Mail Out Ad Review – A big promise for a sloppy fall

It is unlikely that a company that backs its genuineness through fake information, can ever be the legitimate one. With lot of secrecy, it gives us a reason to suspect.

There is no information about the company owners on the website of Mail Out Ad. Neither the domain ( registered on 21st November 2017, has the correct details. There is no name of the domain owner and the address is incomplete as well.

The website of the Mail Out Ad provides the incorporation documents from the Dominican Republic, Seychelles, the UK and the US. However, through some sources, we were able to clarify that the incorporation from US and UK are fake. You can very well judge the other two documents.

There is no product apart from their affiliate membership program that you can use to receive your ROIs. Hence, they do not have anything to offer, other than their recruitment plan, which cannot be counted as an actual product all by itself.

If you want to join Mail Out Ad, you can do that for free, but to avail the full participation and compensation plans, you need to invest a minimum of $100.

The Mail Out Ad – Compensation Plan

The investment is made on the return of high ROIs as below:

  • Package 1 – You need to invest $100 to receive $300 after 300 days
  • Package 2 – You need to invest $500 to receive a ROI of $1650 after 300 days
  • Package 3 – You need to invest $1000 to receive a ROI of $3600 after 300 days
  • Package 4 – You need to invest $3000 to receive a ROI of $11,700 after 300 days
  • Package 5 – You need to invest $5000 to receive a ROI of $21,000 after 300 days
  • Package 6 – You need to invest $10,000 to receive a ROI of $45,000 after 300 days

In addition, if you wish to withdraw your commission, you would be charged 10% admin fee.

The Mail Out Ad – Referral Commission

The company uses a binary compensation structure to pay the referral commission. An affiliate takes the top place in the structure and the referred affiliates are then split into two sides. It happens at all the stages.

So, at the first level of this binary tree, there are two positions. The level 2 houses 4 positions. Every next level’s number of position increases twice its number.

By the day’s end, the company tallies investment volumes that are new for both the sides and pays 10% commission for matched funds. The left-over funds are then carried by the stronger side.

Mail Out Ad reviews 

Rex: This is a bogus company. I was not able to get through any online help while trying to register for the account. I am sure it is another MLM scam.

Patrick Simons: It was a wonderful experience. I made huge profit in just few days. I am going to recommend it to everyone.

Comparisons of the above reviews:

The first one is a negative review and talks about the improper management which clarifies that the company does not have much to offer. Moreover, a company based entirely on affiliates, cannot go well without a great backend support.

The second review is a basic one without much information and cannot be taken seriously.

The Verdict

If you want to consider the bait that Mail Out Ad is ready to scatter for the affiliates, then here is their claim:

The Mail Out Ad claims that it is into ad and bitcoin product investment. But, after knowing about all the fake information on their website, it would be sheer foolishness to trust them for this as well.

This company does not provide any proof of its registration with SEC which is the first step for every company. This makes it illegal too.

The payment based on affiliate marketing, makes it a Ponzi Scheme.

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