Just One Dime By Seth Kniep

If Just One Dime can convert your one dime to millions (Fool!), please register with them. If they would rather take your one dime, please seek a better platform.
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A closer look at many persons who use the internet for various forms of business will reveal the innate desire to create passive income.

You must be one of them.

How refreshing it is to know that money comes to you without you having to expend a lot of energy. Just do the homework.

The last decade has witnessed so much of a tide towards this direction. Thus, many website developers and business moguls are driving their investments in that promising direction. Even the one with just a dime!

Yes, with one dime you could attempt at being a beneficiary of a promising passive income pathway. Believe me (no :P)!

One man did it and shared his inspiration(Really?) with the world. His name is Seth Kniep.

Seth Kniep

Seth Kniep quitted his full time job at Apple to pursue his desire of financial independence. Looking back, it has paid off.

He committed himself to creating an income stream, which will be like growing a tree that may not pay off today as you put in the work, but will grow fruits that will pay you for life as you continue to water it.

He created the company called Just One Dime, which he named after the situation he was in at the time he began – just one dime. An impressive motivation indeed!

Seth generates over $1,000,000 per year through his Amazon franchise mentoring thousands of students in over 48 countries around the world on YouTube.

just one dime by seth Kniep

The 1 x 1 Amazon Coaching

Seth Kniep introduced the 1 x 1 Amazon Coaching which uses the Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) business model to help his students build e-Commerce sites which would bring their dreams of earning passive income into realization as he did.

Seth’s Amazon 1×1 course is quite convincing as it provides his many subscribers worldwide with 6 hours of live coaching every week as well as their own 1-on-1 coaches who provide help and advice as they go along creating their own Amazon businesses.

Seth’s program has a typical one-on-one touch. Every client is being offered personal mentoring services as well as videos where Seth and his team members show their clients, first-hand, the practical steps used in their Amazon stores.

Now, that is impressing.

If you take a closer look at the portfolios of Seth’s team members, you would agree that each one of them has had adequate experience from using the systems which they so present. What can beat that? They surely have a point.

Seth’s teammates are accessible and offer excellent guide to you whenever you would want a tip on going about a sale. They are phenomenal and you can tell they are there to help you every step of the way.


The content is split into adaptive modules which are drip released (Meaning all modules will not open up at day 1) and it will help you not to get too overwhelmed with too much information and fall into this ‘Binge Watching’ trap where you will only keep watching tutorials but not try to make attempts at practicing the lessons.

This system provides their trainees the avenue to gradually assimilating the content they receive and put them to use or seek more clarification or guidance before they do so. How thoughtful!

I list the modules below:

Module 1: Start (Establish your Business and Brand)      

  • Strategize your brand,
  • Set up your business
  • Opening your Amazon account
  • Set up your supplier accounts
  • Accounting for your business
  • What you need to know about taxes
  • What you need to know about business insurance

Module 2: Find (Master the Market)

  • Listings & terminology
  • Product research criteria
  • Product-focused product hunt
  • Keyword-focused product hunt
  • Europe-focused product hunt
  • PPC-focused product hunt
  • Other platform-focused product hunt
  • Evaluate your research data
  • Differentiate your product

Module 3: Build (Manufacture your Product)

  • Find & negotiate with suppliers
  • Build your differentiated product
  • Set up shipping, inspections, & payments
  • Create your Amazon listing
  • Ship your product to Amazon

Module 4: Launch (Launch your Brand)

  • Understand the power of a launch
  • How to do Amazon giveaways
  • How to create seller sequences
  • How to generate floods of organic reviews
  • How to launch with PPC
  • How to analyse your PPC data
  • How to improve your listing’s ranking and
  • conversion based on PPC data
  • How to launch with Facebook ads
  • Other advanced launch strategies

Module 5: Grow (Expand your Reach)

  • Optimize your sales
  • Protect your brand
  • Deliver amazing customer service
  • Keep your Amazon account healthy
  • Expand your brand
  • How to handle IP infringement authenticity claims
  • How to handle hijackers and black hat competitors

Given these impressive information, one would rather ask if it is reliable.

