Mavro ICO Review: MMM Cult Hosted By Sergey Mavrodi

Mavro ICO claims to be a cryptocurrency company and its pre-ICO will be launched in 1st February 2018. The company is an extension of MMM series which was a Ponzi Scheme with MMM Global as one of the offerings.
Mavro ICO Review: MMM Cult Hosted By Sergey Mavrodi
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Marvo, an MLM company, which is a part of MMM global, claims to be the first transparent system which is the first decentralized platform. Sergey Mavrodi, who is the Mavro advisor as per the company’s website (, even ridiculed bitcoin saying that Mavro is the future of ICOs. Sergey, who is the founder of MMM series of pyramid schemes. He was convicted for defrauding 10,000 investors in 2007. The investors lost $4.3 million in that scheme.

Victor Geld, who is another advisor cited on the company’s website, seems to be fake. I tried to dig more about his profile and found that he was listed at Alex on different websites as a translator. Google search provided references to the image at various other locations.

So, the whole hype about transparency cannot be bought. The company is busy praising itself and mocking bitcoin, but it has failed to do the required research to hide its past.

The pre-ICO for Marvo will open on 1st February 2018 and will end on 28th February 2018. The cap for distribution is kept at 5% of the entire token. It accepts bitcoin and Ethereum and the pre-sale bonus is set to 25%.

If you wish to join Marvo affiliate program, you need to spend at least 0.01 ETH and the maximum investment is limited to 100 ETH.

Mavro ICO will be launched on 1st April 2018 and will end on 17th May 2018. During the ICO token release, the currency that would be accepted are ETH, BTC, BCC, DASH, LTC. The minimum investment is 0.01 ETH and the maximum amount is 100 ETH.

Mavro: Bounty System

Mavro uses a 5 level referral system to pay its affiliates. Here are the rewards offer for the referral commission:

  • 1st Line: 10% of your referrals’ turnover
  • 2nd Line: 5% of your referrals’ turnover
  • 3rd Line: 3% of your referrals’ turnover
  • 4th Line: 2% of your referrals’ turnover
  • 5th Line: 1% of your referrals’ turnover

Mavro: Roadmap

Mavro has provided its roadmap on its website which clearly says that the company is an extension of the MMM series which puts the overall existence of the company under suspicion.

Before, we come to a conclusion, lets check the past of MMM Global.

Mavro: The past of MMM Global

When MMM global was launched, there was no information provided about the person who owned the company. The domain ( was registered on 4th February 2014, privately. During this time, different to the claims made, there was no retailable product verifiable their website apart from their affiliate recruitment program.

The company paid 10% referral commission and a unilevel structure was followed to pay the residual commission. Here is the referral commission paid by MMM Global:

  • level 1: 5%
  • level 2: 3%
  • level 3: 1%
  • level 4: 0.5%
  • level 5: 0.3%
  • level 6 and beyond: 0.1%

The company had met a bad fate and was nothing other than a Ponzi Scheme. It left many investors without money.

Mavro ICO Reviews on Internet

The reviews are yet to arrive and would soon reflect all over the internet after the pre-ICO is launched in February 2018.

However, the past makes it a risky investment from the initial stage itself.

The Verdict

Mavro claims to be an ICO with better prospects as compared to bitcoin. However, the claims rather seem flimsy, considering the previous background of the company.

There was no proof provided for any claims made till date. The only verifiable source of income exists, is the affiliate recruitment program. If you wish to be a part of the company, you need to join their affiliate program. This makes the company, a Ponzi Scheme.

The only source of ROI is through the new recruitment program. The ROI is paid through the funds invested by the new affiliates. Hence, once the recruitment will freeze and the funds will die, the ROI will stop. The early investors will be able to make some money from the scheme. However, majority of the affiliates would be left without money.

Mavro is risky and the owner himself has a criminal background. Hence, you need to think before making a plan for investing into the company.

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3 comments on Mavro ICO Review: MMM Cult Hosted By Sergey Mavrodi

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  2. Mavrodi is a big time scammer known worldwide…. Last year they scammed Nigerians over 5 billion dollars and ran away…. In fact if I don’t want to hear anything about Mavrodi and his gangsters bcos they are fraudsters…..

    I lost over 5000 USD in MMM ponzi scheme last year.

    God will punish mavrodi and his generations to come…. including all his Nigerian gangsters (Chuddy and cohorts), Amen!

  3. Boy

    Please author, do your research. This project is not by Mavrodi. This a scam orchestrated by Scammers to lure people using Mavrodi’s name. Mavrodi has warned MMM participants that are scammers. This is his publication using his official website. Please do your investigation before writing, so that you give your readers genuine information, not biased based of hatred against Mavrodi.