Mass Cryp Review; Make few bucks but it won’t be last long

Mass Cryp is not listed with SEC’s Edgar database and claims to be an investment firm. The company also does not provide much information into the history of the company and the background of the owner. Do your research before investing.
Mass Cryp Review; Make few bucks but it won’t be last long
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The hype lately about Mass Cryp has flooded the social media accounts. The company has already grabbed a lot of attention. However, I am here not to talk about the hype, but about the unbiased opinion on the company’s operation.

Mass Cryp website does not provide information about the company’s owner. The domain ( is also registered privately. However, after a lot of research, I was able to extract three names associated with the company through one of company’s token website.

Pijush Sarkar: He has been portrayed as an Entrepreneur as well as Blockchain and Cryptocurrency awareness trainer. His wide experience in crypto currencies, make him a suitable match for the CEO of the company.

Saurabh Singh: Again, an Entrepreneur and Cryptocurrency mining awareness trainer. He is the CFO of the company with 8+ years of experience in IT sector.

Shashank Mishra: Not to mention, an Entrepreneur and COO of the company with 8+ years of experience in administration management in various sectors which includes and is not limited to property and Real estate business.

The red flag that rises after making an attempt to verify their histories is that, we couldn’t make any match to these profiles.

Alexa estimated that most of the traffic to this website is turning up from India, giving us the clue that the founders are based out of India.

There were no products or services verified apart from the affiliate recruitment program that makes this company a ponzi scheme. To join the affiliate program, one must invest at least $100.

Mass Cryp – Compensation Plan

The investment of bitcoin worth of $100 is made on the guarantee of $120 in return. The company uses unilevel structure to pay its affiliate through the referral program.

According to the unilevel structure, directly recruited affiliates are placed under the recruiter. One person is placed on level 1 and the affiliates recruited by him are placed on level 2. The affiliates recruited by level 2 are placed on level 3 and so on.

The cap is kept on level 15. The percentage of invested bitcoin is paid as the referral award.

  • level 1: 5%
  • level 2: 3%
  • levels 3 – 7: 2%
  • levels 9 – 13: 1%
  • levels 14 – 15: 0.5%

To make the opportunity attractive enough, the founders have used ‘Turnover Sharing’ which the affiliates can utilize for converting their $100 into $9420.

I believe that this plan is more likely a hand for managing residual commission which have their connection with the ROI earning.

To earn turnover residual commission at each level, the affiliate needs to have direct sponsors. For example, if you want to earn from level 1, you need to have one direct sponsor. If you wish to earn from level 2, you need to have 2 direct sponsors and so on. It will go till level 12 and at level 12, you need to have 12 direct sponsors.

This means that by reaching level 12, you have already gained 12 different sponsors. By adding up the turnover residual commission, by the 12th level, the profit will reach from $100 to $9420.

Mass Cryp reviews 

James Tanner: Five Stars

Gary Kneating: Five Stars

There was no comment from these above users. However, they rated the company with 5 stars.

Conclusion from the above reviews

I can only make out that these are staged reviews. Mostly, a person involved in the investment would like to outline the reasons for giving a five star to attract other investors and increase the referral commission. However, in this case, nothing of that sort was done.

If not, this cannot be a legitimate review.

The Verdict

Mass Cryp claims to be the first decentralized platform for cryptocurrency. The website says:

“Now it’s easy to connect People (MASS) in the blockchain advertising world…

MASS CRYP Is A New Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exclusively Made For Connecting People To Advertising Digital World.”

The company also states:

MASS CRYP Enterprise is a brand and project manager that follows a transformation management process geared towards innovation in order to create fast solutions tailored to the needs of the market.

The company has very well tried to limit the mentioning of MLM cryptocurrency Scheme. I could not make out much from the things that they have mentioned on their website. You won’t find anything that is related to the MLM side of the business on their website as well as on the token websites.

The company boasts about the rise it has experienced in its value which started at 10 cents and has gone to $0.21 in 12 days.

I did a quick scam of their website and found that the website is not managed properly. The information on the pages are limited and the ‘white paper’ heading follows with a pdf that is empty.

In addition, the absence of Mass Cryp on the database of SEC’s Edgar is a big red flag. The company is marketing itself as an investment company and it should have listed itself in the database for the same reasons.

Overall, if you would look into the whole scenario, you will understand that the company is doing a lot of talks about things that do not exist, only to hide the Ponzi scheme running underbelly.

In reality, the company is using the funds invested by the new affiliates to pay the existing ones. This makes it a sure shot Ponzi Scheme. Unavailability of any other verifiable source of revenue adds to the cause.

So, be your own judge and decide by taking all the factors in hand, before investing into Mass Cryp. As of now, it is unclear about the real background of the persons listed on the token websites and the source of income, apart from the affiliate program, is unidentified.

Hence, I can only conclude that the company is going to leave its affiliate dry, once the recruitment will freeze. Some can make few bucks, but it won’t last much longer.

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4 comments on Mass Cryp Review; Make few bucks but it won’t be last long

  1. Therese

    They are still going. Mainly groups on fb from ex younique ladies. They are smashing it but blinkered to the fact this is a ponzi. Now they are all investing $500 in the the ‘growth plan’ where they are promised 4% a week interest. However they have to leave it there for 52 weeks!! A lot of these women are adding to that initial amount.

    1. LosersAlwaysTalk

      You’re blabbing. During my time in the company (4 months) I made 10 times the initial $100 which I invested in the beginning. My accounts have paid out 7 times in total, to me and my friends whom I signed up, how’s that for a Ponzi scheme?

      They do exist, and their office in Dubai works like clock.

      How can you pass on judgements if you are not part of the company, Therese?

  2. J Douglas Cryer

    Firstly, I am not keen on reviews like this where the author has not made it clear who they are. I amy be missing something on the page but I could not find it. In any case I will provide my view…

    I joined this company in Nov 2017. The way I view it is this is a bit like crowd funding. A traditional business opens offices around the world, employs people to fill those offices, then gets them to work spreading the word as well as spending millions of £££ on advertising. Often the product does not appear for the first year or so. Then either the company makes it in the first 1 to 3 years or dies and everyone loses their job.

    In 4 months this business has built a global presence and has over 100,000 members all promoting the business and most are earning good money. I personally no of no one who is heavily exposed by the $100 joining fee. Others have chosen to invest more time and money but the business has a good ethos of making sure people understand the risks involved and everyone is encouraged to communicate those risks in an ethical and responsible way.

    Are there teething problems with a company growing this fast, of course, but issues are discussed by the advisory board who are active on all forums and constantly communicating. In life nothing is certain other than death and taxes. This new crowd funded business model is for me no less of a risk than the traditional startup business model.

  3. I can confirm that masscryp and their “new venture with another company” is not a new company it’s called Ramtrex and it’s run by the same shambles of a ceo and core team ..

    Pijush does not have enough coins in circulation to pay out he owes roughly 6 mill and has only 200,000 is his own exchange which does not either meet any legal requirements

    Protocol for pijush, Matt noronha, Alan platt, Rachel burns, Normi kwaja, mani kaur and Alison McGhee is to block and remove affiliates from the corporate update pages if they question anything… I had a team of over 180 and I’m owed $27,000 haven’t been paid since jan. I reached out to pijush two weeks ago in messenger and he blocked me ….

    The Indian authorities and action fraud are investigating the company now so won’t be long before it’s shut down