for becoming their customers. Doesn’t that smell like a new scam surfacing?

Why is Safe for Users?

There are many reasons for us to come clean of this accusation made by McAfee SiteAdvisor. However, McAfee has no reason to mark us a Phishing website.

  • In no circumstances, we ever ask for our user details
  • We do not ask our users to fill any form that asks for their personal details
  • We do not ask for credit card or debit card details from our users
  • We do not store the IP address of our users

Dirty scam is a legit website that provides a platform to those who have ever felt betrayed.

How McAfee Works?

The Mcafee virus utility searches every file on the computer for probable malware and creates a list of the treats which can be deleted after the scan is finished.

However, if the company is involved in scam making such advances for creating marketing leads, how would one trust it to provide the right information to the customers.

How do I turn off McAfee WebAdvisor?

What is the point of using a security alert software that can be tampered easily only to add a few more clients to the list? It disturbs me to think that a company with such a stature is involved in sleazy crime.

To turn off McAfee WebAdvisor, you need to go to the control panel and select Add/Remove programs.

Locate the McAfee WebAdvisor from the list and select it.

Click on uninstall or remove.

Make sure to check the box next to SiteAdvisor and click on uninstall or remove. The McAfee SiteAdvisor won’t bother you again.

How do I Turn off McAfee WebAdvisor on Google Chrome?

If you are using McAfee WebAdvisor as an extension on the Google Chrome, you can easily get rid of it in a few simple steps. Go to the tools option and choose Extensions.

You will find McAfee WebAdvisor listed among other extensions if you are using any apart from McAfee. Select it and click on the trash button.

The extension will be deleted instantly.

If you still find it on the Google Chrome, simply restart your browser and it will work fine.

The Conclusion

McAfee is a renowned company for providing protection against web and malware threats. However, if such companies would start making money through the illegal ways, whom would a customer trust.

Companies like McAfee are ruining the name of other brands which are working for a cause to protect internet and digital devices from getting affected by malicious threats.

Dirty Scam, however, is not afraid to voice against the injustice, even if it means fighting the scammers like McAfee which is well established and popular.

We do not believe in compromising with a scam to save our reputation. But we demand justice by fighting against the scammer for whatever it takes.

Update : 11 Dec  2018, McAfee has resolved mistake made from its end and has taken off from the list of phishing websites. Here is the confirmation link:


Thankfully, the problem is settled and once again Dirty Scam has succeeded in doing the right thing by noticing the fraud underway and acting promptly.

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