Jamalife Helpers Review: Another Ponzi Promising $351,654 ROI

Jamalife Helpers which is probably has its operation stationed at Nigeria or Africa turns out to be another Ponzi Scheme promising huge ROI only to attract investors.
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Jamalife Helpers’s website has no leads about the people who own the business or are running the wheel behind the curtain. If you will look into the domain registration details, you will be disappointed to find that the domain was also registered privately leaving to trail for the owner of the domain. The domain (jamalifehelpersglobal.com) was registered on 8th November 2016.

According to Alexa estimates, the maximum traffic originates from Nigeria followed by South Africa. These two countries are the major contributor of the autoship program. Also, the dollar defaulting to Nigerian Naira says it all.

If you look into the products, this company has nothing to offer. The members are only allowed to join the MLM scheme. The membership for which is free. However, for full participation, $5 investment is a must.

Investors are lured to invest in the scheme in the promise of huge ROI. However, an MLM company which is not transparent and doesn’t have any product or services to withstand the competition should never be considered for investment.

Jamalife Helpers – The Compensation Plan

To be a part of the affiliate program, one must invest $5 to purchase a position in the eight tier matrix cycler. The sized of matrix are 2×2 and 2×3.

In the 2×2 matrix positions, an affiliate is placed on the top position. The level 1 has two positions and level 2 cycles for 4 positions. In total, a 2×2 matrix cycler has 6 positions.

Similarly, a 2×3 matrix cycler has one affiliate at the top. It branches further into two positions at level 1. On level 2, these two positions branches into 4 positions. Likewise, each of the level 2 positions branches into 2 positions making for a total of 8 positions.

There are 8 stages in which the commission are paid out as follow:

  • Stage 1 (The cost for the positions is $5, 2×2 matrix): Affiliates receive $3 cycle commission and it cycles further into Stage 2
  • Stage 2 (2×3 matrix): Affiliates receive $21 commission and it cycles further into Stage 3
  • Stage 3 (2×3 matrix): Affiliates receive $140 commission and it cycles further into Stage 4
  • Stage 4 (2×3 matrix): Affiliates receive $770 commission and it cycles further into Stage 5
  • Stage 5 (2×3 matrix): Affiliates receive $3500 commission and it cycles further into Stage 6
  • Stage 6 (2×3 matrix): Affiliates receive $11,200 commission and it cycles further into Stage 7
  • Stage 7 (2×3 matrix): Affiliates receive $56,000 commission and it cycles further into Stage 8
  • Stage 8 (2×3 matrix): Affiliates receive $280,000 commission and it creates a new position in the Stage 8 matrix

Jamalife Helpers – Bonuses

The bonuses are for stages after 4th Stage. This is a one time bonus and is paid as follow:

  • Bonus Plan 1: Once it cycles out from Stage 5, the affiliate receives phone, laptop & household gadgets worth $1000
  • Bonus Plan 2: Once it cycles out from Stage 6, the affiliate receives a mini SUV car worth $13,000
  • Bonus Plan 3: Once it cycles out from Stage 7, the affiliate receives either a Jeep car worth $50,000 or the travel & tours worth $10,000
  • Bonus Plan 4: Once it cycles out from Stage 8, the affiliate receives a housing fund of $300,000 and a Range Rover car worth $170,000

Jamalife Helpers – Reviews

Meghan: I knew it was a flop show. Wish I could take back my decision of joining this program. Completely worthless.

Jane T: Scam!!! Big one!! Stay away as far as you can

The Conclusion from the above Reviews

As you can notice that the program has not been able to impress the affiliates much. It is safe keeping distance from an MLM program that is not transparent and keeps investors in dark. It isn’t trustworthy at all.

The Verdict

The company provides nothing instead of the worthless position in an eight tier matrix. The affiliates invest $5 in the promise of $351654 ROI which is a huge number to get distracted for. The ROI is paid from the investment made by the new investors which makes this entire program a Ponzi Scheme.

This ROI worth $351654 can only be paid when a total of 70,327 five dollar investment will be made. However, that’s just on papers. Actually, much more than would be needed to earn that much of ROI.

As always, a Ponzi scheme only benefit those who anonymously are running the entire show. Once the recruitment will dry, the affiliates will be left with no money. The ROI won’t be paid out making most of the investors bankrupt.

The only person earning the profit will be the admins or those who would be investing at the start of the program. Majority of the investors and affiliates will lose all the money. Hence, it is wise staying away from traps like Jamalife Helpers.

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  1. Paul Naba

    I hope for Nigerians living in the City of Kalaba and Lagos have a great testimony about this business.I am a Kenyan entrepreneur who has tried many network marketing platforms.The testimony mostly in YouTube are from Nigeria.Mega Car Awards and house award are done in those two cities.That’s very encouraging about Jamalife. The Awards are done broad day light and are posted in all the social medias. It’s real some of the Kenyans have tried it and it has worked well for them.For Nigerians living in those cities i wonder if they haven’t seen cars written Jamalife .

  2. Paul Naba

    This business is Legit.It’s one of the online platforms that changes life.It’s for real for life.Try this platform and your life will never be the same again.It work’s well for those people who work smart and patient.Try it today and you won’t regret.

  3. Marco

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  4. Imoke David

    This quite discouraging, can someone prove this explanation wrong?

    1. Joshua Vincent

      This is real this can still run 10 years to come

      1. Abiodun

        This is August 2019…. someone just introduce this scheme to me… How sure it’s not same as Old MMM??.. coz am not seeing any tangible business the people are doing to be candid

  5. Kay gold

    Jamalife Helpers Global is far from what has been explained here, I can assure you that this platform is for real and for life

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