Joe Biden’s niece dodges jail after $100K Scam

Carrying “Biden” in your name helps you play with laws smoothly even if it is $100K!
Joe Biden’s niece dodges jail after $100K Scam
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Past Incident in September 2013: Caroline Biden was trying to hit a female cop when the cop was trying to solve the issue that took place between her and her roommate regarding the room rent.

Outcome of the Incident: Biden was brought before Manhattan Criminal Court in 2014 for the above mentioned issue. Not only was she charged for harassment, but also for resisting arrest and obstruction of justice as she considered herself above the law saying,” I shouldn’t be handcuffed! You don’t know who you’re doing this to!”

How carrying Biden in her name worked for her: She did not even appear before the court to make a deal, to which her lawyer James Liguori tried to justify how she was serving a rehab stint at Caron Renaissance Ocean Dive which is a magniloquent facility in Delray Beach, Fla. As alleged by the lawyer she was there for anger management, specifically that genre of anger which is a result of drug addiction. Biden suffered from Booze and Pill addiction according to her peers.

One of her friend named Paul Johnson Calderon told about Biden,” The pressure of being Joe Biden’s niece made her totally unravel. It’s a desire for attention, a cry for help. She’s a very complicated girl who has a lot of feelings and a lot of issues.”

Final Verdict: She was asked was to make a promise that she would be a good child for the coming six months and eventually the charges made against here blew away as gradually some smoke mixes in air.

Present Incident about $100K: With a credit card that she borrowed from anonymous person, she setup an unauthorized at Bigelow Pharmacy which is at the Sixth Avenue in Greenwich Village and made sure that the bill of her purchase summed up to six figures.

Plea Deal made in front of Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Kevin McGrath: Biden has to pay the restoration charges i.e. $110,810.04. Taking two charges to her name: (i) Grand Larceny (ii) Petit Larceny. Returning to the court and applying for lower felony charge (i.e. Felony Larceny) which means she would be sentenced for 2 years on probation, that would require Biden to pay everything back as well as keeping her nose clean.

How carrying Biden in her name worked for her: Biden, who is 29 years old will not go to jail even if she does not do according to the Plea Deal, which, for others meant Felony Larceny with 5 years of probation to which defense lawyer Ira London declined to say anything.

Records has it that in this case our dipsomaniac blonde borrowed the unknown person’s Chase credit card to make a purchase that summed up to $672. She is alleged of having made enormous purchases from 5th of April, 2015 to 24th of June, 2016. Caroline Biden whose father’s name is James Biden Sr., is the financier brother of the Vice President; was arrested and called before the court on Friday the 5th of May.

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