James Loses Extradition Battle to Stay in Scotland

James Craig, a man from Scotland who is alleged of scamming £1.1m from shares fraud by the US authorities has ....

James Craig, a man from Scotland who is alleged of scamming £1.1m from shares fraud by the US authorities has failed to win the legal battle. James is blamed for using the most popular social media, Twitter for diverting the prices of firms listed on the Nasdaq exchange. The instance took place in January 2013.

This was the same reason why James was put through trials. He tried to plead ‘not guilty’. However, James has lost the extradition hearing. After his loss, James has challenged the legal verdict at the Court of Criminal Appeal.

In total there are three appeal court judges who have sustained the decision through a written judgment.

Mr. James Craig has been caught spreading fake and fraudulent rumors through his Twitter account to play around with the share prices of the reputable market research companies. As soon as the rumors helps affect the share prices of these firms, James bought a hefty number of shares and later sold those to make huge profits.

In 2018, the legal team heading the case in favor of Mr. James Craig did succeed in justifying their argument that talked about the UK government’s unlawful act which failed to propose the “forum bar” into Scots law.

This provision underlined the statement that the UK government has all the power for stopping the extradition, in case the offender can be tried in the UK itself. Also, if the extradition can be stopped if it’s not coming in the way of interest of justice.

A few months back, the team of lawyers backing for Mr. Craig deems that the extradition will be against the human rights of James Craig if he won’t be able to avail forum bar when sent away for trials in the USA. This would take away his rights to defend himself.

The legal team also blamed Sheriff Norman McFadyen, who put forth the order for extradition of James Craig to the US saying that the Sheriff misinterpreted the law.

On the contrary, the judges of the Court of Criminal Appeal, Lady Dorrian, Lord Brodie, and Lord Turnbull supported the Sheriff’s decision through the written judgment.

Overlooking the appeal for stopping the extradition, Lady Dorrian deemed, “For reasons of good policy, the United Kingdom allows the extradition of its nationals who are resident in and otherwise connected with the United Kingdom where their conduct has made them subject to the criminal jurisdiction of other territories.”

The judge also added, “There is nothing in the sheriff’s approach to consideration which amounts to an error. I propose that the appeal be refused.”
After the verdict and finding no hope, the legal team of Mr. James Craig has decided to appeal to the UK Supreme Court.