Well, given the fair reviews, one would favour a positive. It will not be so favoured if it has not kept its part of the bargain.

What should be our concern however is if they have properly converted single dimes to proper fortunes?

just one dime

Just One Dime Reviewed

Enough with the accolades let us look critically at the pros and cons of this scheme.


  • Seth and his team offer over four hours of coaching each week. The coaching platform is not restricted to Seth and his teammates alone but also provides an avenue for experienced students who have built their own businesses to successful heights to provide some experience. This is fascinating. This implies that students can share their challenges with experts and other experienced students as they make progress. This can be a good source of motivation. Besides, the course is not limited to the American market but covers the vast array of markets exposed to the tentacles of the internet – EVERYWHERE.


  • The program provides about 30 – 40 legitimate Amazon reviews for your site’s products. If you know the importance of reviews on products, especially those listed on Amazon; you would agree with me that the quantity supplied would make a world of difference between queuing and favour. Reviews would offer you a favourable ranking and, ultimately, a better exposure to the market.


  • There are 72 hours of legal training from a lawyer included. The legal angle of e-Commerce is so important and, unfortunately, often ignored in Amazon FBA courses. Sellers are at risk of getting involved with complications if they cross legal boundaries. Yet, for the love of money, or the haste for it, we erroneously ignore an aspect so important.


  • The program covers many aspects of how to build and grow an Amazon FBA business. Seth knows the latest nuggets of information generated in the market besides his great reservoir of knowledge and experience gathered from his formal job and personal enterprise. The curriculum is also very thorough and covers many areas as shown above. Seth, by the way, is a good presenter. You should try his YouTube videos.

Before you would be quick to give them an award, let us look at the cons of Just One Dime.


  • The program’s capabilities are overrated. Just one dime claims that diligent two hours of commitment to its coaching programme a day for a period of one year is adequate for you to set your Amazon business up and running. Did you just see that? Wow, that is actually ridiculous. I am quite sure it is a marketing stunt, which they believe could make anyone want to subscribe to the programme. This claim is very far from the realities of growing an Amazon FBA business. A lot more is required. The knowledge acquisition process does not even account for the greater part of the work. You would need to set up the business itself, scout for the product niche you would want to be attached, create sufficient exposure for your store in the market, mobilize suppliers and create a regular communication channel for your customers, among others. Put simply, the business requires much more than watching videos and talking to someone. Get out there!


  • The persuasion to buy the next course is usually very high. This is normal for any businessperson creating such content for sale. It is also common for anyone subscribing to these platforms to get excited in the pomp and intelligence of content providers and just keep taking up content to build their archives or chain of actions – which they may never execute. What else do you expect from traders of intelligence? Intelligence!


  • The cost of training on this platform is quite expensive. It almost seems to say ‘Only for the rich’. For a company created to provide an opportunity to convert one dime to millions, the pricing is so much unlike the tag it flaunts. The different pricing levels almost seem to create different strata for income – making the rich get richer and the poor to get poorer. They could actually do better than that.

In spite of the foregoing, you should be well aware that Amazon FBA is no get-rich-quick business. Any scheme that says otherwise is surely trying to deceive you.

Having looked at Seth Kniep’s Just One Dime, join me as I deliver my verdict.


You would be quick to love the attractive packaging of Seth and his team of experts. However, in the face of realities, will you want to join a scheme that is very interested in selling you its content instead of telling you the truth?

They are not very realistic my friend.

Furthermore, If Just One Dime had a different name; I would have definitely recommended it. However, with their expensive content, you need to think again before you jump.

If Just One Dime can convert your one dime to millions (Fool!), please register with them. If they would rather take your one dime, please seek a better platform.

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