IRS scam – Wayland woman Lost more than $11K

Extorters uses Polices’ name! Victim fears due to unknown nervousness.
IRS scam – Wayland woman Lost more than $11K
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Date: 9 June 2017, Wayland

“Scam artists sounds very legitimate. Also, once it happens, it is over. The money is gone. It’s just too bad. When these things happen, we’re just trying to prevent other people from being victimized and so whenever anyone is victimized, I want people to know what happened.” said Police Chief Robert Irving after a Wayland woman fell in to a trap of a scammer who posed as an IRS agent.

The self-alleged IRS agent threatened the woman (who was in her 40s), of a possible arrest if the amount wasn’t paid to him. Her unknown nervousness turned into fear of getting jailed which compelled her to do as being told.

As the Police chief confirms; this crafty con-man asked the woman on 27th of May to send him $11,400 in form of Target Gift Cards either directly to him or by to the provided numbers. According to the records, not only did the person provide the woman with his identity as an “IRS agent in Tax and Audit Division”, but also with the badge number and his name. Responding to which the woman made the purchase on 28th and 29th of May.

Jenna Reck, a spokesperson of Target alleges how Target’s staff i.e. the security team as well as the Gift Card Team; has to underwent a training in which they learn how to look for signs of anxiety which helps them do the needful to the victim! “We have done quite a bit of training with our cashiers. We do think they are our line of defense. We’ve done quite a bit of education. We are doing a lot of work with our team to try to help where they can. This is a known issue in the industry now.”

Such issues are marketed efficiently by the police department just to make sure that they reach to the maximum number of people so such scams are easily recognized by Layman, who are the primary targets of the scammers. Recently Middlesex District Attorney Marian Ryan spoke to seniors in Wayland about scams. Such talks are not new to senior centers anymore, evidently police officials also leave their cards to places so that it is easy for people to contact them.

Giving a last note in his speech Officer Irving said,” We’re constantly out there trying to provide this information” he also added, “reach out to us if you have any questions.”

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